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Bar'Tal the Bounty Hunter

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Children of Bar'Tal". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander's Halloween costume changes him permanently and sends his life on a different path. Xander/Cordelia pairing. [Xeno warning]

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Chapter One

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters from the Buffyverse, nor from the Star Wars verse. This is a non-profit story based on other people's hard work.

WARNING: This story contains graphic sexual scenes of an interspecies nature. If that bothers you, please do not read this story. Flames telling me that I'm twisted will not be appreciated.


With a soft sigh, Xander turned the corner on to Juniper Street. This wasn't the best area to live, being on the edge between the poorer residential neighborhood and the industrial parks, but it's where Rory Harris had called home for years. Xander loved his uncle, and was closer to him than his parents in many ways, but even the king dork could admit that Rory was just plain weird.

The two Harris brothers, Rory and Tony, had both served in the military. And both had returned home greatly changed and just a bit broken. Xander often wished he could have known what they were like before, but... As it was, his father Tony spent a lot of time trying to drink his memories away and his temper was on a short fuse. He never meant anything bad, but he also couldn't adjust to life outside of a warzone. Everyone that pissed him off ended up with some derogatory label slapped on them.

Rory was in many ways worse. Oh, he didn't have a nasty temper or a drinking problem. He just didn't interact with people real well. A meaningful relationship for him was a hooker that didn't rob him blind while he was sleeping. And unlike his brother who dove head first into a whisky bottle, Rory had turned his focus onto something... other.


As Xander stepped onto the walkway that led to the small shop with the apartment over it, he could admit that his uncle had a really great talent at taxidermy. In fact, his work was routinely displayed at various museums and zoos around the state. That didn't make it any less creepy.

Plus, he had a feeling that Rory knew about the nightlife. He had a few strange pieces that were for his private collection only. Xander had asked what they were when he was younger. Rory had given him an odd look and then spun some bullshit story about animals being mutated by toxic waste dumps and stuff. Since then, he'd either seen examples of them on the Hellmouth or in Giles books. They were demons.

Opening the door to Rory's taxidermy shop Xander called out, "Hey! Uncle Rory?"

"Back here kid!" came the gravely voice created by too many cigarettes.

Xander walked through the small showroom with its creepy display cases full of dead and stuffed animals to the much larger but just as crowed back room. Rory Harris was just a bit taller than Xander and with just as wide shoulders. He and his nephew shared the same dark eyes and wide mobile mouth, but that's where the resemblance ended. Rory was skinny, almost to the point of emaciation. His once thick dark hair was now quite thin and going a steel grey.

At the moment he was inspecting a golden furred pelt that was laid out across his worktable. Any imperfections or deformities needed to be taken care of before it was put onto the frame and reshaped back into the form of the animal it once was. Rory always was a perfectionist.

"Um..." Xander fidgeted a bit. He'd been here before and had even helped his uncle sometimes, but he could never kick the idea that the dead animals were watching him. "I wasn't really planning a scare-a-polooza for Halloween this year. A few movies, some greasy popcorn, ya know? Just sitting back in a comfy chair and riding the mellow."

Rory stopped messing with the pelt and looked up at him. His dark eyes were intense and flat, nearly looking as dead as his animal's eyes.

"Well, see. Snyder came up with a new hoop for the gang to jump through. He’s all big with insisting that us highschoolers take the elementary kids on some school sponsored treat-or-treating thing.”

Xander slumped and rolled his eyes. “Lucky me, I got volunteered."

Rory smirked. "That so..."

Xander nodded. "Yeah. Only thing is, we have to be in costume. It’s totally come as you aren’t. I figured maybe if you still have them," puppy dog eyes and a pouty mouth were aimed right at Rory Harris, "I could borrow your old army fatigues and go as a soldier."

Rory went very still for a heartbeat, like he always did whenever his tour of duty was mentioned. Then he relaxed back into his normal creepy and inscrutable self.

"All right. You can borrow 'em." He turned back to his worktable. "Kinda boring though. Simple soldier."

