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Checkmate: Part 1

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Checkmate". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Five years after Chosen, Buffy wants to retire and have a real life, but can she? Warnings: Femslash, Pairing Alexis/Michelle.

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Chapter 30: Revelations

I was looking thru the on line catalog for the City University of New York (CUNY), since I was semi-retired I thought I needed to find something to occupy my time, or I would quickly become not semi-retired. I had never been able to complete college, Mom’s death and all the Slayer craziness since then had put that on the distant back burner. The CUNY campus was only a half dozen blocks or so away, and Columbia a little further, their proximity had been one of the reason’s I had picked these apartments, or at least I had thought so at the time.

The phone on the desk started ringing; I glanced at the caller Id as I picked it up, “Hello, Castle.”

After a moment’s hesitation I heard, “Morning, Buffy.” Jeez, when would people ever learn about caller Id.

“And what can I do for you this fine morning?”

“Uh… Well, something happened to Alexis, well to Alexis and Michelle, last night…”

“What?” I had checked on them, I was sure they had gotten home okay, I reached out my inner sense, no – Alexis was in the other apartment, but… did she feel different? “Is… are they hurt?”

“No… Uh… I don’t think so. They’re not acting hurt, but they want to talk to you. I’m putting together a brunch, would you like to join us? Then they can… explain what’s going on.”

Was Castle freaking because those two had made love? I knew it was going to happen; sex had been all over Alexis since Sunday and when I saw her with Michelle yesterday afternoon I knew who was going to be her partner, I could just sense it. But he said they wanted to talk to me, so it had to be more than that. Well, I wasn’t exactly tied up right now, “Sure – need some help?”

“Yeah, that would be… nice.”

“Okay, give me 10 and I’ll be over. Bye.”

“Good-bye, Buffy.”

I hung up and ran upstairs to change. It was a beautiful day out and I’d gone for a nice run when I got up and had a couple bagels with my coffee before coming back and showering. The run had taken me by CUNY and I had gotten to thinking about going back to school while in the shower and had never finished getting dressed. I shed the bathrobe I’d been wearing, it was so nice out and it was going to be warm, I decided to go with shorts and a blouse for the day, maybe I could walk over to CUNY and take a closer look later in the day. Assuming whatever was going on with Alexis and Michelle didn’t turn into an all day affair. I got dressed and ran a quick brush thru my hair and looked at myself in the mirror, ‘looking better, Buff;’ I thought, I could get by without makeup, I could see the strain I’d been seeing in myself over the last couple of years was starting to leave. Now, just hope this new Slayer didn’t bring it all back, and something could be worked out in the Willow arena, and I thought I just might make with the happy times.

Forty-five minutes later I was on a stool at the breakfast counter in Castle’s kitchen, watching him flip pancakes and sausages, when I heard the chatter of the girls as they came down the stairs. It didn’t sound like they were in any great distress. Castle had been strangely reticent about talking about whatever it was that had happened, he’d said he would prefer if they explained it to me. He hadn’t really needed much help getting the brunch together; I’d set out the plates, silverware, and glasses on the counter and gotten some juices from the fridge. Since he wouldn’t talk about whatever was going on, I got him talking about his work with the cops, we’d chatted amiably enough but he was definitely distracted.

Alexis and Michelle came bouncing into the kitchen, energetic as a couple of birds on a spring morning. “Morning, Buffy!” they chorused.

“Morning Michelle, Alexis.”

They sat on the two stools next to me, leaving the far one empty for Castle. He got out the platters of pancakes and sausages he’d been keeping warm in the oven and added the latest batches to them and brought them over to the counter. The girls loaded up their plates, Michelle took more than I had expected her to; it must have been an… energetic… night. Alexis piled her plate high, I didn’t expect anything else. I took my fair share and the platters went down to the other end where Castle was. We ate in silence for a couple of minutes, finally Alexis broke it, “Thanks, Dad. This is great.”

“Very good,” Chimed in Michelle, “Alexis said you couldn’t cook, but this is nice.”

“I can cook, just not fancy like Alexis wants.”

Silence returned for a few more minutes. I finished off the last of my sausages, time to get started, “So, Alexis, your Dad said you wanted to talk to me?”

Alexis gulped her current mouthful and took a drink of orange juice, “Uh… Yeah… a couple of things.”

She looked at Michelle for a couple of seconds; Michelle just shrugged her shoulders at her and continued eating. Alexis thought for a few more seconds and then made up her mind, “Well, first, when we went out last night,” she hesitated and then said in a rush, “I called Harmony and she met up with us and we went dancing and had coffee, all three of us, together.”

Castle choked on his food, his sputtering and coughing distracted all of us, finally he got out, “You were out with a Vampire!”

“Not too bright, Alexis,” I added.

“Harmony’s nice!” she retorted, “She’s not going to hurt anyone!”

“You weren’t all that sure when you came out of the bathroom,” I said.

“Well, I hadn’t thought about it and then I realized I’d left them alone and I over-reacted.”

Michelle was looking at her quizzically, “Why would you worry…” and then her voice trailed off.

“Both of you forgot, that’s an easy way to end up dead! Do you know how long it takes a vamp to drain you?”

“No?” Michelle asked, unsure she really wanted to know.

“Less than a minute if they’re in a hurry, longer if they want to savor you; but after the first couple seconds you can’t resist anymore anyway.”

“How do you know?” asked Alexis.

I pointed to the two scars on my neck, “Been there, done that; a couple times.”

Michelle and Alexis exchanged looks; then Alexis’ expression changed to startled comprehension and then she glared at me, “How did you know about what happened? Spying on us?”

I smiled at her, “A little.” She glared harder, “Peace! I always keep an eye out on my Slayers.”

“I’m NOT your Slayer.”

