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Can't Trust Vampires

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Xander's Twilight". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: It just goes to show, that when concerning relationships you really can’t trust vampires. Sequel to The Fading Light of Day. *Slash*

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Part One

Title: Can’t Trust Vampires

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampires Slayer, or Twilight, both are property of their respective creators. This is a work of fanfiction done for amusement and therefore I am not making any money from it. All this boils down to…..DON’T SUE ME!!!!

Author: Sio

Rating FR-15

Warning: Slash (don’t like don’t read), OOC (it just happened *face palm*), Possible Character Death/Vampirism

Summary: It just goes to show, that concerning relationships you really can’t trust vampires. Sequel to The Fading Light of Day.

A/N: So I’m sure you guys have noticed that I haven’t been around, fear not! I have been working on my stories and a few new ones. I will get around to posting them. I have this fic pretty much finished, I’m really just reading over the chapters and correcting mistakes that I find before posting, that being said, point out any mistakes and I’ll fix them…now on with the story.

Part One

Bella woke up on her eighteenth birthday and was instantly on an age kick. Xander sighed she was so consumed with wanting to live forever with Edward that she was missing out on living in the now, enjoying her youth. She practically flinched when Xander had wished her a happy birthday. Xander kept quiet about it, he’d talk to her about it when she wasn’t wound so tightly.

The ride to school was quite. Once they pulled up Xander jumped out of the trucks cabin and away from Bella’s overly oppressive attitude. He loved his cousin but she was completely obsessed, this couldn’t be healthy.

Bella got out and was talking to her friends when Edward pulled up. Xander had been leaning against the truck a couple of feet away as he knew that his presence would upset Bella’s human friends; he was a dangerous criminal after all. Xander rolled his eyes at Bella’s ‘my aging not something to celebrate’ comment when Edward wished her a happy birthday. Didn’t she know that coming on to strong and dropping unsubtle hints was a complete turn off for a guy? They had a mini-make out session anyway.

“Come on guys get a room!” grumbled Xander his arms crossed. Edward pulled away from Bella, for an instant Xander thought it had been his comment, but then Xander noticed a fairly older looking Jacob. ‘Whoa!’ thought Xander. ‘Someone’s been eating their Wheaties!’

Jacob gave Bella her birthday present. Xander could see Edward grind his teeth in jealousy it was actually pretty amusing to watch. Xander tried to hold in a snicker. He decided to head into the high school, he doubted that Jake even remembered him.


Xander grinned at Alice giving her a kiss, which made several heads turn in the corridor, Several more heads turned when Jasper bestowed his own kiss onto Xander’s lips. Fortunately nothing was made of this event as even the jocks in the school were afraid of Xander. Something about Xander putting the last person to call him a ‘fag’ in traction for 6 months…Xander may or may not have started that rumor himself…not that anyone could prove it.

“So we all set for Bella’s birthday bash bonanza?” asked Xander with a grin, he was glad to see smiles grace both vampires faces.

“Yup!” Alice said bubbling with excitement almost bouncing in place.

“Your gonna have to steam roll her into it, she’s soooo not happy with being another year older.” Xander stated.

“Don’t worry we’ve got it covered” said Jasper as he tugged a strand of Xander’s hair. “By the way when’s your birthday?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know.”

“We”ll get it out of you eventual.” Exclaimed Alice.



The party was in full swing. Xander had let Alice dress him up for the occasion, after all your favorite cousin was only 18 once, unless of course she had her way, then she would be eighteen for eternity. Jasper seemed to be sticking close to him. Xander couldn’t help but wonder why, he was human after all so he must be setting off the vampires hunger. But Jasper actually seemed to tense when Xander moved away. Weird.

The Presents were being handed out and Bella looked to be becoming even more uncomfortable with all the gifts she was getting. Alice tried to distract Bella from her uneasiness by taking her and Edward’s picture, Xander noticed that she had snuck a picture of him and Jasper, when the vampire in question had been leaning into Xander’s personal space to whisper something teasing about Xander‘s turn at a birthday party. Xander had grinned at Jasper and pushed him away, heading over to Bella to give her his own gift, a warding plate and some herbs. Hey, Xander liked to give practical gifts, protection from unwanted vampire visitors was a very practical gift.