Xander blushed and ducked his head down. "I’m...ah, not exactly flush with extra money. I was just gonna get a toy gun or something to go with it. $2 costume king, ya know?"

"Hmmmm..." Rory flipped the pelt over and began inspecting the other side, seemingly ignoring Xander as he worked.

Xander, for his part, tried not to fidget too much. This wasn't easy since there was a badger in the corner that was mostly finished. Xander was fairly certain that it was staring at him and wanted to eat his face. Maybe he should drag Giles down here to perform an exorcism? But not Buffy. He was fairly sure Rory would kill her if she slayed all of his hard work.

"If you don't want to do boring, try and get a space gun or something."

Xander's head whipped around from the badger to Rory, "Huh?"

Rory turned his head to watch him with his intense dead eyes.

"Watched Star Wars last week." He looked Xander up and down. "Wouldn't be hard to turn you into a smuggler or bounty hunter from that cantina on Tatooine."

Xander blinked. "In Mos Eisley?" And he wasn't gonna tell Buffy that he knew that bit of trivia off the top of his head. "Where Luke and Ben met Han Solo and Chewbacca for the first time?"

Rory nodded slowly. "That's the one."

Xander grinned. "How?"

"Just find a Star Wars looking gun, goggles and any accessories that you think'll work." He grinned a creepy grin. "Leave the rest to me."


Xander stared in the mirror and was amazed. Rory had gone all out. Xander wasn't sure if it was out of love for him or if was because of some bizarre challenge that he set himself. Either way, Xander was sure his costume would be better than anyone else's.

He'd gone with Buffy and Willow to that new costume shop, Ethan's. He'd gotten a pair of Star Wars looking toy guns, a pair of oversized green goggles, and a small selection of sci-fi looking things that were in the cast-off items bin.

Rory had taken a pair of plain brown utility work pants and added black piping down the outside seam. The matching shirt had the collar removed and the row of buttons up the front had been covered by a strip of black leather. He'd combined that with a pair of scuffed black tanker boots and thick black knee-pads.

Over the shirt, Rory had given him his father's old set of highschool football shoulder pads to wear. Xander was fairly sure that his dad didn't know about it, or if he did, that he wouldn't want them back. Rory had spray painted them black and added two pieces to act as chest and back plate armor. These were also painted black. Old style leather gauntlets on his wrists and a leather collar with a circular disk that looked like a small stereo speaker finished off the clothes.

Rory's true genius came shining through with the handmade mask and gloves.

Having the state of California's best taxidermist creating your Halloween costume was something that could only compare to perhaps a professional Hollywood costume designer doing it.

Rory had given him a lion's head. Made from a real lion.

That's why he needed goggles. Because he couldn't use fake glass eyes and still see. However, it was real lion fur over real lion skin with real lion teeth.

He also had a real lion tail sewn to the seat of his brown utility pants. And Rory had even somehow managed to turn the real lion paws into gloves that covered his hands before getting tucked up under the leather gauntlets.

Over his clothes were the two toy ray-guns tucked into real leather military style thigh holsters, a small canvas belt pack that he stuck the few sci-fi looking things he'd bought. The green lens goggles had to be adjusted to fit the lion's head, and Rory took the time to glue a few small circuit-looking things to the side of the frame.

All in all, Xander looked like one badass alien bounty hunter.

Xander grinned behind the mask. Buffy and Willow were gonna shit gold bricks when they saw this costume.


Bar'Tal growled in confused irritation as he looked around at the chaos surrounding him.

He and several other hunters had just left the meeting held by Jabba the Hutt where he had announced a new bounty on the Corellian smuggler Han Solo and his gunner-mate Chewbacca the Wookiee. The number of credits offered in payment was enough to make it worth the effort despite rumors that the pirate was heading out of the Outer Rim and towards the core worlds of the Empire. He had been walking to the spaceport where his ship was docked in order to get it ready for the hunt when... pain and darkness rose up around him. Then he was here.

Only, he didn't know where here was. The only explanation he could come up with was that some other bounty hunter had hit him over the head and then dumped him here in order to ensure that Bar'Tal the Trianii didn't win the bounty on Han Solo.