“Yes, you are. We’re all each other’s Slayers. But now, especially, I’m watching over you.” I held up my hand as she started to respond, “Not too intrusively, I hope. Last night, after Michelle’s father and I finished our discussion, I ‘reached out’, just to see where you were, and I sensed a vampire near you. I went out to find you, to find out what was going on, and I found you at Jojo’s. I got there just as you went to that bathroom and Michelle and Harmony started dancing together. You seemed to have it under control so I stayed in the background. If you had been paying attention to anything but your girlfriend you would have known I was there.”

“Oh, Okay,” Alexis said, her anger mollified.

“I talked to Harmony after you guys left, walked home with her, she really liked going out with you girls.”

Alexis grinned, “She’s fun. Do you know what she’s been doing the last four years?”

“Uh, not really.”

“She got her bachelor’s from Columbia and then she did a Master’s at CUNY.”

I was startled, I knew Harmony wasn’t the airhead she had been in High School, but I hadn’t realized how far she’d come, “What in?”

“Her bachelors is in History, her Masters is in Education.”

Interesting I thought, I had been looking at Education that morning, then a realization hit, “How the hell did she do that?!”

“What do you mean?”

“A Master’s in Education requires over a hundred hours of student teaching. How the hell did she do that?”

“Oh, she found a night school for high school drop outs. Did it there, she said it was real close, almost got dusted by the sun a couple times but she did it last winter and managed to get the hours in before it was too light too late.”

“Good for her,” was all I could think of saying.

“Well, that brings up an issue. She was thinking of working on her Doctorate, but she can’t afford it without student aid, and any student aid will require her to be a professor’s assistant, and she can’t do that because of the whole daylight issue. So she was thinking of moving, somewhere cheaper, where she might do it, hadn’t really come up with a plan yet. But anyway, now she doesn’t really want to move, she feels safe here, figures you won’t dust her unless she misbehaves and she’s not going to do that. But if she moves and runs into another Slayer, you know ‘Dust first, party later – no questions at all’, she wouldn’t like that.”

“Okay, so?” I didn’t see where this was going.

“So, well… I was thinking – what if she went to work for you at one of your Slayer schools?”

I was so shocked all I could get out was a strangled, “What?!?”

“Well, she has a Master’s in Education. And your Slayer school would understand her ‘condition’. And she could provide some real insight?”

“Oh, great! Already got a weird reputation since I keep having vampire boyfriends; yeah, everybody knows about Angel, and most everybody knows there was something between Spike and me. Now you want me to bring in a vamp as a teacher!”

“It was just a thought.”

I thought about it, once I got over the shock of it, it really was a good idea. For both Harmony and the school, “No, you’re right. It’s a good idea.” I thought some more, “I think England, both Xander and Faith have some history with Harmony, might be better to keep them apart, at least until she proves herself. I’ll talk to her about it.”

“Okay, thanks.”

“But that wasn’t the real thing you wanted to talk about?”

“Uh, no,” she looked around, all the food was gone, “Uh, why don’t we move on to the living room, this is going to take some explaining.”

We collected drinks, coffee for three of us, diet coke for Alexis, and shifted to the living room. Michelle sat in the corner of the couch and Alexis sat next to her, Castle and I each took an easy chair across the coffee table from them. “Okay, spill.”

“Well,” Alexis began, “when we, uh… well last night… after we got home, we… uh…” Alexis was turning redder and redder, trying to keep her eyes on me but glancing over at her father. Michelle scooted forward on the couch and turned toward me, separating Alexis from her father.

“What she’s trying to say is that when we made love last night something happened.” She glanced at Castle but he remained poker faced, sitting back in his chair, seemingly relaxed but I could tell he was all tensed up.

“Usually does, when you make love, if not then you’re probably doing something wrong.” Both Michelle and Alexis stared at me in shock, “Okay, something happened, and I take it that it wasn’t just the standard sex and feeling kind of ‘happened’?”

Alexis continued, “Uh… No… Don’t think it was ‘standard’. Uh, we could read each other’s minds!”

“Controlled or uncontrolled?” I asked, thinking back to my mind reading experience.

“Controlled or uncontrolled?” Michelle asked?

“Did your minds just get flooded with the other’s thoughts, or was it more like talking to each other, just without the whole speaking part.”

“Uh, talking,” Alexis said. “At least at first, then, when we… uh when we got closer to…”

Michelle glanced at her, and then over at Castle, and then back at her, “Let me explain, Honey.”

Alexis nodded and leaned back into the couch, concealing herself from her Dad behind Michelle, “When we approached orgasm we found we could open a, I guess ‘channel’ is as good a description as any, between us.”

“A channel?”

“Yeah, a channel, where we could feel what the other was feeling, directly.”

I made a ‘come on’ motion, still not sure I knew exactly what she was trying to describe.

Michelle steeled herself, glanced over at Castle and then locked her eyes on me, “When I touched Alexis, or kissed her, I could feel what I was doing. I could feel my fingers on her… or my mouth… I could feel the sensation of me touching her. But I could also feel the sensation that that touch was creating in her, I could feel myself touching her as she felt it.”

I thought about it, slowly it dawned on me, to give someone pleasure, to create that feeling, but at the same time to be able to feel exactly what you were creating. I looked from Michelle to Alexis and back again.

“Oh… My… God!!! Both of you?” Both Alexis and Michelle nodded, “And you didn’t kill each other?”

Alexis snorted, “Think not, sitting right here!”

“God! That must have been…” I couldn’t imagine what that had been like.

Castle leaned forward in his chair, “I’m not following… You could feel what each other felt?”

I looked over at him, “Wake-up Castle. I think they’ve been explicit enough, think it through for yourself.”

