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Summary: Started out as entries for FFA Dominoes 2010, but I can't remember which pairings I posted, so now they are just following the rest of the challenge.

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Texas Hold'em

Title: Texas Hold’em

Summary: It really wasn’t fair that Alice conspired against Jasper with Peter and Charlotte. (Dawn/Jasper FFA)

Disclaimer: Since these are miscellaneous FFAs, the disclaimer will likely change with each one. Hopefully, I will get them right, but please let me know if I get mixed up. For this one: Twilight characters belong to Stephenie Meyers and BtVS, of course, belongs to Joss Whedon.

Thank you to MaraLiz for your lovely beta assistance!

Notes: For FFA Dominoes

Jasper’s POV

I looked at the cards in my hand one more time and then at the meager amount of chips in front of me. I just didn’t understand what was going on and why I couldn’t get a read on the young woman sitting across from me. She and I were the only ones left in the game. I had managed to clean out one of the other players and she took out two of the other ones, but she was somehow blocking my empathic abilities. She was the only blank slate in the room and I found that my vampire senses were of no use as well. No matter what kind of hand she had, her pulse and her breathing never wavered.

I silently cursed my wife for pointing me this direction, but ultimately knew it was my own damn fault that I had been bragging about my poker skills. I mean, it is called Texas Hold’em and I am from Texas. When Peter and Charlotte expressed doubts about my capabilities, I might have boasted that I didn’t need my extra abilities to win and that I could clean out any table. Apparently, even my lovely wife decided that I needed to eat some humble pie and I really hoped that part wasn’t going to be literal.

Thus, I was sitting across from a twenty-something brunette woman who had deep blue eyes, a genuine smile and a penchant for doing the Snoopy dance when she won. I was beginning to hate Snoopy.

Suddenly, she received a text message and I felt the first spark of emotion out of her. Unfortunately, it was not a good emotion and I automatically reached out with my empathic abilities to calm her.

Apparently, she knew what I had done as she closed her eyes and breathed deeply before smiling at me, “Thanks for that, but that’s like spitting on a fire right now.”

This was just becoming more and more curious. She began to gather her water bottle, her lucky Troll and her telephone, stuffing everything into her bag. As she stood up, she pushed all of the chips into the center and said, “All in and I fold. If the world doesn’t end, don’t spend it all in one place.”

I sprang out of my chair, but she was already headed past me. I caught her arm, “What?”

“Don’t worry,” she patted my hand. “The odds are in the favor of the world not ending.”

She snapped her fingers and a business card appeared out of nowhere. “I had fun today. It’s pretty rare that anyone, even a vampire like yourself, manages to last this long at poker with me. Call me if you want a rematch.”

“If the world doesn’t end,” I clarified.

“Right,” she confirmed. “Speaking of, gotta go.”

I blinked and she was gone. I didn’t know how that happened and I wasn’t sure if it was possible for a Vampire to get high, but also couldn’t help but wonder if Emmett somehow managed to spike the elk I had eaten the day before with LSD.

Finally, I looked down at the card in my hand. The business was called the IWC and the name ‘Dawn Summers’ was emblazoned on the front. Her title was listed as Specialist, but did not provide any further description of her job.

The dealer, who was now the only other person left in the room, handed me a short stack of large denomination chips and nodded to me, “I assure you, sir, we are most discreet. Ms. Summers reserves this private room every first Wednesday of the month and has requested that you be given a standing invitation. She says Apocalypses don’t usually happen on Wednesdays.”

Yeah, definitely LSD.

End FFA Ficlet
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