A short creature with red skin and horns chased what seemed to be a young near-human female child with brightly colored insect wings past him. The near-human was screaming while the red alien was chortling with glee.

Bar'Tal spun around. Where in the nine Sith Hell's was he?

The air was breathable, if foul smelling and the gravity was towards the lighter side of average. However, there seemed to be such a diverse range of beings that it was difficult to tell which planet he was on. It didn't help that he couldn't hear anyone speaking a language he knew. Not even Basic.

Confusing as his situation might be, it didn’t take him even half a second to figure out what it meant when several short creatures growled, snarled and then charged right at him. He stepped back into a defensive stance and pulled his blaster from its holster. He had it up and aimed in a flash. He’d just pulled the trigger when a young human female jumped in front of him waving her arms and yelling.

He didn’t have a clue what she was saying. She didn’t speak Basic and his throat mic translator was only programmed for Basic, Huttees, & of course, Trianii. She tried to push his blaster away only for her hand to pass through it.

He stepped back and blinked in mild shock. A hologram? Since his blaster shot had scared off the small pack of creatures, Bar’Tal took a moment to try to figure this out. He reached out with one paw and swiped it through the hologram. It shrieked and then babbled rapidly in its barbaric language.

He rumbled a purring chuckle at her. It was too bad she was a hologram. He had a soft spot for human females. Many of them had a small fascination with his people as well. The Trianii had a rather large resemblance to some mythical creatures they’d once worshiped on the long lost human homeworld. However, the fabled creatures of legend called ‘cats’ were no more. Humans, especially their females, often found pleasure by petting and grooming the fur of Trianii as if they too were these…’cat’ things.

While Bar’Tal was imagining the red haired hologram in the skimpy clothing grooming his fur, the hologram was apparently experiencing programming issues. Its eyes went very wide and it shrieked out what sounded like, “Boo fee!” before it turned around and dashed away.

Bar’Tal considered chasing after it for a moment, but then decided not to. What would be the point? He couldn’t understand her speech and she wasn’t solid so she couldn’t groom his fur.

A large rumbling ground transport slid past him and he wrinkled his nose at the horrible stink left in its wake. Turning to watch it, he saw the hologram trying to soothe a human woman in a large pink gown as she cried and yelled and carried on like a young child having a nightmare.

The woman in the dress finally turned and ran away with the hologram chasing after her. Bar’Tal wondered where they were going and if it would be someplace filled with people who might actually speak a civilized language; like Basic.

He was about to follow after them when his sensitive ears swiveled around to face behind him and focused on another voice. It too was human female and yelling in fear and anger, but was coming from the other direction. Maybe this one spoke Basic?

Spinning around, Bar’Tal scanned the area and saw a human female being chased by a large furred creature that looked like a cross between a wookiee and a canine.

He walked directly at them with his hand on his blaster. When the human female went to dash past him, he reached out with one arm and spun her behind himself. Then he lifted his blaster and shot the beast. It dropped to the ground with a howl, the scent of burnt fur strong in the air as it tried to curl up around its injured arm.

He glanced around and saw a few of the small creatures standing a distance away and watching them. They were probably waiting to see if he’d claim the canine-thing as a meal. If not they’d sweep in for the kill when he left.


He growled out his displeasure and frustration with this whole crazy night in one loud echoing roar. The small creatures scattered and the human female at his back trembled.

Turning, he finally got a good look at the human female that he’d rescued. She was tall for her kind, but young. And she had a mane of long dark hair that hung in silky waves down her back. She was wearing a tight black leotard and high heels. The leotard had a long tail sewn to it and she wore a band in her hair with cat’s ears attached.

His eyes widened in pleased shook. A cat worshiper! Maybe she’d be willing to groom his fur…among other things.

The dark manned cat worshiper babbled imperiously at him in the same language that the hologram had. Bar’Tal figured it must be the native language of the planet he was on.

He rumbled out a soft growl of inquiry. His throat mic translator squeaked out his words in Basic, “Do you speak Basic?”