He looked at me, startled, then back at the girls. He collapsed back into his chair and comprehension slowly came over his face, he stared at Michelle and Alexis. Michelle leaned back and Alexis looked over at her Dad, “It was…” I could see she was caught between wanting to describe to him what it was like, and at the same time not wanting to discuss her sexual activities with her father, “… mind blowing.”

Castle looked at her for several more minutes, I think he finally decided to just accept it and he smiled at her, and then included Michelle.

I looked back at the girls, when they were looking at me again I asked, “Every time?”

Alexis took another glance at her father and then concentrated on me, “All four times, even when we were… when one of us was… concentrating on the other, sort of one-sided you know?” I nodded, “we would open the… channel, link, whatever… When I was eat… doing Michelle I could feel her, I mean I could also feel what she was feeling, and it brought me right along with her.”

Alexis was very red but she finished her thought. I didn’t look at Castle; I imagine having his daughter talking about eating her girl friend was not the most comfortable thing in the world. Michelle was beyond being embarrassed anymore, she was more excited about telling, and, I suspect, reliving the experience, “When we came, we came together. I mean we could feel each other, we would ‘sync’ up, until we just brought each of us, together, until we came as one. I could feel my orgasm, but I could also feel Alexis’ orgasm.”

“And it just wasn’t the sensation, the physical feelings, the orgasm.” Alexis managed to get out, “We know each other. I ‘know’ Michelle like I know myself; I know her feelings toward me, toward us. I know we are one, I don’t know of any other way to explain it. I know we are married in the truest sense of the word.”

Castle was startled by this statement, “Now wait a minute. You’re just kids; this is how teenagers feel about their first love…”

“Dad, we went over all this before. This is not puppy love! This is not a first crush! I’ve felt, I know exactly how Michelle feels about me, and she knows how I feel about her!”

“But, you’re just kids…”

“Dad, we could no more live apart now than you could… you could… I guess no more than you could stop loving me, at least I hope so… I mean the loving me part.”

“I could never stop loving you, Alexis.”

“And I could never stop loving Michelle!”

“I second that, I mean I could never stop loving Alexis.” Michelle added.

“But, you’re too young…”

“Hold!” I said, interrupting Castle, when all three were looking at me I went on, “We’ve got some investigating to do before we decide, all of us – together, decide what will happen.”

Alexis gave me a defiant look, “I’m not living apart from Michelle!” She turned back to her Dad, “I can’t live apart from her.”

Before Castle could respond I stepped in, “Let’s find out what is going on before we decide what is going to happen.”

Alexis still looked at me defiantly, but she nodded her head in agreement. I sat back and thought, “Okay, Buffy – How are you going to find out more?” The only thing I could think of was calling Willow or Giles, maybe they could think of something, I dug my cell phone out of my pocket. “Let me call some of my people, see if they have any ideas.”

Alexis spoke up, “Buffy?”


“Before you call, maybe we should tell you the rest…”

“There’s more?”

“Uh, yeah… a little.”

“Okay, what little?”

“Well, when we get aroused, maybe more when that ‘link’ is working, but the two seem tied together, at least we haven’t been able to do it without both together. I mean, we can’t… well haven’t established the link without the sexual part, at least so far…”

“Alexis, calm down, take a deep breath and just say it, stop trying to edit yourself, I’ll deal.” Castle said, he smiled at his daughter encouragingly, “I’ve heard enough about your sex life that all those circuits are blown, for now at least.”

Alexis looked at her father and smiled, “Thanks, Dad.”

She turned back to me, “When we get aroused and the ‘link’ is established… well, we glow, and the more aroused we get, until we reach climax, the brighter, the more intense we glow.”

“You glow?”

Michelle filled in, “Yeah, glow. Sort of like the Aurora Borealis, except its coming from us, from our skin. I glow blue, Alexis glows green, pale green to start with, emerald green when she comes.”

“Michelle glows this most incredible blue when she climaxes, it’s the most beautiful thing. You’ve got to see it, it’s just amazing!” Alexis said dreamily.

“Uh, I’m sure, but I don’t think I would… I mean I don’t think you would want me to see you…” I stammered.

Alexis was still in her dreamy state, Michelle looked at her and poked her, she came out of it, they looked at each other for a few more moments and then Michelle turned back to me, “Actually, we wouldn’t mind…” She got an evil grin on her face, “…either of you.”

Alexis jerked up, “Hey! I didn’t say anything about Dad!”

“You didn’t say no, you just said you didn’t think you’d mind.”

“But I wasn’t talking, thinking, about Dad.” Michelle smiled serenely at her, “Okay, Miss Smarty Pants, we’ll have to include your father, just to be fair!”

Michelle’s expression went from serene, to startled, to outright fear, “Oh no! What am I going to do about Mother and Father? They are not going to like it when I tell them I’m moving in with you.”

“Whoa! Breaks again!” Castle exclaimed, “We haven’t settled anything on anyone moving in with anyone!”

Both girls gave him weary looks but didn’t say anymore.

I decided to put that on hold for now, “Okay, I take it you’re still telepathic, in the speaking to each other sense, even when you don’t have the ‘link’ established.”

“Yeah, seems we can do that anytime.”

“Do you have to be together, or can you still do it when apart?”

“Well, we haven’t been apart a whole lot today. But it worked fine when I was in the kitchen and Michelle was still in bed. I didn’t have any problem waking her up or ‘talking’ with her.”

“And the glowy thing, it only happens when you’re sexually aroused and have the link established?”

“Yes, seems that way,” answered Michelle.

“We played a little this morning,” Alexis looked at her Dad, “just a little.”

Then she looked back at me, “We can arouse each other and not establish the link and we don’t glow, then when the link is established we do. And we can’t, or haven’t yet, been able to establish the link without arousing each other physically, and be in physical contact. Although once established we can maintain it, at least for a little while, without being in contact. And, uh… well that’s when we stopped experimenting.”

