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Can't Trust Vampires

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Xander's Twilight". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: It just goes to show, that when concerning relationships you really can’t trust vampires. Sequel to The Fading Light of Day. *Slash*

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Twilight > Xander - CenteredSioFR1557,72989021,82727 Jul 1011 May 11No

Part Two

Title: Can’t Trust Vampires

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampires Slayer, or Twilight, both are property of their respective creators. This is a work of fanfiction done for amusement and therefore I am not making any money from it. All this boils down to…..DON’T SUE ME!!!!

Author: Sio

Rating FR-15

Warning: Slash (don’t like don’t read), OOC (it just happened *face palm*), Possible Character Death/Vampirism

Summary: It just goes to show, that concerning relationships you really can’t trust vampires. Sequel to The Fading Light of Day.

A/N: WOW! Thank you all for your wonderful reviews! You’ve given me some food for thought. I have this story *mostly* finished…however some of your suggestions were just to good to pass up. So here’s what I’m thinking of doing, I’m going to write and alternate ending to this fic. Yup that right! So hang on the alternate storyline could be a bumpy ride, and now on to our update…read and enjoy.

Part Two

It was late when he got back to the swan residence. There were a lot of people gathered around the front of the house.

“Xander! Thank God your home. Is Bella with you? Have you seen her?” Asked Charlie relieved that at least Xander was back but discouraged to see that Bella wasn’t with the over protective teen. Charlie called into his walkie-talkie that the search for Xander could be called off but that Bella still needed to be found.

“What can I do to help?” asked Xander, when a rustle from the trees caused Xander to orientate toward the sound. “Bella!” Xander ran to the noise, a half naked man carried Bella out of the forest. Xander relieved him of his burden not sparing him a second glass as Charlie thanked the man who’s name appeared to be Sam. At that very moment Xander was filled with such rage at Edward that he could have tares the vampire limb from limb with his bare hands. He didn’t realized that his eyes had flashed green luckily he’d been looking down at Bella and no one had noticed.


The days and weeks that followed were hard. Bella withdrew from the world, and Xander frantically tried to keep his head above the sea of loneliness and misery that had already consumed Bella, by running. He ran for miles, picked a direction and just kept going until his through up and then he continued on some more, until his body was above the physical and mental pain. Xander also started to use the knowledge that was floating around his head from the soldier incident. He’d started to do the combat drills in the back yard for extra exercises.

When he got home Charlie cast worried looks in his direction as Xander had lost weight at least 20 pounds. Charlie was happy to see that his eating habits hadn’t changed for the worse unlike Bella who barely ate anything. It wasn’t until Charlie gave Bella an ultimatum that she started trying to live again. She’d started heading out to the Rez to hang out with Jacob, Xander found himself curious as to what distraction Bella had found from her pain. So Xander invited himself one day.

Jacob had been surprised to see Xander, but pleased none the less. Xander had laughed out loud when Jacob asked if Xander still ate mud pies and worms.

It turned out that Jacob and Bella were working on two bikes, Xander stuck around as he really didn’t have anything better to do. He learned a lot from just watching Jacob work; the younger teen was a talented mechanic. It wasn’t as if he was playing chaperone to the two teens….although Jacob had better keep 6 inches between him and Bella at all times.



Xander had heard from Bella that Jacob had flipped out on Mike at the movies. Xander found that incredible out of character as Jacob was usually not that confrontational. Bella had been trying to contact the teen but he wouldn’t come to the phone, very quickly she was reverting back to what she had been when Edward had first left. Xander couldn’t allow that, so he went out to the Rez by himself.

As soon as he had crossed the boundary line he was hit by an overpowering smell of wolf; it caused him to sneeze several times, he could clearly spot where the ground had been clawed up by large paws. Xander was unsurprised when he heard wolves sending up a warning in the distance.

When Xander made it to the Black residence Billy answered the door.

“Hi, is Jacob in?” Asked Xander as pleasantly as the swirling mass of rage towards the teen in his gut would allow.

“He’s not in right now Xander, you could try again later?” said Billy. Xander stared down at the man.

“If your going to lie to me Billy at least lie well, a contagious disease or cliff diving accident at the very least, especially since I can hear him from here.” Replied Xander grimly. He didn’t mention that what he heard and smelled the young teen in the house thanks to the fact that his senses had been hyped up since he‘d smelled wolf for the first time on the way there. Billy tilted his head clearing ready to call Xander’s a bluff. Xander barely managed not to growl.

“JACOB!” Xander yelled past Billy roadblock. “If you don’t get you ass out here I’m gonna show all of Forks that I really am a delinquent and I’m gonna start with your weak ass car.” Xander strode off the porch and toward the previously mentioned car, picking up a heavy rock on the way, he was about to throw it through the window when he was tackled to the ground by a growling Jacob.

Xander reacted by flipping Jacob off of him and pinning him to the ground. Jacob’s eyes widened at the strength that Xander had for a mere human; that didn’t stop the shakes however, before Jacob could calm himself down he’d transformed raking his claws down Xander’s chest. Xander cried out and threw himself away from Jacob before recovery into a defensive crouch from which he growled.