The female grew quiet and tilted her head to the side for a second before babbling out a sharp response in her primitive language.

Then her eyes slid behind him and grew wide in shock. She shrieked out something and he turned to see three near-humans with a pack of the small creatures swarming around behind them. The female pointed at the near-humans and shrieked endless babble even as she huddled behind him trembling in fear, tugging on his one paw trying to get him to flee.

Dangerous enemies then. He wasn’t going to let some assholes ruin his night of fur grooming with a real live cat worshiper.

Lifting his blaster, he aimed and pulled the trigger. Thoom! Then again. Thoom! And again. Thoom! The three near-humans exploded one after another in showers of dust and ash.

That was new and different. He glanced at his blaster in amused confusion.

Bar’Tal holstered his weapon even as the pack of small creatures turned and fled into the night. The tugging on his paw slowed slightly and the female human made a low humming sound. Bar’Tal wasn’t sure if it was a word in her language or just a sound of pleasure. Either way, he liked it. A lot.

Snapping his head around to face her, he looked down into her dark eyes and purred. A loud, rumbling, filled with amused pleasure, purr. His throat mic translated it into Basic, “Let’s find somewhere…private.”

She didn’t respond beyond her eyes snapping down to the device strapped around his throat, a small little frown of confusion on her face. Bar’Tal wasn’t about to let the cat worshiper’s lack of understanding Basic get in the way of a good grooming though. Curling his big paw around her slim hand, he looked around and saw a dark shadowy space between two low dwellings. Flashing a bit of fang in a Trianii grin, he pulled her along after him.

Once sheltered in the small grassy alley, Bar’Tal stopped and gently backed the human female up against the wall, his body pressed in tight to her. He ignored her babbled words since the tone of her voice spoke of confusion, not fear or anger.

He reached out with one paw and lifted a lock of her dark hair. Leaning down, he pushed his nose into it and sniffed deeply. Clean and scented of wildflowers and that certain something that was her own personal scent. It was delicious and heady. He couldn’t help it if he tried, he simply purred again in pleasure.

The female stilled at the rumbling sound and he didn’t waste time, he just leaned forward and rubbed his furred cheek against her own smooth one; scent marking her as his.

She murmured something softly in confusion before lifting one hand up and gently touching his cheek. He simply purred at her, waiting, hoping she would wish to pet and groom him. Then she did. She ran her fingers softly along his cheek, up into his mane and then curled them oh so gently around his ear and tugged lightly.

His eyes practically rolled back into his head in pleasure even as they instantly dropped to half-lidded. He leaned into her touch and his purr grew louder. His tail twitched in a shudder of arousal even as his cock slowly began to stiffen.

Bar’Tal snuffled at her throat and temple to draw in her scent even as he purred loudly and rubbed his cheek against her. His paws running in gentle sweeps along her arms, ribs and hips, enjoying her curvy shape even as he hoped she would return the favor.

The female lifted her other hand to his head and then, with a soft smile growing on her face, she ran them both along his cheeks and then up into his mane. She shifted her fingers through the long fur, ruffling it and then smoothing it out. Every now and then, her fingers would curl around a soft sensitive ear, petting and gently tugging at it.

He leaned his big head into her touch and pressed his body into hers, his paws sliding over her flesh. Her scent was changing, growing deeper and muskier with arousal. It was sweet and enticing and it filled him with desire.

Thank the Force for cat worshipers!

One of his paws reached down and touched the fake tail attached to her outfit. It was a pity it wasn’t real. He could show her a thing or two about the joys of having a tail stroked.

Still, it was her scent that really spoke to him. It was amazing and growing stronger and thicker with every passing moment. His tongue snaked out and licked a long line across her collarbone and throat. Mmmmm… delicious.

He needed more. More of that taste and more of that scent.

With one last rumbling purr in her ear, Bar’Tal slowly dropped to his knees before her, his paws dragging down her curvy flesh. Nose pressed to the apex of her legs, the scent was overwhelming and filled his head.