“Okay,” I thought for a minute, “Anything else?”

Michelle and Alexis looked at each other for a few moments, then Alexis turned to me, “Nope, can’t think of anything else.”

I nodded and opened my cell phone and thought for a minute, Willow, I decided. This was not a conversation I really wanted to have with Giles, I didn’t think he had enough pairs of glasses nor handkerchiefs for this conversation, and I knew there would be nothing intelligible coming from him for a long time afterwards. Willow could bring him up to speed if she needed him. I punched the speed dial and waited thru all the clicks and pops while the overseas connection was made.

“Hey, Buffy! What’s up?” I heard Willow ask.

“Morning, er… Afternoon, Willow” remembering the time difference, “Are you available for some witchy stuff?”

“Sure, we’re just breaking up, give me a minute.” I could hear muffled ‘good-byes’ and ‘see you laters’ in the background as she pulled the phone away. After a couple of minutes she was back, “What do you need, Buffy?”

“Something happened to Alexis last night…”

“What! I didn’t feel anything!”

“No! Not bad! At least we don’t think bad, she’s right here, can you feel her?”

“Uh… Yeah… but she’s changed! Slayer’s don’t change!”

“Yeah, well, like I said something happened last night. Can you do a, well, a more thorough exam, I mean from where you are?”

Willow was silent for a few moments, “Yeah, I think I can. But…”


“Well, you’ll have to be involved. I don’t know her, and she’s changed, so I’ll need to use you as sort of a conduit. It won’t hurt or anything, no danger, it’s… it’s just that it can be a little personal, you know?”

I held my breath for a moment, and then tried to say as smoothly as I could, “I don’t mind personal with you, Willow.” I left it there.

“Oh… Okay, I don’t mind personal with you either, Buffy?” I could hear the question in her voice but I ignored it, at least for now.

“So, what do you need me, I mean us, to do?” I asked.

“Well, I need a little time to get ready.”

“You want me to call back?”

“Oh, not that much time; hold on.” I could hear her yell out, “Barb… Barbara!... Can you help me for a while?”

A muffled voice answered back, “Sure, Willow. What do you need?”

“I have to do a witchy thing; I could use your help.”

Now I could hear excitement in the other voice, “Sure, what do you need?”

“Let’s go up to my room.” Then Willow’s voice came back on the phone, “It’ll take a minute to get to my room, then a couple to get ready.”

I knew some of the things that happened with Willow and witchy things could be pretty intimate so it was with some trepidation I asked, “Who is Barb – new girlfriend?”

“No! Not a girl friend. No new girl friends, girl friend free at the moment. Oh, not you Buffy, you’re still my girl friend. Though not in that girlfriendly way you probably meant, you’re my friend; and a girl so you’re a girl friend in a friendly way. But no girl friends in a girl friendly way, no siree, not for me; at least not now, not that I wouldn’t want you as a girlfriendly girl friend, but, you know, straight Buffy, not the girl friendly girl friend type… shutting up now.”

I laughed gently, “Willow, I love you.” Shit! Maybe that was said a little too sincerely.

The voice on the other end didn’t respond right away, but then Willow said “I love you, too, Buffy.”

“Good! Better when mutual!” I tried to keep it light.

“Hold on Buff, we’re in my room and I need to get out of these clothes,” I could hear her speak off the phone, “Barb – would you get that green robe on the back of the bathroom door.” Then back to me, “I’m going to put the phone down for a minute.”

“Okay.” I thought I knew the green robe she was talking about, it was more of a cape than a robe, dark green with a hood, big sleeves that just blended into the rest of the heavy satiny material. I remembered seeing her snuggled up in it, just before I’d moved to New York, she’d come to my room one evening and we sat on my bed and talked late into the night. I should have opened up then, but I chickened out. I wasn’t going to chicken out next week.

A minute later she was back on the phone, “Okay, I’m ready, I’m going to put you on speaker and Barb will hold the phone near me so you can hear, maybe you can do something similar? I’m not sure you’ll be able to keep control of the phone.”

I stood up and walked over to Castle, punched the speaker button and handed him the phone, “Can you hold this near us?”

“Uh, sure?”

Willow’s voice came thru the phone, loud and clear, “Is that Mr. Castle?”

“Yes” he answered.

“I love your books!”

“Thank you, Willow?” he looked at me questioningly and I nodded yes.

“Oooh… It’s so neat to meet you… well talk to you since we aren’t really meeting, you know, long distance and such… makes meeting more difficult, but just talking to you is sort of like meeting…”


“Shutting up now.”

“You’ll have lots of chances to meet Castle. Let’s get on with this, what do you need us to do?

“Well, you need to hold her.”

I was puzzled, “Hold her hand?”

“No, hold her, like hug, embrace? As much skin-to-skin contact as you can.”

“Do we have to do that witchy nude thing?” Maybe there was a better way to do this.

“No! No, you don’t need to be nude. Just hug her; that should be enough.”

Then I thought of something, “Un, Willow.”


“Alexis’ girlfriend, Michelle, is involved in this, should she be part of this also?”

“Involved how?”

“Well, they’ve sort of developed this connection.”

There was silence for a minute; then I heard “Oh Shit!”


“Yes, she should be involved. Buffy, I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what?”

“Well, not nude, but probably less clothes than you’re wearing.”

“We’re all in shorts and tops, Alexis is in a T, I’ve got a short-sleeved blouse, Michelle is in a halter top, plus undies of course,” Michelle shook her chest and I could see her breasts were free underneath, “no bra for Michelle.”

“Oh, well that should do.” Willow’s voice sounded a little skeptical.

Alexis spoke up, “Should we shed our tops?”

“Who’s that?”


“Uh, well, maybe you and Buffy?”

Alexis peeled her T-shirt over her head, Michelle grinned “You really are an exhibitionist at heart.”

