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Victoria's Secret.

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This story is No. 10 in the series "Tails From The Slaughtered Lamb.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The very last ‘Tail from the Slaughtered Lamb’, xover with three UK cop shows, Yes Minister and one Genesis song. A slayer finds out the truth about her past just as a new girl appears on the scene.

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Chapter Nine.


Six Months Later.

The holding cells under The Old Bailey, London.

Standing alone in her little cell, Silvia wondered why they were bothering with a trial, after all she’d confessed to everything. She’d even shown remorse over the people she’d killed or had killed. The truth was she did actually feel bad about killing the security guard, not so much about the ‘business rivals’ she’d put away. The remorse and the fact that she’d confessed everything would mean that she’d be out of prison in twenty or so years, if she let things run their course. A key rattled in the lock and the cell door swung open to reveal a prison officer.

“Visitor for you, Fitzsimons,” the female prison officer stood back to let Silvia’s visitor into the room.

“Sir Humphrey!” Silvia greeted the civil servant with a genuinely warm smile.

“Dear lady,” Sir Humphrey smiled sadly, “believe me when I say that I’d hoped that it would never come to this.”

“I know,” Silvia nodded her head; Sir Humphrey was a gentleman in every sense of the word and he’d always been straight with her, no politician’s sneaky little plans for him. “But,” Silvia sighed sadly and shook her head, “needs must y’know?”

“Indeed I do,” Sir Humphrey, “I expect our pasts will catch up with us all one day, one piece of good news I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear.”

Silvia gave the man a questioning look.

“Hacker,” Sir Humphrey smiled like a cat who’d recently eaten a canary, “sent down for life for infanticide and various counts of corruption. He tried to plead insanity but the judge wouldn’t have it.”

“Oh well,” Silvia gave a quick grin, “some good’s come out of it all then.”

“Indeed,” Sir Humphrey agreed, “You know there’s nothing I can do…no influence I can bring to bear, the law must run its course.”

“I know,” Silvia held out her hand to Sir Humphrey, “its been a pleasure to know you Sir Humphrey.”

“And you, dear lady,” Sir Humphrey shook Silvia’s hand, “I don’t expect we’ll meet again after today.”

“I don’t expect we will,” Silvia agreed

“Then I’ll be away,” Sir Humphrey turned towards the door.

“There is one thing you can do,” Silvia called.

“Anything,” Sir Humphrey smiled, “within reason of course.”

“Give this note to Rupert for me,” Silvia held out an envelope, “it just explains stuff and says I’m sorry…y’know?”

“Indeed I do,” Sir Humphrey took the note and walked out of the door, “good luck,” he called as he disappeared from Silvia’s sight.

“Oh well,” Silvia sighed quietly, “time to face the music.”


Central Court of the Old Bailey.

Throughout the trial at least one slayer had sat in the public gallery; not that anyone expected Silvia to make a bid for freedom, no, they came to show solidarity with their boss and sister slayer. To many of the London Slayers, Silvia had been more like a mother than their leader and they wanted her to know that her ‘girls’ still believed in her, still loved her.

Today everyone was there, all the young slayers, Faith, Xander Harris and of course Rupert. Silvia smiled from the dock and received waves from the girls in return. Faith smiled and nodded in her direction as did Xander. Giles…Giles just stared straight ahead, if there was one thing that Silvia had not meant to do, that was to upset or in anyway harm Giles. She thought that he must be feeling betrayed just about now, Silvia hoped that he’d read her letter and perhaps he’d understand. She was a different woman now than when she’d been that power hungry girl all those years ago, she hoped he’d understand.

Everyone stood up as the judge walked in and settled himself in his chair, all red robes and horse hair wig. The lawyers had made there closing statements, not that it had been much of a trail what with Silvia admitting everything and not putting much forward by way of mitigation. The jury had given their verdict, guilty on all counts, it only remained for the judge to pass sentence.