It was all going very great until Bella got a paper cut on her finger. Jasper freaked out, he moved almost to fast for human eyes to track. Edward knocked Bella back smashing her into the wall and into a glass ornament as the other Cullen’s tried their best to contain Jasper and his blood lust. Xander watched the events unfold with large eyes, he unconsciously moved in front of Bella, who was still sprawled on the floor bleeding more as she had hit a glass side take in her decent. He didn’t realize that the speed at which he moved was only slightly slower than that of a vampire, as the hyena had given him a boost to protect his pack. Jasper was subdued in large part thanks to Alice. Carlisle

moved to Bella’s side and was surprised to find an overly sharp blade pressed against the skin on his neck. He looked up at Xander to find the teens eye glowing a solid green, before the glow stuttered out turning back to brown.

Xander blushed drawing the knife away from Carlisle’s throat. “Sorry, instinct” Xander explained. Carlisle spared a moment to be sad that a young man like Xander needed such an instinct before he ordered his family out of the house and took the two mortals to his office.


Xander sat in a chair in the office while Bella was patched up. Again Bella was focusing on being turned or at least the reasons for them not to turn her. Xander wanted to cry. Xander took a moment to wonder why he wasn’t obsessing over the exact same thing, then he suddenly realized that since the night he’d had to stake his own brother, he was going to die young, growing old wasn’t an issue for Xander. He knew that as soon as he graduated he would he’d go back to the hell mouth to fight the good fight. He’d die before he had time to age, he’d probably be dead before reaching Giles’ age. So he was going to make as many happy memories of his two vampires as he possibly could. The flame of his life might be burning fast, but he was as sure as hell going to make sure that it burned bright. Xander never entertained the thought that the two vampires might want him around forever.


The ride home had been a tense affair as Bella and Edward had words about her becoming a vampire. Before the truck had even stopped moving Xander had jumped out leaving the two in privacy Xander did not want to intrude.


The next day the Cullen hadn’t been at school which had worried both Bella and Xander.

It was after school while Xander was taking a walk that Jasper found him.


“Xander” Jasper looked at Xander his eyes sorrowful. Then launched into what could only have been the beginning for a scripted speech. “As long as you are around me as a human you are not safe, and I can not bare to damn you as a vampire.”

“Jasper” Xander interrupted as he cupped the pale mans cheek with his hand. “I’ve lived on the mouth of hell, I‘ve seen true monsters and you have nothing in common.” Xander paused before continuing. “I sent a soul to hell through deceit; I‘m closer to being the monster than you are Jasper” Xander would see the pain those amber eyes at the statements he had made. Xander sighed. “I’ve never been to fond of vampires till I met your family, but the idea no longer repulses me. I understand that you don‘t want to and wont change me. I‘ll still take my chances to be close to you and Alice for as long as I can, for as long as you want me.”

“I- Xander I came here to tell you that we leaving, my family and I are leaving.” Jasper tried not to wince at the emotions of pain that were rolling of the mortal teen.

“Is Bella going with you?” asked Xander as he tried to keep his voice from cracking in misery.


“ I see.” His shoulder slumped. Had Bella been going with them then there would have been a chance that Xander might see them again. If Xander had of been anyone else he probably would have fought with Jasper to get him and Alice to stay but his parents had done a fine job of crippling him emotionally and making him doubt his own worth.

“We wont be coming back Xander, you won’t see us again.”

Xander nodded, turning to leave, their was only one thing left to say. “Give my love to Alice and the rest of your family.” With that said Xander started to trudge away, there was no point in prolonging the inevitable.

“Xander!” called Jasper. Xander turned his head for one last look over his shoulder; and Jasper was treated to the image of one lone tear sliding down the teens face. Xander didn’t stop or turn around he just kept walking as if his life depended on it.



If I have the time, I’ll post the next part tomorrow! Review!!!!!
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