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Summary: Buffy is Voldemort's daughter, he's still alive, and she's decided to go to Hogwart's for her seventh year. Harry and still there and Dumbledore is featured. Will Buffy follow in her father's footsteps, or will good rule her heart?

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredjoalynineFR1311,95301095322 Jul 1022 Jul 10No
Disclaimer- I own nothing, except from this plot and the extra characters i may add. The location of the story and the main characters used are not mine. They belong to Joss Whedon and J.K Rowling.


"To our new students, I say welcome. To our old ones, I say welcome back. I am sure this will be another exciting year filled with the chances for you to stuff your brains full of titbit's of random information. But, alas, there is a time for speeches, it is not now so…"

"Say hello to the new girl." A loud crash reverberated through the room as both doors banged open, revealing a beautiful blonde girl who's hair reflected the moonlight, although the rest of her body remained swathed in shadows.

"You lot are hopeless, I tell you to say hello and all you do is sit there gawking, you all should be ashamed of yourselves." It seemed as if every boy in the room was under a spell and all the other girls in the room could do was watch enviously. When the new girl stepped forward, it seemed as if the enchantment only intensified, and nothing could break it.

"Oh my Lord. I can't believe that I actually agreed to go to this school. Are you all completely brain dead?" Her words echo round the hall but no-one responds, so she steps forward and advances on towards the staff table. It's as if the spell has suddenly been lifted, but all the boys still look towards her with longing in their eyes.

"Hello dear, I take it you are Miss Buffy Anne Summers Riddle." A few gasps could be heard at the surname, especially from the Gryffindors, whilst the Slytherins just sat there, looking smug, obviously having been informed by their death-eater fathers of the newcomer.

"That'd be me Sir, but as I'm sure you understand, daddy can be a bit protective, so I'm not on my own." Buffy's melodic voice once again enchanted all the boys, even the ones who knew her true identity and didn't trust her. At Buffy's statement, Dumbledore didn't seem surprised and made a gesture that said, call them in.

"Spike!" A figure with striking platinum blond hair and a black leather duster stepped out of the shadows and strutted towards Buffy, confidence in his every step. This time it was the girls who were enthralled with this new being with his handsome but roguish looks.

"Professor, this is Spike, or should I say William the Bloody, but don't worry, he knows that if he hurts anyone, he'll be punished, but he can restrain himself. Its just bagged blood for him these days." Its was obvious Dumbledore knew exactly who Spike was from the look of interest in his eyes as he examined him. He nodded his consent, obviously satisfied by his examination, but he was not one of many.

Hermione, as the intelligent girl that she was, had caught the bagged blood comment and she knew instantly that the mysterious Spike was a vampire, and a dangerous one if she has read the look of recognition correctly that had sparked in Dumbledore's eyes. It made her wonder how this girl could be important enough that she would need a bodyguard in Hogwarts, let alone a vampire one. Of course! Riddle! Hermione almost hit herself for missing such an obvious clue in the quickly unraveling mystery. This peculiar Buffy girl must be a relation to Voldemort, most likely his daughter, but that still didn't explain why Dumbledore was allowing her to attend Hogwarts, when she was most likely to be evil, especially since she would probably be in her seventh and last year, like her, and she would have been brought up and taught extremely Dark magic, probably by Voldemort himself. Hermione sighed, doubting that anyone would even be able to understand the working's of Dumbledore's mind.

"Carry on my dear child, I take it you have another guard." Dumbledore said, aware of the audience they had, as the whole of the student body listened intently to their every word, and watched their every movement, or, as he stood corrected, watched her every movement.

"Yes, my other guard is rather distasteful to most, including me, but my father wanted someone with brawn but no brain, and who would carry out my orders without hesitation. He will be my night guard while Spike will be with me during the day. Greyback!" After Buffy called Greyback's name, another figure stepped out of the shadows. He was hunched over and had a big, intimidating figure that was certainly not handsome. His face was also recognised by a few of the pupils who had been at the ministry during their fifth year, and who knew he was a Death Eater. When Greyback reached Buffy, he bowed slightly, muttered a quiet "Mistress" and he continued on to the edge of the hall, away from his mistress and her daylight guard.

This sent a few confused murmurs through the crowd , but as Harry Potter was not one to sit on the sidelines whispering, he stood up instead.

"He's a Death Eater!" He shouted whilst pulling out his wand, confirming many people's fear.

"Well spotted Harry, but don't worry, he won't hurt anyone. Well, not unless I ask him too." A ripple of whisperings spread through the hall as Buffy continued to speak to Harry in Parseltongue, although he had not yet realised she was doing so, as it came naturally to him and he could not tell the difference between the two languages.

