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Death & Sea

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Summary: At the age of 21, Buffy has died twice, defeated a Hell Goddess, & the First Evil. What happens when she finds out that the stories she grew up to love, hits too close to home.

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > Percy Jackson & the OlympiansMorgannacaFR1819990112,39221 Jul 1021 Jul 10No
Death & Sea


Crossover: Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (The Movie) / BTVS

Buffy Centered

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon and Rick Riordin own the rights to the above mentioned.

Rating: FR 18

Time Frame: After the defeat of the First Evil for BTVS.





Finally! Sleep. The Slayer told herself as her head hit the pillow.


Almost immediately Buffy found herself in the desert-scape of her slayer dreams once more.


Not Again! Can’t you people leave me alone for one night! The blond Slayer screamed.


The desert began cool as the sun set in the western sky, leaving nothing but the dancing shadows that seemed to come alive.


Turning around, a desert fire had been created to ease the chill of the night. The First One appeared from out of shadows, her wild eyes, gleaming from the flames.




Death is your gift.Tara’s image appeared behind her as she spoke for the First Slayer.


I know that already! What does it mean? Buffy wanted to scream.


She had been looking forward to a decent night’s sleep for the first time since what seemed like years from the final battle with the First. It seemed that both the powers & fate were against her this night.


You think you know…you think you understand…you only have just begun to realize what you are. Daughter/sister. Life/Death.


The blonde slayer looked at the first Slayer as she gazed around stalking/hunting the night and laughed callously. I have heard this all before.


Look! Watch!


At that moment the flames from the fire rose fiercely into the night sky making Buffy step back in defense from the heat of the flames. At that moment the 21 year old Slayer found herself falling into the darkness.




Images flashed as she floated within the darkness of her mind.


She found herself in a throne room made out of marble & gold. Everything gleamed like the sun. Her slayer senses going out of control as what could only be described as glowing sun natives in her mind seated around a sundial skillfully crafted of metals Buffy had never seen before.


Columns that looked like it belonged in ancient Rome or Greece stretched upwards until it seemed to touch the stars. Statues in Grecian design, and marble stairways that seemed to lead to heavens marked 2 of the 3 entry ways the other behind her that led her down to the floors below. In front of her were sets of marble throne like seats delicately carvings magnificently endowed on either side of the central throne. Torches were lit every few feet amongst the walls giving off even more light.


Look! Watch!


What Buffy already termed the sun people, mostly due to the power that simply radiated off these people and sent her Slayer senses reeling, seemed to be arguing amongst themselves until a black shadow seemed to appear from below, took shape and grew until it took the form of a man in blackest of attire.


The dark man radiated a different sort of glow to that of the blackest of illumination that made the slayer spirit with even recoil.


Buffy looked back to Tara and the First, their faces a mask, but she could feel the tension surrounding them.


The man stood there arrogantly and when he moved, his long black locks swaying as he sauntered in a self-aggrandizing way.


Why have you summoned me Brother? The sinister figure sneered. His head turning as his eyes swept the room, giving the blond a good look at the brooding man, his looks and accent reminding her of a Shakespearian villain.


Hades! The figure sitting in the middle of the dais thundered to what seemed to be a council room of some sort. Buffy’s eyes widened as the stern but weary looking man raised himself from the throne-like seat.


Hades? Where am I? What the hell is going on here? She stated as the realization hit her as to where she was.


Her mind was reeling as her mind processed as to what she was seeing and hearing. Hades. Hades, Hades. The God of the Underworld… Hades!


Looking around some more, she picked up who was in the seat above all others. As a little girl she had been obsessed with the Grecian Myths & Legends. From Hercules to Perseus, Hermes to Zeus, she had read all the stories & history related to these mythical people. At least she had thought they were myths until now.


She was standing in the council chambers of the Gods on MountOlympus. Standing in front of her were the Gods & Goddesses of old. Zeus, King of the Gods & Thunder;  Hera, goddess of women and marriage; Apollo, God of light and the sun; Hermes, the great messenger of the Gods; Ares, God of War;  Aphrodite, Goddess of Love;  Athena, the goddess of war, civilization, wisdom, and strength; Artemis (who was always her favorite) goddess of the hunt; Hephaestus, God of the Forge; Demeter, Goddess of the harvest; Dionysus, God of Wine and standing to one side in back and away from everyone was Poseidon, God of the Seas.


Standing before them, as if on trial was Hades, God of the Underworld & Death. The one person if anyone Buffy were to be afraid of was him, especially the number of times she either had died, or came close to dying. Once upon a time not to long ago, she would have embraced him.


Why have you brought me here to this place? Is it for real? She said as she turned to the First Slayer, the wild eyes looked on as the flames of the fire flickered within.




The blond slayer looked at her as if not comprehending what was being said. Tara who had moved to stand beside the petite slayer standing in the coolness of the desert night, pointed back towards the open desert. Turning back around, Buffy came face to face with the God of Death himself.


To be continued.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Death & Sea" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Jul 10.

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