Reaching down with one paw to undo his trousers and relieve the near painful pressure on his throbbing cock, he reached out with the other one to hook a finger under her leotard. He tugged it gently and stretched it over to the side to rest in the crease of her hip. This had the delightful effect of exposing her slick and aroused sexual organs to his eyes and nose.

He ignored her cry of surprise and pressed his large nose and maw tight to the top of her slit and rumbled a loud purr of delight. The human female gasped and reached down with both hands to tangle her fingers in his mane.

Unable to help himself, he extended his extremely long wet tongue and licked across her sex. As her wonderful taste exploded over his tongue and her fingers twitched and tugged at his mane, he couldn’t help but think how much he loved grooming.

Bar’Tal licked and nibbled along her sex, ever mindful of his fangs. His long tongue flicked here and there, even delving up inside of her in search of the source of her amazing taste.

Her voice called out in cries and gasps of pleasure and her fingers petted and shifted through his mane and along his cheeks and ears. Finally, after several long minutes of him licking and purring into her sex, she trembled and humped up against his furry mouth.

Knowing she was ready, he gave one last lick and stood up. Pressing her back against the wall, his one paw wrapped around her long curvy leg and pulled it up over his hip. This spread her wide open to him and it didn’t take much effort to line his hard and drooling cock up to the hot wet center of her sex.

Her dark eyes went wide for a second and her hands clamped down on his shoulders for support even as he growled loudly and thrust into her amazingly tight wet heat.

The female gasped and tossed her head back. She trembled in his arms for a moment, her voice saying something he didn’t understand.

Then he pulled back and thrust into her again. Her eyes widened in surprise and her mouth formed a soft ‘o’ of pleased surprise.

Did she not think that he knew how to pleasure a human female? Silly girl. All Trianii who left their sector of space soon learned how. After all, beyond a Trianii female, humans were the very best at petting and grooming.

The female lifted her other leg and wrapped it around his hips. He was holding up her entire weight on his hips and pelvis and had her braced against the wall. Her hands slid up from his shoulders to pet and rub gently at his cheeks, mane and ears.

He purred loudly in primal pleasure and delight. Her hands were gentle and her sex was so tight it was almost painful. Only the heat and the slick wetness of her arousal kept it so pleasurable. His cock thrust into her sex again and again and again.

Suddenly, she stiffened up in his arms and then began to tremble almost violently. He tilted his head to look around, wondering if they were about to be interrupted by those strange near-humans that exploded into ashes, or maybe a pack of those small creatures. He didn’t see or hear any near and was wondering what had made her tremble when she let out a loud cry of pleasure and her sex clamped down on his cock like a twitching hot vise. Then her body, especially her sex, spasmed around him and fluids gushed down his length to his balls. Her scent swirled up around him in a cloud that was so thick he nearly swooned.

He only had time for a few last thrusts and then the pleasure of her twitching sex sent him over the edge and he was spilling his seed deep inside her. The alley echoed with the force of his triumphant roar of completion.

They leaned against each other, panting and purring in the other’s ear. Slowly, the human female lowered her legs from around his hips and he leaned forward to rub his furred cheek against her smooth one once more. He didn’t really need to scent mark her, she was already coated in his scent. Still, he enjoyed her touch and didn’t really want to loose it.

She reached down and made a face before tugging her leotard back into place covering her sex. He grunted in acknowledgement that it was time to straighten up their clothes and refastened his own trousers and belts.

Once they were presentable again, they turned to head out of the alley and back into the street. He figured that he should at least see that she made it to her home or temple safely before trying to find the spaceport on this world. Hopefully, it wouldn’t be too far away.

Bar’Tal made it two whole steps before a wave of dizziness washed over him, causing him to stumble into the wall. With a growl of displeasure he blacked out. In his place, Xander Harris pushed off the wall and stood back up.

“…you okay? I mean, really, don’t you dare pass out on me now. There’s no way I’d be able to carry your ass to safety if you did and there’s a lot of freaky stuff happening tonight.”

Torn between confusion over what was happening, horror over having turned into his costume character, and amazed glee at finally having had sex; Xander Harris turned his head and stared into the concerned face of Cordelia Chase.

He could understand her words. That was a huge relief as he was tired of not speaking the language.