“A werewolf Jacob? You stayed way from Bella because you’re a werewolf? Freaking unbelievable.”

The wolf stopped gearing up for an attack and tilted his head inquiringly; looking remarkably like a puppy. Xander stood rubbing the back of his head and neck, completely ignoring the bleeding gouges from Jacobs claws.

“I’m going into your house, your going to change back, get dressed and meet me at the kitchen table.” Xander turned to go. “And Jacob don’t even think about fleeing into the forest you so will not like the consequences.”

Billy was staring open mouthed as Xander walked by him and into the kitchen. Billy was making noises as if he wanted to speak but no actual word would come. Xander was starting to worry that the older man was stroking out.

Xander took off his shirt and turned on the kitchen faucet, Xander wet the shirt and cleaned away the blood to get a look at the wound. It looked angry but it had already stopped bleeding and the sides of it were starting to heal and close together. Xander could hear in the back of his mind the hyena growling about him getting hurt by being reckless. When Xander got as much of the blood off as he was going to he sat down at the kitchen table with a sigh. Freaking werewolves. Xander shook his head, had he even left Sunnydale or was he just dreaming?

“What the hell Xander we need to get you to the hospital, I really got you, there’s blood under my finger nails!” Jacob said rushing into the kitchen in Shorts, it had taken him a couple of minutes to calm down enough to change back to human form. He stopped short when his saw that Xander was slowly healing right before his eyes. “What the HELL are you?” demanded the younger teen; but Xander just shook his head and motioned for Jacob to sit down, Billy rolled over to the table wanting to hear the explanation.

“Ha, you so don’t get to demand anything from me Jacob Black, after what you’ve put my cousin through the last couple of weeks, she was just getting better and now your avoiding her just because you’re a werewolf, that’s not fair Jacob.”

“Just a werewolf? What planet are you from? I almost disemboweled you and you think I should be around Bella? Are you NUTTS?!”

“Yes.” stated Xander with a tiny smirk. “I also happen to know that you would never have hurt Bella, or me if I hadn’t threatened your car then pinned you to the ground once you tackled me, Alpha’s don’t like to be held down.”

“B-but I am not an Alpha!” exclaimed Jacob getting side tracked.

“You so are, but that’s not the issue, you ignoring Bella is the issue.” Replied Xander folding his arms over his now completely healed if somewhat tender chest.

“She consorted with those leeches and so did you for that matter.”

Xander’s eyes went stone cold, it sent a chill down Jacob spine even the wolf in him whined. “The Cullen’s are vegetarian vampires a relatively rare occurrence let me assure you. However werewolves aren’t all golden light, a werewolf tried to kill and eat my best friend just to get her boyfriend who is also a werewolf.”

“So you knew about us?” asked Jacob

“I suspected they might be a small pack in the area.” said Xander looking at his bloodied hands, his skin was starting to itch and the hyena wanted him to lick the blood off. Xander shuddered.

“What are you?” Jacob asked again.

“Are you going to talk to Bella again?” asked Xander

“I can’t she doesn’t know about us and I’m not allowed to tell her.” explained Jacob a sad look on his face.

“I could tell her.” suggested Xander. Jacob shook his head.

“If you did you’d be a threat to the pack and they’d hunt you down and kill you.” Jacob informed him, but the other teen just shrugged.

“Then you better find away to tell her without saying anything.” Xander informed him. “ and don’t say its impossible because its not.” Xander paused. “as for what I am; I’m possessed by a demonic hyena animal spirit…who happens to be female, and thinks of me as her pup, so I’d suggest not pissing her off again, I’m not exactly sure what the limitations of her powers are, she’s been growing in strength since I moved here.” Billy and Jacob both looked wide eyed.

Xander couldn’t help but grin at both Jacob’s and Billy’s dismay. “So Jake, do you have a shirt I could borrow?” asked Xander with a hopeful smile.


So apparently the wolves had some kind of telepathy because it wasn’t 5 minutes later that a semi-naked Sam came to threaten Xander’s life if he told anyone the secret of LaPush Reservation. Xander met the threat on his life the same way he met every threat, with cool distain.

“Kill me? Really?” Asked Xander as he leaned closer to Sam. “My what big teeth you have.” Xander chortled then sobered. “Seriously though threaten me again and we’re going to have a problem.”

Sam found himself leaning backwards giving up ground to the crazy human. “Just don’t tell anyone.” Sam growled. “that includes Bella.”

Xander snapped off a sloppy salute, rolling his eyes at the large shifter. “You know it’s not a giant leap from vampire to shifter. She’s going to figure it out eventually.”

Sam snarled turning to lope into the forest. Xander shook his head…werewolves.



A/N: Read and review, point out any glaring mistakes and I’ll fix’em! Also just letting everyone know that the next update will either be late Saturday night or Sunday!
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