"Now come here Harry, I want to see the Boy who lived." It was as if she had used an impirius charm, and Harry found it impossible to ignore Buffy's demands, not that he was exactly unwilling. When Harry reached her, Buffy began to circle him whilst examining. This continued for a few minutes until she finally came to a stop.

"Well, I don't know what's so special about you. With your reputation, I expected you to at least be a bit more masculine." This caused a burst of laughter to come out of everyone who disliked Harry, as Buffy had stopped talking in Parseltongue.

"You may sit now." Once again Harry obeyed without hesitation, but he was stopped when Buffy, with unbelievably quick movements, reached out to grasp his shoulder.

"Wait! I just want to introduce you to someone." Buffy raised her arms up and once again speaking in Parseltongue, she said "Come." Suddenly, a strange hissing could be heard, or at least that's what it sounded like to anyone who wasn't Harry or Buffy, but to them, it sounded like "Greetings Mistress." Two small reptilian heads appeared from both her sleeves and out slithered two small snakes. They curled themselves around Buffy's wrists with the heads facing towards Harry and they continued to hiss quietly to each other, obviously now comfortable and content to stay on her wrists until she sent them away.

"This one is called Venom," Buffy gestured to the snake on her right wrist, "and this is Fang." She then pointed towards the left wrist. "They are both American Copperheads, which are very poisonous snakes from North America. Daddy went and found them to give to me for my seventeenth birthday. Say hello then." Harry muttered a quiet hello before quickly backing towards his seat, surprisingly scared of the snakes, even though he could understand them, although maybe that was why.

"As interesting as it has been, I believe now is the time for you to be sorted my dear, although I don't think that the Hat will be very pleased at us waking him up only a short while after he last had to do some sorting, but alas, there is not alternative. So, professor McGonagoll, if you will please bring me the hat." Buffy stepped away from Dumbledore slightly while he spoke, boredom the dominant emotion displayed on her face.

With a tap of McGonagoll's wand, the hat once again awoke, but a disgruntled groan could be heard. Then, to everyone who wasn't Buffy, a vampire, a werewolf or one of the teachers huddled round the hat, no more could be heard.

"Dumbledore! I expected at least a terms rest before you woke me up again. Do you have any idea how much energy a Sorting takes out of you?" Suddenly, the Hat caught sight of Buffy and it was as if he was asleep again, only his eyes remained moving, or rather, transfixed in an oh-my-Lord-his-eyes-are-going-to-pop-out manner.

"Dumbledore, no more talking, I'll do it, but I believe a new song is in order." The Hat said, still staring at Buffy. Then, in a quieter tone, more to himself, he said. "They deserve some sort of warning after all."

The students, throughout the exchange, continued to gossip about the new girl, coming up with insane ideas as to where she had come from. Strangely enough, the Slytherins all remained completely silent, as if they needed permission to speak, although who they would ask remained unknown to everyone but the Slytherins themselves.

"Silence!" Dumbledore's voice rang out across the hall, and everyone was immediately silent. "The Hat has something to say before he sorts Miss Riddle into a House, so if you would be kind enough to listen please. Go on, Hat."

Hogwart's is still the same
And is unlikely to ever change
But now there is another foe
Opinions will be rearranged

They are yet another descendant of Salazar
Not even the mighty Harry Potter can defeat her
Nothing will be this evils cure
Soon the line between good and evil will be a blur

But this foe is indeed different
She does not revel in blood and gore
Neither does she strive for power
Evil just rules at her core

And now it is time for another sorting
Although this one is late
The outcome is already known
Although this cannot be said for her fate

At the ending of the Hat's song, silence reigned, as no-one could think of anything to say about the Hat's shocking song.

"Buffy Anne Summers Riddle, please come forward to be sorted." Buffy strutted forward with confidence and when she was directly in front of the hat, she gave a nod followed by a sadistic smile that made the Hat visibly shudder. She then reached forward, grabbed the Hat, and moved to place it on her head. Before she could do so though, without the Hat even touching her head, it shouted out…

"Slytherin." Though it was obvious that the Slytherins were pleased, but not surprised, not a cheer was made, at least not until Buffy nodded towards them. Then the noise was deafening as she walked towards them, a smug smile on her face but a knowing look in her eye. All the boys from the other Houses could actually be heard making a disappointed sigh, which only made Buffy smile more.

She headed straight towards Draco Malfoy and his cronies, Spike following close by, whilst Greyback followed from a bigger distance. Wherever she went, the Slytherins stood up and bowed their heads respectfully to her. When she reached Draco, he actually bowed, a gesture that shocked many, as they had all become used to him being the undisputed Prince of Slytherin, and for him to actually admit that someone was superior to him was a huge shocker.

When Buffy sat down, Draco and all the standing Slytherins also sat, and the thought that was almost identical in every Slytherins mind was...

This is going to be a good year.


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You have reached the end of "Newcomer" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Jul 10.

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