He could also still smell her softly scented skin and her overpoweringly heady arousal. He purred softly.

Cordelia rolled her eyes.

“Again? I mean, against the wall in someone’s backyard was…um, fine that one time. Next time I’d prefer soft sheets and a comfy bed if you don’t mind.”

He blinked in surprise that she liked it enough to want to sex him up again.

Then Xander realized that he blinked. And could smell her. And taste her.

Panic welling up inside, his right hand snapped to his left and he tugged at the glove. The furred paw wasn’t a glove. A whimper of fear escaped him. Reaching up with both hands he tugged on the mask. It wasn’t a mask.

“…the hell?” Cordelia tilted her head and looked worried. “Um, you haven’t gone psycho, have you? Because Sunnydale has more than it’s fair share of those already. And I’m so not in the mood to have a lion-boy flip out on me.”

Ignoring her, Xander reached around and found his tail. And it was his, attached to his body and everything.

How in the name of the Hellmouth did he end up turned into his costume? And why didn’t he turn back when he’d regained his own mind and memories?

He growled out his thoughts aloud. The throat mic translated it. Into English. “Giles will know. Have to get to the school and tell him all about this crazy night.”

Cordelia gave an indignant squawk. “You know those freaks and losers?” She huffed out a sigh and rolled her eyes. “Of course you do.”

He was about to snark out a witty reply about bestiality being for the real losers, but bit it back. After all, he was the beast she’d sexed up and that just seemed ungrateful…or something.

Instead, he growled out, “Hello! We need to go see Giles and tell him about the festive freak show happening here.”

Reaching out with one big paw, Xander wrapped it around her slim hand and pulled her along behind him. She didn’t try to stop him, but he could hear her muttering under her breath, “…and they say I have a Joan Collins ‘tude?” He took exception to that.

He also noted that his goggles no longer showed an electronic readout across the lens from the microscanners and glancing down he saw that his blasters were once again cheep plastic toys. He didn’t know why the translator was not only still real, but was translating in English or why he was still a lion.

That was a question to ask his favorite British super-hero, Research Man. To be honest, thinking about it was giving him a serious case of the wig. Maxi-wig with extra creep sauce.

As they ran through the streets to the school, it became apparent that the small packs of creatures were once again young kids in costume. Most were simply confused and scared, but a few were totally traumatized by the nights’ adventure.

Cordelia may have been a bitch at times, but she was never stupid. She was able to put together the facts when they were shoved in her face. She saw the crying kids and matched them up to the creatures from earlier as well.

“Oh my god. They weren’t demons at all! They were kids turned into their costumes!”

His mic translated his growled answer. “Yeah…I know. That’s why we need to see Giles.”

Cordelia tugged hard on his paw and came to a complete stop. He stopped and turned to look at her. Her face was twisted into one of deep suspicion.

“Who are you?”

Xander stilled and considered lying. He knew that wouldn’t work, however. She’d eventually find out the truth. He just hoped she forgave him for what his costume had done. Although she really seemed to enjoy it at the time.

“Xander…I’m Xander Harris.”

She blanched and tried to pull away.

“Oh my god!” She flushed in embarrassment and anger. “And now you want to drag me off to the library to gloat to your freaky friends that you talked me into having sex with you? With a lion!”

Xander grit his fangs and growled in frustration. “No! Dammit, it’s none of their business what we did together. It was special and beautiful and…and private. No, what I need to tell Giles is that I never turned back.”

She stopped trying to tug away and stilled, looking at him in confusion. “What do you mean?” She tilted her head. “You seem more like…um, you and less like lion-dude.”

Xander sighed. It was oddly loud and rumbly. “What I mean is that this costume is now real. I can’t take the mask off because it’s not a mask anymore. It’s just me in my brain, but my body is still all liony.”

Cordelia looked at him for a moment and then lifted his paw to her face. She studied it, with its thickly calloused pads and agile fingers with their retractable claws. Then she unbuckled the leather bracers and peeled back the shirt under it to reveal more fur. She tugged lightly at the fur and Xander snatched his arm back with a whined, “Ow.”