Castle just tried to ignore them. I shrugged and took off my blouse, it wasn’t like the bra I had on was revealing, the cups were as heavy as the sports bras Castle had seen me in several times.

“Okay, we’re stripped. Now what?”

“Just form a ring, arms around each other.”

We stepped into the open area near the fireplace; I held out my arms and let the two girls step into me. We put our arms around each other and put our heads together, I pulled us a little tighter together and felt Alexis do the same, Michelle spoke up, “Non-Slayer here, need to breath, please?”

Alexis and I loosened the hug a little but no one pulled back, our bodies were touching almost their full lengths and we each had an arm of the other girl across our backs. Alexis and my foreheads were together, since Michelle was taller her checks we’re against our foreheads. “Okay, we’re ready.”

At first there was nothing, and then I started to feel… something in my brain, something other than me, then a thought came to me “Buffy?” I wondered if this was what it was like between Alexis and Michelle. Then the thought came stronger, “BUFFY?

Oh, maybe I’m supposed to answer, “Willow?

Oh, good, I was worried, you okay?

Yeah, everything’s fine.

Okay, let’s see, if I…

The thought trailed off and I couldn’t feel, sense, anything specific. Then realized there was a tingling feeling everywhere my skin was touching one of the girls.

Oh, wow. Oh… wow!” I could sense the occasional thought from Willow, it even sounded like Willow; then they were directed at me, “Yeah, Buffy, they are connected.

They say they can connect even more, do you want them to try?” This mind to mind stuff was sort of cool; I wasn’t in a hurry to let it go.

More? Sure, if they can.

I spoke out load, “Girls?” A couple of nods, “Can you get just a little glowy?”

Michelle’s voice answered, “Waiting for that.”

Their heads turned but remained in contact with mine, and I could feel them start to kiss, I could also feel their bodies melt together, mold more intimately and closely together. And more intimately to mine, I could feel myself start to become aroused. I forced my eyes open, I was looking between our bodies, Alexis’ body was emitting a pale green glow and Michelle’s an icy blue glow, the colors were starting to intensify and I could feel tingles in my groin, my arousal growing. The girls were falling into me and I had to use some Slayer strength to keep us upright. Then I heard Willow in my mind, “OH… MY… GOD!!! Girls! Ease back or you’ll take us all over.

I heard Alexis’ voice, but it wasn’t her voice, just her thought, “Okay, easing down.

Michelle’s thought came on the heels of Alexis, “Spoil sport!

Alexis answered her, “Too soon, we’re not ready, they’re not ready, not …” and then her thought faded out.

Willow’s thought replaced it, “Buffy, give me a half hour; then call back.

Willow faded out and the tingling stopped, I was holding the girls but I felt Alexis take some weight and then Michelle was supporting herself, we were still in a tight embrace. We lifted our heads and I was looking into their eyes, I suddenly realized that Alexis’ eyes were green and Michelle’s were blue – coincidence? We were still intimately close, our bodies tight together, I could feel both girls’ breasts pressing against mine, my nipples hard against them and theirs hard against me and each other; I was sure. Both Alexis and I eased our grip, letting the hug soften, but Michelle tightened her grip and whispered, “Remember this, it’s just the beginning.” Then she loosened her grip and we stepped apart.

Both girls were giving each other knowing looks; it was obvious something had been going on that I had missed. Castle distracted me, “The phone went dead a minute ago; nobody said anything.”

I walked over and got the phone, “Willow said to give her half an hour and then call her back.”

“Oh, okay, is everything all right?”

“I think so.” I looked over to the couch where the two girls were now seated again, snuggled against each other. “I think I need to use the bathroom?”

Castle started to turn and point to where the 1st floor powder room was in my apartment when Alexis spoke up, “Up stairs, second door on the left.” And she pointed up the stairs. Castle looked at her oddly but I just nodded my thanks and headed for the stairs.

I went up the stairs and into the bathroom, closing the door securely behind me. I didn’t really need to use it, but I needed to do something about the state I was in. I had never been so aroused except when I was actually making love, and probably not the majority of the time when doing that. I took a wash cloth off the towel rack by the bathtub and put it in the sink and turned the water on, letting it warm up while I peeled off my shorts and panties so I was nude except for my bra. Once the water was warm I wrung out the wash cloth and put a foot up on the toilet and wiped myself, intending to clean myself off and cool off at the same time. Instead, as soon as the rough terry cloth touched my sensitized labia a shock of pure pleasure coursed thru me.

I stopped moving, just held the warm cloth against myself. The wave of sensation rolled thru me, I took my other hand and slid it under the wash cloth, across the tight curls of my bush, I let my middle finger slide between the lips of my pussy. I pushed further down and curled the finger into myself, another wave flowed over me and I had to bite my lips to keep from screaming out. “Buffy!” I thought, “What the hell are you doing, are you going to masturbate right here in your neighbors bathroom?”

I started to pull my finger out of myself and another wave of pleasure swept thru, “Yep, damn sure am!”

I slipped the finger all the way back in and put my forefinger in beside it, I slipped my thumb between the folds of my cleft and moved it up until it was on my clit and then I started rubbing back and forth, firmly but slowly, matching it to the waves coursing thru my body, my two fingers soon joined by a third as they thrust in and out along with the slow rubbing of my thumb across my clitoris. I kept my mouth closed, my eyes locked on myself in the vanity mirror, watching where my hands covered my pussy and my hips started to thrust in counterpoint to the thrusting of my hand. One last extra hard thrust and I crashed over, the orgasm causing my body to convulse, I dropped the washcloth and had to use that hand to support myself, to keep from falling to the floor. The other hand continued it’s slow rubbing and thrusting, dragging the orgasm out and out.

