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Can't Trust Vampires

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Xander's Twilight". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: It just goes to show, that when concerning relationships you really can’t trust vampires. Sequel to The Fading Light of Day. *Slash*

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Twilight > Xander - CenteredSioFR1557,72989021,83427 Jul 1011 May 11No

Part five

Disclaimer: See chapter one
Rating: FR15
Warning: hmmmmmm
A/N: I think that this is the last chapter, but there will be another story in this verse. Also I'm still writing the remix of this story involving James and Xander.

Part Five

Xander came to all at once. His senses were going haywire, everything was too loud too bright. Even the air had a powerful taste. The most startling change was the complete and total silence from his body, his heart wasn’t beating, air wasn’t flowing in and out of his lungs, and most importantly his stomach wasn’t gurgling with digestive juices.

Xander became aware that someone was watching him. He sat up from his laying position on the bed. He eyes found Aro, who was studying him with something akin to pride. Xander took stock of his mind not yet ready to interact with his (and it killed him to say this) Sire. A short search of his mind-scape found the soldier and hyena completely integrated, it also seemed that use of magic before his turning had left an odd imprint on him.

When Xander became aware again, Aro was much closer than he had been.

“You turned me.” Xander stated.



“What more could I ask for in a childe but than what you are, so loyal and intuitive.” Aro reached out and brushed Xander’s cheek with the back of his hand. Xander didn’t try to move away as there was no point in doing so.

“There will be no attempts to take your new life, or I may see my way to searching for dear Bella much sooner than you would like me to.” Aro, commanded and threatened all in one go.

Xander nodded. What choice did he have?

“Come. Now it is time for you to feed” Instructed Aro. Xander was about to protest. “Never fear my dear childe, I have picked your first meal especial for you.” Xander looked over to were a man was tied to a chair; only now noticing him. Tears were trekking down the mans face as he cries were silenced by a gag. He looked so very ordinary. Xander turned questioning eyes to Aro.

“Aw yes, then poor excuse for a human killed his wife and child, after years of abusing them, then he pinned the murders on his gardener.” The man who must have understood English began to shake his head no. Unfortunately for him Xander could smell the lie. A horrible burning feeling took hold at the back of his throat, it was as if he’d never before in his life quenched his thirst.

Xander moved forward in a trance called by the mans racing heart and answered in himself by his growing hunger. It wasn’t until the burning subsided and the man lay dead on the floor that Xander realized what he had done. Xander looked down at the body then to his grinning Sire. If Xander could have cried he would have.

“Very good Xander and with such finesse” Aro praised. “It is time to present you to the court.”

Xander followed silently as Aro left the room. He took in the details of the building as he trailed a few steps behind. Soon he came to the place were he’d had his last thought as a human. Ironic how his last birthday as a human was his birth as a vampire.

Aro sat on his throne and motioned Xander to stand beside him. Marcus and Caius took their seats, casting glances at the newest addition to their coven.

Jane was incredible unhappy to see he position as favorite had been taken by the new childe. So she decided to inflict some pain. Instead of hitting the floor in extreme and unimaginable pain. Red eyes turned to look at her before flashing a glowing green.

“Stop” commanded Xander. Jane was startled to find herself stopping in her efforts to cause pain, she was about to rally and try again when Xander continued. “Never use your power on me again.” This time Jane gave a little cry as her power was wrenched out of her control and stuffed back into her being.

Aro clapped his hands in wonderment. “Excellent, I knew you would make a wonderful Childe.”

Xander stayed silent and watching. He missed his human family and the Cullen’s but he new better than to say such or to ask to go back to forks. At least not yet, first his newness had to ware off and Aro get bored with him.


Xander sighed, he was being stalked. He supposed it wasn’t very vampirely to hide behind your Sire in order to stave off affectionate advances. Aro found it incredibly amusing. Indeed Xander’s presence in court had brought an infusion of life into the coven. Xander was known to startle smiles from Marcus on occasion, and had made it his mission to ‘ungrumpify‘ certain vampires.

Even in relative captivity Xander was carefree, although he always seemed to go missing at dinner time. He understood the need to feed but he was against feeding on children. Aro knew that the quickest way to alienate Xander was to force him to participate in such feedings; so Xander’s new sire arranged that all Xander’s meals were criminals of the murdering variety.

For Xander the hardest part about being a vampire was adjusting to not having to sleep. Xander wasn’t sure what to do with himself for all the hours of the day. He become restless and listless, which his sire who while amoral did very much care for his creations. Xander frequently found himself relaxing in Aro’s arms as the older vampire taught him how to let his mind rest without being able to sleep.

A/N: Possibly one more chapter. As always this is unbeta'd, if you point out my numerous mistakes I will fix them...eventually. Thats all for now.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Can't Trust Vampires" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 May 11.

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