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Unlocking Torchwood

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Unlocking Dawn". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Dawn should know better than to watch a marathon with Andrew on a Monday night...

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Dawn-CenteredJadedFR18108,5741910237,00527 Jul 102 Aug 10Yes

Epilogue: Inter-dimensional mail

Author: Jaded
Story: Unlocking Torchwood
Disclaimer: I own the idea only. Joss owns Buffy, Torchwood is owned by, um...someone not me? No suing please!
Summary: Dawn should know better than to watch a marathon with Andrew on a Monday night...
Acknowledgement(s): Thanks to AllenPitt, Genuka, RevDorothyL, VillageOrchid, stonewar, starshinedown, Damia, & Neverwillmini for the reviews!
Warning: I have never written Torchwood/Dr. Who before. I am actually relatively new to the fandom, having marathon-ed the first season over the weekend. I have not seen anything else though I know all the spoilers. I apologize in advance if anyone's OOC.
A/N 1: Aaaaaaaaaaand, I'm done. I may do some quick one-shots based on the, er, gift, but...*shrugs* Only time will tell. Thanks everyone!

Epilogue: Inter-dimensional mail

Jack smiled as he picked up the DVD's Ianto had bought and deposited in Jack's office the day after they saw the television show for the first time. The team had been stunned when they'd seen them and when Jack had revealed what Dawn had told him. They'd slowly been going through the series, starting with the first season even though Tosh, who'd researched, told them Dawn didn't appear until the fifth and the other three until the seventh. Though it was a huge show in the states, it wasn't as well known across the pond, especially in Cardiff where enough weird things happened that the locals didn't need to watch it on the telly. At least, that was Gwen's opinion on why they hadn't recognized Dawn before.

The series had clarified a lot of things that the brunette had said and mentioned without going into (as well as startling Jack when he saw Spike; the vampire looked and acted alarmingly like his old partner, if John had dyed his hair platinum blonde). They'd just finished season five and both Tosh and Gwen had cried when Buffy sacrificed herself. Jack had felt choked up but hadn't shown anyone. Dawn had rather grown on him in her two days there; she was just as big a smart ass as he was. They knew what would happen but it was different seeing it and knowing you'd met the real, grown up version of the teenage girl who'd nearly been killed. They had taken a week to deal before moving on; they had plans to watch the first episode of season six tonight if Rift activity allowed.

As if sensing his plans, a flash of light lit up his office. Blinking away the spots in his vision, he checked his computer. It was the same odd Rift energy, Key energy if he had to guess, that they'd gotten with Dawn's arrival but this time, he didn't see her anywhere. The office was empty of anyone save himself and Myfanwy as the other four had gone to get pizza and drinks. He pushed down the stab of disappointment; it'd been nearly a month since their visit, he shouldn't be surprise she hadn't come.

Sitting on his desk, however, was a box, wrapped in green paper with silver ribbons. On top was an envelope. Opening it, a picture of the four young women sitting on the steps of a castle fell onto his desk. In Dawn's hands was a DVD, with “Torchwood” across the top and the team clearly on the cover. Chuckling at her smug expression and wondering what she'd say if he was able to send her a picture of him with the Buffy DVD's, he pulled out the faded green stationary (somehow he had a feeling her response would be snarky and pointed at her sister). His smile faded as he read the letter.

I know I didn't give you much information about your future but there are a few things I want you to know because they bugged the hell out of me even before getting sent to you. And apparently there are different versions of your dimension so Cassie says this won't hurt the barriers or anything. She also claims it'll help so, you know, yay?

1) Ianto Jones is the best thing that has ever happened to you. Don't be an idiot.

2) Gray isn't dead and he blames you. Keep an eye out, or Tosh and Owen will pay the price.

3) Ianto Jones is the best thing that has ever happened to you. Don't be an idiot.

4) You can have more than one soul-mate and they come in different varieties. Trust me. This does not mean, however, that you should shag anything that walks through the door.

5) Ianto Jones is the best thing that has ever happened to you. Don't be an idiot.

6) My sister said to tell you that she would do you any day of the week cause you're so yummy. Okay, yes, technically, she didn't say to tell you that and if she knew I'd repeated her drunken words she'd probably kill me but she recently was the cause of the destruction of my favorite pair of boots and she refused to replace them so I'm feeling slightly vindictive at the moment.

7) Ianto Jones is the best thing that has ever happened to you. Don't be an idiot.

8) The big thing, the major thing: The 456 will be back. Only they won't want twelve; this time, they'll want 10%. And they'll kill Ianto and anyone else who stands in their way to get what they want. Turn the tables on them but find a way to do so without sacrificing a child because you won't like who it ends up being. Your daughter will never forgive you.

Now, I have to go and send this before Andrew realizes what I'm planning and tries locking me in a closet again. Apparently, he doesn't care that his favorite show will not change from this letter, just the reality its based upon. He's a purist. Go figure.

Give Myfanwy some fish for me,

P.S. If you ever need help, Wills and I found a way of breaching the dimensional walls, safely using the Rift as a focal point and my the power source. Just hold it in your hands, focus on the problem, and it'll summon me, Cassie, Vi, and Molly. It will only work once though so choose your time wisely. And if any of us end up there naked, we have no qualms in killing you. It may not stick but we'll make sure it hurts like hell.”

Jack reread the letter five times, a chill going down his spine at the mention of his brother and the 456. Setting the first page aside, he grabbed the second, which was from Cassie and much more detailed than Dawn's had been, especially about the 456 and Gray issues. Unwrapping the box, he peered inside to find five orbs, each glowing a soft green through the sheer white fabric they were wrapped in. A ripped note was on top of a small box in the middle of the orbs.

“I added four more because I've seen the show too and you might want more than one summoning orb. And if you haven't figured out the 456 thing by the time they come back, use the blue one in the smaller box to summon me. No one deserves what will happen and I'm of the firm opinion one of us should get our happily ever after. -Willow.”

He stared at the small balls, so innocent looking and yet so incredibly powerful. A quick scan and he found the same type of energy Dawn was made of, only focused solely in the crystal. The energy in the blue orb was half Key, half something completely different.

Closing the box, he stood up and put it on a shelf with other ICE items. He'd explain the orbs to the team when they came in to watch the show. For now, he had to get to work.

The problems they told him about wouldn't fix themselves.

The End

You have reached the end of "Unlocking Torchwood". This story is complete.

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