Finally the waves slowed enough I could sit on the closed toilet seat, lean back against the tank and catch my breath. Breathing wasn’t usually so hard. My fingers were still deep inside of me and I could feel the arousal climbing again, I stopped moving my hand but my hips refused. They thrust forward impatiently, my thumb twitched over the clitoris and another orgasm washed over me; I shoved my free hand into my mouth to keep from screaming out.

This time, when the waves subsided, I was able to remove my hand from inside myself. “Well, Buffy, that was quite a little experience. Think maybe you’ve been doing without for too long?”

I retrieved the washcloth from the floor and rinsed it out under the still running water. I was able to clean myself, having to suffer, well not really suffer, thru only minor pleasure waves as I wiped myself off. I cleaned up after myself and put my panties and shorts back on, the panties were still damp but there wasn’t a whole lot I could do about that, I wasn’t going to go commando with the shorts I was wearing. I was just about done when there was a soft wrap on the door, Alexis’ voice sounded “Buffy?”



I looked around, “Yeah”

The door opened and she poked her head in, she held out her hand to me and when I reached out she dropped a tightly balled piece of material in my hand. “Raided your undie drawer, throw your old ones in the hamper in my bathroom, thru the door across the hall.”

I looked down at a fresh pair of panties uncurling in my hand, and then looked back up at her “How did you…” Alexis tapped the side of her nose; she grinned like the Cheshire cat and then pulled her head back and closed the door behind her.

I quickly changed, with another quick cleaning in between and slipped across the hall and thru Alexis’ bedroom and into her bathroom where I thru my soggy panties into her hamper. I tried to make my way as nonchalantly down the stairs as possible.

Castle looked up, “You okay?”

“Yes, fine.”

He looked at me skeptically but then shrugged his shoulders. The girls were on the couch, fresh drinks in front of them, a fresh cup of coffee was on the coffee table in front of my chair. Also on my chair was my blouse, neatly folded, I’d forgotten about that and quickly put it on and buttoned it up, I decided to leave it out rather than go thru the machinations of trying to get it tucked in. I picked up my coffee and took a sip, “Ahh, thanks.”

Michelle nodded her head and asked, “When were you supposed to call Willow back?”

“30 minutes.”

“It’s been 45…”

I was shocked; I grabbed my cell off the coffee table and hit the speed dial. Willow picked up on the first ring, “Buffy?”

“Yeah, Hi Willow, sorry about the delay.”

“Took a little longer than expected to recover?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“No problem, took a little while here, also.” I was pretty sure she meant exactly what I thought she meant, but if so why was she telling me? I decided my ‘recovery’ was not a secret to anybody but Castle, it certainly wasn’t to Alexis or Michelle, and it sounded like Willow might have had a similar experience.

“Oh, you okay now?”

“Just spiffy-keen.”

“Okay. You have some news for us?”


“Should I put you on speaker? Alexis, Michelle, and Castle are here.” I wanted her to know who would be listening if she was on speaker.

After a momentary pause she said, “Sure, they might as well all hear this.”

I put the phone on speaker and laid it on the coffee table, picked up my coffee and leaned back, “How’s that?”

“I can hear you fine, Buffy. How about you guys?”

“Loud and clear,” I said.

“Okay, so Michelle?”


“Do you have any plans this summer?”

Michelle looked confused, “Uh, no.”

“Good, then you won’t have to change them. You’ll be coming to England with Buffy and Alexis next week. Plan on staying all summer, maybe longer.”

There was silence for several minutes at Willow’s pronouncement, and then everybody was talking at once, finally Michelle won out, “Sounds good to me, but others might not be so agreeable.”

“Why not?”

“Well, we were discussing plans earlier and they kept getting vetoed.”

“Why?” asked Willow.

“Uh, well, Alexis and I are planning on staying together, as in couple wise, and her Dad wasn’t real hot on that idea. I doubt my parents will be either, but we haven’t even got to them yet.”

“Oh, not an issue.”

“What do you mean, not an issue?”

“You and Alexis, yes you have to stay together, that’s why you’re coming with her. Well one of the reasons.”

Castle spoke up now, “Wait a minute! Why do you think we’re going to just let two young girls live together? Don’t we, her parents and I, get any say?”

There was a pause; then Willow’s voice came back, “Michelle, would you be willing to live without Alexis, I mean separate from Alexis?”

“Hell no!”

“How about you Alexis?”


“Well that pretty much answers it.”

Castle looked shocked, “No that doesn’t answer it; they’re both minors.”

“No, that is human terminology, that doesn’t apply anymore.”

“What!” This time the chorus was unanimous, all four of us said the same thing.

“Oh, forgot that part. But you already know Alexis is a Slayer.”

“Michelle’s a Slayer to?” asked Alexis incredulously.

“No, Michelle’s a witch.”

There was a stunned silence for a few moments and then “Witch!” came from all three of them, followed by them talking over each other.

“Hush,” I said, after they quieted I asked, “You mean she’s a potential witch?”

“No, she’s a full blown witch. A very, very powerful witch; and if she doesn’t get some training to learn how to control it we’re going to need another yellow crayon story and someone to tell it.”

“Yellow crayon?” Asked Michelle, Alexis and Castle were stunned to silence.

“Long story, not very pretty either, you’ll hear it soon enough.” Willow answered, “And, on top of that, she’s linked to a Slayer. I don’t know what the ramifications are of that, we’ll need time to research it but I doubt if that will tell us anything. I’ve never heard of anything like it.”

I had been thinking, I was going to have another conversation with Mr. Wellington, and wasn’t that going to be a joy. While he had been impressed with what we were doing he wasn’t going to get back into it. And he really didn’t like the idea of his daughter involved in it just in her, as far as he knew, friendship with Alexis. What was he going to do when he found out it wasn’t just friendship, that they were lovers, and that his daughter was a witch. “Michelle, does your father know you’re gay?”