She arched an eyebrow imperiously and held out her hand with an expectant air. With another rumbling sigh, Xander stretched his arm back out to her.

Silently, she simply rolled the shirt sleeve back down and buckled the bracer back into place. Then she grabbed his paw and tugged him along as she began walking towards the school once again.

“You’re right. We need to tell Giles, ‘cause this is strange even for you weirdos.”

Xander rolled his new leonine eyes and followed after her.

“Just…” she cringed slightly and then lifted her chin high. “Don’t mention about what we did. Okay?”

Xander made a purring sort of noise that was wordless, but clearly questioning.

Cordelia was the one to roll her eyes this time and huffed out, “Having sex with a strange man I just met would damage my reputation.” She tilted her head, “Any girls’ reputation really,” she conceded.

“But sex with an animal? Even one that can talk and think and shoot a gun would not just damage my rep, it would destroy it.”

He had to admit she was right.


By the time they made it to the school, most of the costumed kids were off the streets and the demons were disappearing back into their lairs and bolt holes. They were crossing the parking lot when they saw a frantic Giles climb into his car with a hysterically crying Willow. Cordelia yelled out to them, but they must not have heard because they raced out of the parking lot in a cloud of dust at the fastest speeds Giles’ rust bucket could go.

Xander growled out a frustrated, “Dammit, now what!”

Cordelia frowned and planted a hand on one hip. “I wonder what’s going on that made them rush off like that?”

“I don’t know.” Xander’s translator squeaked out past his growling snarl. “Hopefully no one got hurt ‘cause that would suck big time, but I have no idea where they were headed, so…”

“Well,” Cordelia said with a sigh, “we can track them down tomorrow. It’s a weekend, so if Giles isn’t at the library he’ll be at his apartment, right?”

Xander sighed and nodded. “Yeah. Yeah, you’re right.”

He reached up and pushed the goggles away from his eyes and looked at her without the green tinted glass for the first time all night.

“It’s just…what’ll I do till then?” He held up one massive furred paw. “I can’t exactly go home looking like this.”

“Um…” she frowned. “That’s true. I think your dad’s an asshole and a moron, but not even he could miss the fact that you’ve turned into Simba the Lion King.”

He ignored her insult about his dad. Mostly ‘cause he agreed with her.

“I suppose I could go to my Uncle Rory’s. He’s the one that made my costume, but how the hell do I explain that it’s not exactly a costume anymore?”

Cordelia got an odd look on her face and her cheeks flushed even as the scent of her growing arousal wafted over him in a wave of pheromones.

“My car’s just over there. Why don’t you just come home with me?”

His leonine eyebrows shot up at that suggestion. “Huh?”

She flushed brighter even as she huffed and snarked, “Mommy and Daddy went to some big fancy party tonight. Even if they do make it home, they’ll be so drunk that they wouldn’t notice an entire zoo loose in the house.”

She spun about and dragged him by the paw towards her car.

“Besides, if anyone sees you or something, you can just jump out a window and go hide in a tree. I’ll tell the neighbors that we got a new exotic pet sent from overseas.” She snorted in derision. “It’ll probably be the next new hot trend.”

Bemused and aroused at the delicious scent pouring off of her, Xander just meekly followed behind her while doing mental cartwheels in his head. He was going to get more wonderful sex! By the Force, he loving petting and grooming.


Morning found Xander in a decadently soft bed and tangled up in expensive cotton sheets. He was half sprawled across and half wrapped around a warm, soft, and delicious smelling Cordelia while purring loudly in her ear. He was pleasantly achy, but not injured.

He was sated and happy and more than willing to lay there for the rest of his life.

At least until his tail twitched behind him and swatted his leg. He rumbled a growl of mild annoyance and cuddled closer to Cordelia.


His half-asleep brain grabbed that thought and ran with it. Why in the world was he cuddling a naked Cordelia Chase? Not that she didn’t smell beyond great, but…

Suddenly, his memories from last night poured into his brain at high speed.

