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Turner Twins

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Summary: Buffy is the sister of Cole. Beware rating might change

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Charmed > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherosbiannightFR181329,00716515,30521 Jul 1010 Dec 11No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: Don't own Charmed or Buffy no matter how much I want to. And I already know this is rubbish but i am slowly going to make it better.

I watched as the vampire turned and parried from the Chinese slayer's sword. He was amazing, I thought. Watching him was like watching a dance and you could see the passion and excitement in his azure eyes. It was like he knew exactly what the slayer was going to do next, like a true warrior. I couldn't take my eyes off him, off his lean body as he moved or his joyous smile as he barbed with his opponent.

I am Elizabeth Anne Turner, or Buffy as my twin brother likes to call me, named after my mother, Elizabeth Turner. I was born on 20th January 1880 sometime in the early hours of the morning according to my mom, making me younger than my brother who was born on the 19th. I am about 5 ft so very petite. I have shoulder length curled blonde hair and sea green eyes that had a ring of hazel on the edge of the iris and grey on the inside. My skin is tanned from trying to spend as much of my time outside as I can, even if it does go against what is seen as popular for a woman of my class. Like that would matter to me.

One of the things that made me different then those that were running about scared outside in the rebellion outside was that I am a hybrid, so to speak. I am half human and half demon. I am really strong, not as strong as my brother but stronger then a human, I can throw balls of electric looking energy; I had a slight ability in telekinesis and could shimmer, which is similar to teleportation. I am training in martial arts as well as other fighting forms and weapons. I also had a sort of demon form, my hair and eyes would turn black and green markings would appear all over my body. It was completely different for my brother. His demon form made grow taller, his hair disappears completely and his skin turns red with black markings.

My father was human but he was killed by my mother when I was 3. After that she took me and my brother to live in the underworld. The underworld looked like a network of underground caves and was where most demons live. My mother doesn't particularly like me much; I think it has to do with me acting more human than demon, as seen by my demon form

My brother is called Cole; in his demon form he calls himself Balthazar, his powers are stronger than mine but I'm better at hand to hand combat but we're about even when it comes to weapons. We were very close but he was always so busy. Mom was trying to get him trained as an assassin, so he's spent most of his time training. At the moment he likes using an athame.

When I was 9 my mom took me to Rome, she had some sort of appointment with a man called the Immortal. When we got to the Immortal's home she left me alone to wonder the house while she went upstairs with the Immortal and 2 women, a blonde and a brunette. Even at that age I knew they were vampires but the brunette seemed strange. She kept talking about the stars talking to her and some person called Miss Edith.

After a while I had ended up sitting on the floor near the front door when 2 vampires burst in. One, I remember, was scary. He was tall and bulky with dark hair and an aura that screamed danger. The other one, however, fascinated me. He wasn't very tall compared to the dark haired one and had sandy brown curls, he was lean and had the most beautiful blue eyes that I had ever seen, they reminded me of the sea.

"Well what do we have here?" I remember the dark haired one smirked. I think he had been talking about me.

"Leave the little bit alone, Angelus. We got to find the girls anyway." The blue eyed one said. The one I assumed must me called Angelus rolled his eyes and looked at the nice one in annoyance.

"William, my boy, you've really got a lot to learn." Angelus had laughed at that and slapped him on the back, while grinning at me evilly. "There's always time for art." He walked towards me and I stood up ready to defend myself. I hadn't really wanted to attack because of the William guy but I knew I would if I had to.

"Are you looking for the two vampires that came here earlier," I asked. That seemed to stop the dark haired one. Both of them had looked angry even though I didn't know why. I remember William had calmed down enough to ask where they were.

"They went up stairs with my mom and the Immortal." I told him. He looked even angrier then. I didn't see Angelus' reaction as he stormed up the stairs. William stormed after him and with a clenched jaw muttered a thanks.

Mom had come down quickly after that buttoning up her shirt and looking flustered, telling me that we were leaving. Ever since then whenever I could I would try and watch William, or Spike as he liked to be called now, like at the Boxer Rebellion in China. At aged 16 I watched as Spike fought with the slayer from the doorway.

I watched as Spike got trapped between a wall and the slayer who had a staked raised, ready to strike. I got an energy ball ready to stop her when an explosion shot out from Spike's right, distracting her. Spike used her distraction to end their killing dance. I saw them say something to each other before he went for her neck before I was forced to go thanks to Spike's sire walking towards me. I shimmered out before she had a chance to notice me. That, unfortunately, was the last time I saw Spike for a very long time. Every time I tried to find him after that day I couldn't or was interrupted, usually by my brother, but I did hear of Spike's reputation. Spike became known as the slayer of slayers after he killed his second one decades later and he was famous in the demon world for his vicious nature and love of the fight. Though he was also famous for his 'devotion' to his sire. I would have to do something about that sometime.
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