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Lend Me A Helping Hand

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Summary: FFA response - Carlos gets a helping hand while on a hunt.

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Supernatural > Other BtVS/AtS Characters(Past Donor)MistressAshleyFR1311,1570345129 Jul 1029 Jul 10Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or Supernatural and I make no profit in writing this story.

AN: I wrote this for the FFA Dominoes before realizing there was almost no where to take it so I chose a different pairing and worked from there. Still, this is a fairly good fic so I decided it deserved posting.

Carlos Trejo had watched everything he thought he knew fade away. The world wasn't how he thought it was. He knew he could never look at it the same way again. It wasn't the nice, beautiful place it used to be, it was harsh and ugly and there really were monsters hiding under you bed and in your closet - they were just waiting for you to fall sleep so they could slither out and eat you.

After the basement ordeal (he couldn't bring himself to call it anything else), Carlos found himself looking at each person he passed on the street and wondering if they were a demon in disguise. Maybe they were a werewolf walking around, playing at being human until the full moon pulled the beast from them. How many of them were looking at him as if he were the biggest, juiciest steak they'd ever seen?

No, there was no way Carlos could go back to school and just pretend everything was normal again.

So it was that Carlos dropped out of school. It didn't mean that he stopped learning though. He just began learning about things the school, even one built over a Hellmouth, just didn't teach. He learned all he could about demons, vampires, ghosts, werewolves ... anything supernatural was pored over until he was confident he could remember it up at a moment's notice.

His hunts started out simply enough. He didn't have the money for any of the weapons the books said he'd need so he carved himself stakes and set traps so he could ransack vampires before staking them. Night after night of this had money quickly lining his pockets. This meant that weapons also began stacking up and his hunts got harder ... it also meant his first aid kit got larger.

As Carlos' resources grew his hunting grounds migrated. He began following patterns or prey taking himself further from his once home.

Sadly, Carlos wasn't born into a hunting family, he didn't know a psychic or someone who was a hunter, he didn't have a network of contacts to call when a hunt was too hard. Yet, he still felt the need to save people, so even if he knew the hunt might be too hard for him, he jumped in head first.

It was this way that he met his partner.

Carlos heard through the demon grapevine (read: his last hunt, a vampire, had squealed like a pig) of a major league hunt. A town, a little over 5 hours from his current position, was having a ghost uprising ... and they weren't being peaceful about it either.

Carlos guessed there had to be someone or something behind it because there was no way that many ghosts, both past and present, could decide to come back at the exact same second. Ghosts also seemed to have a timeline about them. If the hauntings didn't start immediately they were likely never to start at all unless their bodies were disturbed. He didn't think someone was digging up a graveyard to make room for a mall. So, something hinky was going on.

Carlos made the drive in in good time. His investigations started out perfectly. It should have told him something but he was still too knew to this hunting thing.

His investigations had gained the attention of the witch raising the ghosts. A heavy hitter in town. The man had his hands in many a pot but only recently had he found the darker parts of the world. The man had jumped right in and begun practicing witchcraft.

The thing was, Thomas Carver wasn't very good at it. When he'd started negotiations with a local company he'd tried his usual tactics - bullying, but when that hadn't worked, he'd tried to raise the company head's wife as a zombie, of a sort, to torment the poor man but that had failed. He'd raised her ghost but lost control of the spell. The spell, taken a life of its own, had begun raising anyone within the area. Most of them had been peacefully resting, so it was no wonder they were mad.

Carlos wasn't sure how exactly to set them back to rest. Would killing Carver be enough? The spell wasn't exactly held by him anymore, was it? Would Carlos have to dig up each ghost's body and do the standard salt and burn?

Carlos decided he'd try option one first. Killing Carver was probably easier than finding each ghost's grave.

Finding Carver proved easier than killing him however. While not good at the big ritual magics, he seemed to be fairly proficient in offensive and defensive magic.

"Damn it!" Carlos shouted as he was, once again, forced to take cover as a fireball sailed over his head.

Carlos was sure bullets would work if he could just hit the man but he'd found out it wasn't just a simple aim and fire with Carver. He could aim and he could fire but objects always made their way between Carver and the bullet and fire was always returned ... sometimes literally.

They'd been at this stand still for over 20 minutes. Carver didn't seem to be tiring but Carlos sure was. He had one more try left in him. If that didn't work ...

If he got out of this, Carlos promised himself he'd by an Uzi and some armor penetrating rounds. He'd never be in this predicament again with those ... he hoped.

A diversion was needed but what? Carlos was the only one here and Carver's attention was focused solely on him, so what could he possibly do that would distract Carver?

Carlos sent up a prayer before moving to put his patchwork plan together. Only to be stopped my the door slamming open to reveal a tall, shapely blond armed with a shotgun. Carver it seemed, had seen the same thing as he'd turned toward the door with a fireball in hand.

It was just the opening Carlos needed. A roar from his gun had Carver collapsing and the blond snapping her shotgun in his direction, eyes wary.

Panting, Carlos tried to steady his gun but that really had been the last of his energy, the gun dropped to his side.

"Hunter?" The blond yelled.

Hunter? Did she know what he did or had she mistaken him for someone else?

"Huh?" Better to go for the safer option.

"Are you hunter?" The blond was aggravated now.


"Was that an answer or a question?" She sounded more amused now and her shotgun had been lowered. The woman picked her way slowly across the rubble of the room before lowering herself next to him. "Are you hurt?" Her voice was soft and comforting to the exhausted Carlos.

"I'm fine, just exhausted. Thanks for save, by the way."

The woman laughed. "I didn't do much. I'm Jo."


It was the start of something great, something that would be greatly feared by those they hunted.


The End

You have reached the end of "Lend Me A Helping Hand". This story is complete.

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