Turning into his costume and becoming an alien Bounty Hunter trapped on a pre-space industrial world and not being able to speak the language.

Having sex against an alley wall with the human female cat worshiper.

Turning back into Xander Harris mentally, but still being a felinoid cat-person from outer space physically.

Arriving at the school in time to see Willow and Giles race off in his beat-up old car.

Going back to Cordelia’s house and exploring his naked and furry body in front of her floor to ceiling dressing mirror.

Being dragged away from the mirror and into Cordelia’s bed for another two rounds of amazing and athletic sex only to discover that his ultra sensitive ears really were an erogenous zone on his new body.

The first real thought that went through his mind was that he didn’t know why they called that position doggy-style. After all, he absolutely loved having Cordelia kneel down with her back to him and her ass in the air as he rutted into her tight hot wet hole…and he was all cat.

Cat. Cat? Lion!

His eyes flew open and he stared down at his body.

Still covered in fur and muscles. Still no change from last night. Xander Harris was still a human boy trapped in the body of a Trianii warrior.

What’s more, Xander knew what that meant. The Trianii were a felinoid space faring race that had held over six star systems independent of the Republic and then the Empire. A warrior race of explorers and artisans, Trianii had better senses than humans and were generally more agile and a bit taller as well. An adult male Trianii usually reached about two meters in height, so Xander knew that this body was still an adolescent.

Trianii were traditionally strict isolationists, but the war with the Corporate Sector Authority meant a real need for money, weapons and allies. His costume, Bar’Tal, had been a Bounty Hunter in the Outer Rim of the Tindel Arm for several years and was constantly trading his services for weapons and equipment for his fellows back in the Trianii Rangers.

“mmmm…” Cordelia rubbed her face against the soft fur of his chest and neck before pulling back and blinking sleepy eyes at him.

“Still a cat-boy, I see.”

“Um…yeah.” The translator around his throat was still in place since his new voice box couldn’t reproduce most human sounds. “I’d hoped to return to normal overnight while I slept.”

She stretched then, his fur rippling and twisting where her curves rubbed up against his body. It tickled in an interesting way and his cock twitched lazily.

Then she huffed, pulled away, and rolled out of bed.

“Ugh! We stink.” She stretched again before walking across the room naked and through a door on the far wall. “We so need a shower.”

Xander heard her banging around in what he presumed was a private bath, but ignored that in order to shiver violently and repress a mild wave of unhappiness. Water? Running in tickling, itching, annoying rivulets through his fur? He shuddered again. He wasn’t sure why, but the whole idea was vaguely off-putting.

“Uh…I’m sure it’s not that bad. And really, we should hurry up and find Giles. No time for furry cat-boys to get wet.” Xander pulled a face. “With water.”

He heard the shower come on and then Cordelia’s face was frowning at him from the doorway.

“Xander, we stink. And your fur is a mess. It’s got all my sweat,...” she blushed fiercely. “and other stuff…all dried and stuck in tufts. You seriously need to shampoo.”

He whimpered. Shampoo? He had fur growing from the top of his head all the way down to his toes and she wanted him to shampoo?

His head was already shaking ‘no’ even as she huffed a sigh and stomped out of the bathroom and over to the bed.

“Get up and get in the shower.”

“But…” he growled. “Cordy, my fur will get wet. And…and it’ll take forever to dry…and…”

“Ugh!” With a noise of pure frustration, Cordelia reached out with one hand and pinched his soft sensitive ear and pulled.

“Ow! Ow, ow, ow!” He whined as he got out of the bed and stumbled after her all bent over as she tugged him along by his ear. “That hurts!”

With her free hand, she reached out and opened up the shower’s glass door and then gave him a firm shove so that he stumbled into the enclosure. Warm water rained down from the showerhead and soaked him quickly. His fur and whiskers began to droop and drip and his mane tried to tangle up.

He turned around to pout at her only to have a jumbo sized bottle of citrus scented moisturizing shampoo thrust into his paw.

Then he watched as Cordelia’s smug smile turned to one of absolute horror. “Oh my God! Your fur is so totally gonna clog up my drains, isn’t it?”
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