Michelle looked around, startled by the sudden change of subject, “Uh, no. I’ve hinted a little with my Mom, but she’s been all ‘it’s a phase; you’ll grow out of it, boys are wonderful’. And Dad? If I told him he’d be sending me off to get me fixed in some psych hospital the next day.”

“Oh, bloody, wonderful!” I muttered under my breath.

“What?” asked Willow.

“I just had a three hour discussion with Michelle’s father last night, he’s an ex-watcher, doesn’t want anything to do with our world, especially for his daughter. Half the conversation was his rumblings about how to get his daughter out of her friendship with Alexis. He was real happy to learn Alexis was going to England for the summer. Not going to be so happy when I tell him Michelle’s going with her.”

“Good for you missy,” Willow snarked, “teach you to try to retire.”

“Hey, still retiring; just a bump in the road.”

“Okay, so what happened last night to trigger this?” asked Willow.

“They made love.”

“They made love?”

“Yes, they made love. You know; the old bump and grind. Although I don’t know how much grinding they did.”

“Fair amount,” offered Michelle.

“And lots of…”

“Girls!” Interrupted Castle, “father figure here!”

Willow’s voice came over the phone, “I know what making love is. What happened when they made love?”

Michelle couldn’t be suppressed, “We had orgasms, lots and lots of orgasms, the most incredible…”

“Enough with the channeling of Anya!” I said, since they wouldn’t answer I did, “When they made love they became telepathic, they still are in the ‘talking’ mode, in other words they can send thoughts back and forth like sentences.”

“Very much like how we heard you earlier, Willow” offered Alexis, at the same time putting her hand over Michelle’s mouth to keep her quiet.

“Okay, like that huh,” I went on, “but when they’re making love they can connect in the ‘feeling’ mode, where they can feel what each other is feeling. Both the physical sensations of their love making and their psychological feelings, how they feel about each other; I don’t think they’ve explored it beyond their own feelings for each other at this time.”

Michelle had settled down, “Yeah, I don’t think Alexis knows exactly how I feel about my family; I know I don’t know how she feels about hers, not in the way I know how she feels about me.”

“Okay,” said Willow, “I started to sense that when we were connected. That’s what was sucking us in and why I pulled us back so hard, Buffy. But you said something about ‘glowy’ just before that happened?”

“Yeah, actually that’s what triggered it I think. When they get in that ‘linked’ mode, where they’re feeling each other, they glow. I saw a little of it when it happened, they literally glow! Alexis is green and Michelle is blue.”

Castle spoke up then, “They’re not the only ones that glow.”

“What!” I said.

“Buffy, you started to glow red.”

“Oh, Jesus!” was all I could say.

“Uh, Willow?” I heard another voice on the phone, and realized Barb must still be with Willow.

“Yes, Barb?”

“You also started to glow.”

“I often glow; white is good, black not so hot.”

“Yeah, I know, that’s why I didn’t mention it. But it wasn’t white or black this time, it was yellow, a yellow gold as it got stronger.”

There was silence for several minutes; then Willow said, “Okey dokey, well that confirms it. Michelle must come to England next week with Alexis. Also, they really shouldn’t be kept apart, not for more than a day or two at a time, at least until we can get some training done.”

I didn’t like it but it didn’t look like I had much choice, “Okay, I guess I’ll go see Michelle’s father as soon as I can arrange it. Until then I’ll have them stay at my place, they can use Dawn’s room, it’s got some furnishings.”

Castle didn’t like that, at all, “What! I’m not sure I like the whole idea of them being together!”

Alexis wasn’t happy about that, “DAD! They said we needed to be together.”

“Well… Okay, if that’s the case they can stay here. Michelle can use the guest bedroom…”

Willow interrupted, “Not what I meant. They have to BE together, they’re going to have to make love at least every other day until we can train Michelle to control her power, and probably Alexis also, or we’re going to have big trouble.”

“What? Why?” Castle sputtered.

“Because if they, if Michelle doesn’t have sex with her mate she’s going to explode. And not in a nice way, in a real bad destroy the world kind of way.”

Michelle was looking a little shocked, “Er, you’re kidding aren’t you?”

“No – no kidding here. If you aren’t with your mate you will do everything in your power to be with her, and since you know nothing of your power what you do probably won’t be pretty.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Michelle, if you start feeling anything you don’t understand; you get in touch with me immediately! Okay?”

“Yes, Willow,” Michelle said in a very worried voice.

“Look, Michelle, it’s not going to be bad. You’re just going to have to be careful for a while. Do you want to try something?”

“Uh, sure.”

“Got any pencils there?”

“I would think so,” I answered and looked at Castle; he got up and headed for his office, “author’s home you know, Castle’s getting some now.”

“Okay, got your pencils…”

“Just put them on the coffee table in front of Michelle… Michelle, now I want you to concentrate on one of the pencils; look at it, focus on it in your mind…”

“Uh, okay… I think I’ve got it…”

“Now, Michelle, think of it rising slowly in the air, feel it rising…”

At first nothing happened, then one of the pencils started to rise into the air until it hovered a foot over the coffee table, “Oh, wow! This is so cool…” as Michelle spoke the pencil started to drop but then it stopped and climbed back up and then floated.

“Can you twirl it, gently…”

After a moment the pencil started twirling on its axis, “Yeah, Willow, this isn’t hard at all.”

“Okay, now gently, put it down.”

The pencil floated back down to the coffee table, as it came to a rest Michelle repeated herself, “That was so cool…”

“Buffy, do you remember how long it took me to learn to do that?”

“Yeah, took you months… Oh shit! Is she?”

“I think I could still take her, but please keep her on our side.”

Michelle was looking from me to the phone and back again, “Willow’s the most powerful witch known; that has been known for millennia, we just want you to stay on the side of good.”

