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To honor a friend

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Summary: Xander can't go as a soldier at Halloween, so he uses one of Jesse's ideas instead. Add an annoyed god, and stir. (On hold for the moment)

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredivanjediFR181016,423712752,51726 Jul 1011 Sep 10No


Disclaimer: „Buffy the Vampire Slayer“ is a property of Joss Whedon, and the Star Wars franchise belongs to George Lucas

Xander exited Ethan's shop with a plastic gun, a rectangular black plastic plaque and some blue and red stickers. His original plans of going as a soldier for the 'volunteer' babysitting of some brats down the drain, some kid having taken the last toy rifle before his eyes, he was grateful to George Lucas for the recent re – release of the Original Trilogy, and to Jesse for coming up with the character he was planning to go as. A few improvised things from home, and the costume would be complete

Like every true Star Wars geek, Jesse had had come up with a personage he had imagined himself to be if he were in the realm of the films. Of course, he and Xander had talked about it at a length, to the point of annoying Willow several times, one of those being only a few days before Jesse's death.

Unlike the most, however, Jesse had fancied himself as something different than a Jedi. He had seen himself as an android, a male version of the personal bodyguard of prince Xizor, a villain who was a rival to Darth Vader. Xander remembered rebuking Jesse for fancying himself after a bad guy, But Jesse had pointed out that the bodyguard had not been evil – she was just programmed that way, and that while he saw himself as someone with her abilities, he also saw himself as a spy who had gone to steal the blueprints of the Executor for the Rebels.

„For you, Jesse.“ Xander whispered as he waited for the girls to pay for their purchases and join him.

Janus frowned as he watched the chaos created by the spell his worshiper had called his power for. This was wrong. Chaos was but an aspect of his being, something the worshiper didn't seem to understand. This warranted a lesson for him. A painful one. But first, what was this? Janus focused his attention to one of the children affected by the spell, and grinned.

The boy was one of those mortals the meddling, if benevolent beings known as the Powers that Be strongly disliked, as they were too unpredictable for the Powers to be able to guide their choices in accordance to the higher beings' elaborate schemes. In the boy's case, he'd thwarted the Slayer's death foretold in a prophesy. Not that the Powers had had any reason to complain, after all, the events had given them a second Slayer to manipulate... err guide. Janus chuckled as an idea came to him. He channeled some more f his power into the boy's costume.

As the boy fell asleep, Janus laughed and reached to the objects that were parts of the boy's costume, and thus still contained traces of his magic. He had blocked the boy's senses, so the child hadn't yet realized he had been permanently transformed. But this wouldn't last, and in the morning the proverbial hell would break loose. And since the child had not agreed to be transformed, and in away now embodied its own worst fears, the deity was willing to be fair and provide the boy with some things and some knowledge he would not have possessed otherwise. Suddenly, the parts of the costume became real again.

Janus only hoped that the boy didn't lose control over his own creations. If used correctly, the things the child had gained would give a nasty shock to some pretenders the two – faced deity had no love lost for. But if the boy wasn't careful, things could be easily made even worse.

Laughing once again as he imagined how his actions would affect the half – baked plan of the Powers that Be to fashion themselves the perfect vampire champion, Janus withdrew his presence from the mortal plane. A big change was coming.

Author's notes: It seems that the high – tech Xander bug still holds me :( Once again, it will probably, but not certainly, become multi – cross with Stargate at some point.

Of the Powers that Be - Where the heck did the idea of the Balance concept come form? I have watched only a few episodes of Angel, and there is nothing like this mentioned anywhere. The Wiki describes them as somewhat manipulative pricks, but invariably on the side of the good guys. It was very annoying to find out I've used them in a wrong way in my fic.

The original character this Yahf is based on -
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