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The Rhythm of Life

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Summary: Random meetings between strangers, that are connected only by the people involved. Please don't expect any overall plot. Written for the FFA Dominoes challenge.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - OtherDreamOfStoriesFR1328320086122 Jul 1022 Jul 10No

Walking down the street

A/N: Yes I know I promised to work on my other fic, but my muse has run off. Hopefully this will tempt it back... Please don't hate me!

Summary: Tara needs to get some ingrediants from the LA Wizarding Section
Characters: Tara and Oliver (not a pairing)
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to Harry Potter or Buffy the Vampire Slayer and any related characters.

Tara shivered a little as she walked down the street. It had changed since she’d been here last – not surprising when it had been all those years since her mother had brought her – but she still knew the rough direction of where she needed to go. Now if only there weren’t all these crowds in the way… she might be able to see where she was going…

Someone bumped into her and Tara let out a small yelp. A strong hand gripped her arm and pulled her up right, steadying her quickly. His accent was British.

“Oh sorry there!”

She looked up at him and gave him a nervous smile. “N…no… it’s ok. I sh… shou… should have been watching where I was going better…”

He smiled at her, “Me too I guess. Hey, do you want help finding anything? Probably a bit presumptuous of me seeing as I’m not from around here but I visit regularly so…”

Tara swallowed. “Umm… I don’t kn…kno…”

“Well my name’s Oliver, Oliver Wood?” He frowned a little when she didn’t react to his name before letting out a beaming grin. “You don’t recognise me?”

“S… sorry.”

He laughed. “Don’t worry about it. It’s nice meeting someone that doesn’t have any expectations on how you’re supposed to be acting and who doesn’t go all googly eyes at your name. Makes me feel a bit sorry for Harry now I think about it.” He glanced up when a shadow past over them but it was just a flying carpet that was a bit low. “Never get used to that. They’re outlawed in Britain, you know. So where did you want to get to again?”

“Um… Riverbed’s Refuge?”

Oliver glanced at her sharply for a second. “Need some water based plants?”

Tara nodded nervously. She was always nervous around wand users. You never knew what they might do or try... After all they were always so careless with their magic and most of them wouldn't consider her worthy of notice magic-user or not. Not to mention how careless they were of their powers! Tampering with memories on a whim… no wonder they’d been pushed into their own isolated enclaves by the rest of the supernatural world. But what would they do if they knew she was here? That she wasn't one of them? She shivered as Oliver glanced around and pulled her cloak tighter around herself. He just put a reassuring arm around her shoulders.

“It’s just down the street here. I’ll show you…”

Later as Tara went to leave the LA wizarding shopping district, she couldn’t help but notice a poster with a picture of the young man that helped her on it. It seemed he was a player for one of those wizarding games that the Europeans were so fond of. Quiddy, Quoidutch, Quiddutch… something like that. Not that she should be dithering, she needed to get back to Willow and the magic shop…
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