“Not planning on anything else,” Michelle answered seriously.

“Alexis?” Willow asked.


“Would you try the same thing, Michelle you might help her by explaining what you did, but let her do it.”

The two girls started their silent talk, thirty seconds later another pencil was floating in the air, spinning gently. Alexis’s eyes were wide in wonder, she grinned at Michelle and the pencil fell back toward the coffee table and then jerked back up when she returned her attention. Suddenly the pencil disappeared and there was a loud ‘crack!’ from the fireplace. All our heads turned toward the fireplace and there was the pencil, sort of shattered but dangling out of one of the bricks of the fireplace surround, “Oops!”

Willow’s voice came sharply over the phone, “Oops! Oops what? I know what it means when I say 'oops'!”

Alexis gulped, “I… Uh… I just wanted to move it; I guess I pushed too hard.”

Willow put on her stern voice, “Okay you two – I’m going to send over some beginning stuff for you. You can read it; you can even try some of the simpler stuff when Buffy’s there and you can clearly explain exactly what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it.”

“Uh, Willow, I… Well I’m not real up on the witchy stuff.”

“I know, this will just be stuff like the pencil. But I want them supervised and I want them to be careful, that pencil could have just as easily gone thru someone.”

Alexis and Michelle exchanged looks, “Okay, Willow, we’ll be careful.”

“About next week, Michelle, do you have a passport?”

“Yes, it’s at home.”

“Buffy, you’ll have to get it from her father so we can get the visa approved and make the other arrangements. We’ll have to get the paperwork done like we did for Alexis, should we use the same rate?”

“Yeah, I think so. Castle, is it all right if I refer Mr. Wellington to your lawyer for an opinion about our contract offer?”

“Uh, sure.”

“Okay, when we get done would you call him and tell him he can speak freely to Mr. Wellington or his representative about Alexis’ contract. When I talk to him I’ll tell him we’ll be offering Michelle the same contract as Alexis.”

I saw Alexis grin and poke Michelle in the ribs with her elbow, Michelle just looked puzzled. “We’ll be offering you the same contract Alexis signed; she can explain it to you. Michelle, how ‘British’ is your father, does he still have loyalties there?”

“Very, ‘British’, as you say; I think he regrets my having been born here, I think he would prefer it if both Mom and I were British like him.”

Buffy nodded, “Make sure Giles is available, and he might want to be ready to bring in one of the high mucky-mucks he has on his contact list if we really need to apply pressure on Mr. Wellington.”

“Okay, I’ll let him know.”

“Like I said, I’ll have the girls stay in my, well Dawn’s apartment, at least until we get things settled.”

Castle spoke up again, “Hey, like I said before, why do they need to stay with you? We’ve got room here.”

I looked at him sharply, well I guess I’ll just have to hit him with a two-by-four, “Two reasons, first if Mr. Wellington makes a real stink I can stop anything he tries to do if I have custody of them.”

“What do you mean if he causes a stink, how could he cause a stink?”

“Kidnapping a minor? Don’t you think that might get the cops interested?”

“And what would you do if he did?”

I thought for a moment, then decided to level with him, “What I have to, probably the most effective way would be to invoke national security and have a federal court order for my ‘protective custody’ holding of two minors. I could keep things tied up for years in the federal courts; at least until they were eighteen and he couldn’t do anything anymore.”

“You could do that?”

“We could, look Giles has the prime minister of Great Britain on his speed dial and someone within one immediate phone call from the President on this side of the Atlantic.”

“Okay,” he sounded doubtful, “and the other reason?”

I gave him a sour look and then shrugged my shoulders, “They’re going to be making love, probably quite often. Do you really want to be that close to it? For that matter, I’m sure they would prefer having a little more privacy than a bedroom door.”

Castle turned red, but at least he accepted it, “Oh… Maybe it would be best.” He gave his daughter, and her lover I was glad to see, a rueful but sincere smile.

Willow spoke up in the silence that followed, “I’ll get the paperwork on its way; anything else?”

I looked around, nobody was saying anything, “Okay, we’ve got lots of things to do.”

I got up and grabbed my phone and took it off speaker and walked into the dining room, “Willow, private conversation.”

“Yes, Buffy?” I could tell by the sound of her voice she was off speaker.

“Do you know what’s going on?”

“Not really, although I suspect it’s not just Michelle. I think we’re seeing a Slayer/Witch combo pack, and I doubt there has been anything like it before; I don’t think I’ll get anything from research but I’ll try, I think it’s going to be more trial and error and figuring out as we go along. My gut is telling me that Michelle isn’t really that powerful; it just couldn’t spring up that way – she would be overwhelmed. I think that Alexis’ Slayer is supplementing her, just like I think she is supplementing Alexis. Work with them, I think you’ll find Michelle is starting to become a Slayer, at least to some extent.”

“Okay, what about us?”


“How we reacted during that session, remember? Starting to glow?”

“Oh… Probably just backwash from them, don’t worry about it.” I didn’t think Willow sounded all that sure of herself.

“You sure?”

“For now, we’ll talk when you’re here.”

Yes, we were going to talk, of that I was sure. I hoped I could work things out, that we could work things out, “Okay, one last thing; send the big plane, they’ll be four of us from here and some extra room would be nice.”

“Four? Who’s the fourth?”

“I think I’ll keep that for a surprise.”

There was a long silence; then Willow said, “Okay, as long as it’s not a bad surprise.”

“No not bad.”

“Okay, I’ll get hold of Giles and get that paperwork on the way.”

“Yeah, I think I better take it with me when I go see Mr. Wellington.”

“Bye, Buffy. Love you.”

“Bye, Willow, I love you too.” I hoped she might mean it in the same way as I did.

A/N: This concludes Part 1, Part 2 has been uploaded.

The End

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