“Silvia Victoria Fitzsimons,” began the judge as he looked over the top of his spectacles at Silvia, “you are a habitual criminal and I have to say I have never in all my years of judging been confronted by anyone more deserving than the full penalty of the law.”

Silvia let the judge’s words wash over her as he described every flaw in her character and every heinous deed that she’d committed over the years. After commenting that she had at the last confessed all and had fully co-operated with the police and the prosecution service, he once again looked over the top of his glasses at her.

“Do you have anything to say before I pass judgement?”

The court was as silent as the tomb as Silvia considered her words, looking up she glanced around the court before letting her eyes rest on the judge.

“I’ve only one thing to say, M’lord,” Silvia smiled broadly, “an’ that’s…goodbye!”


The two prison officers in the dock with Silvia stood in stunned shock as she vaulted over the barrier and into the court proper. The court usher at the door moved forward to stop her from leaving the court; he was easily pushed to one side. Up in the gallery Giles turned to the slayers.

“Stop her someone!” he pointed in case there was anyone there who didn’t know who he wanted stopping; not one of the London Slayers moved; turning to Faith he said, “Faith you’ve…”

“Hey, no-way,” Faith remained seated, “you want me to chase people? Not in my condition,” she indicated her swelling belly, “lost one kid not risking another.”

“Xander?” Giles looked hopelessly at Xander.

“Sorry Giles,” Xander moved as if he was easing some ache in his arm, “old football injury playing up again.”

“But you’ve never played football,” Giles looked as if he was about to start pulling his hair out, “you’re not injured.”

“Oh,” Xander explained, “but I’m sure I would be if I had.”


Sitting at the back of the court Sandra, Gerry, Ronnie and Matt watched in amazement as Silvia started her breakout. Sandra was the first to snap out of her initial shock, standing up she started to push her way through the crowds of panicking lawyers and court officials.

“Quick, grab her!” she yelled to her fellow detectives.

DS Brooks and Devlin were the first to get near Silvia, she was almost out of the door and into the corridor beyond.

“Hey guys!” Silvia turned on the two policemen hitting each of them with the palm of her hand in the chest and sending them flying across the court.

They lay unconscious on the floor distracting anyone who might be about to tackle Silvia and giving her time to escape the court room. Coming out onto the corridor leading to the main exit, Silvia came face to face with a gaggle of police constables, prison officers and security guards. There was a short fight which Silvia inevitably won; standing over the bodies of unconscious officers of the law, Silvia glanced back to see Sandra Pullman coming towards her. Silvia had to admit one thing, Pullman might be a pain in the arse but she was brave, she must know she didn’t have any real chance of stopping Silvia.

Not even giving the female DCI a chance to say anything, Silvia hit her, almost gently, on the side of the head and even caught her as her eyes closed and she started to fall. Laying Sandra on the floor Silvia looked up to see Gerry Standing approach her.

“Not you too Gerry,” Silvia stood up and raised her fists.

“Erm,” Gerry looked around at all the sleeping bodies, Silvia and himself were the only people left standing in the corridor, “I think I’ll give it a miss this time.”

“Last man standing, eh?” Silvia grinned as she started to move towards the exit, “been nice knowing you Gerry,” Silvia called, “see you around sometime maybe.”

Turning away from Gerry, Silvia ran out into the street outside the court. Stumbling to a halt she looked right and left. The road should be full of traffic, in fact her plan had sort of relied on that fact. But now it was empty, empty that is except for the police cars that blocked the road at either end and the armed police who pointed their guns at her.

“Bloody terrorists!” Cursed Silvia, it was getting to the point were an honest criminal couldn’t even make a jail break without things designed to stop terrorists screwing with their plans.

“ARMED POLICE!” An officer called, stating the obvious, “STAND STILL AND RAISE YOUR HANDS.”

“Not today,” Silvia muttered to herself.

This wasn’t part of her plan, not at all. It wasn’t supposed to end like this, she was supposed to get out of central London and disappear. This was going to make her reappearance so much more difficult to achieve. Whatever, Silvia shrugged mentally as she started to run towards the police lines. Maybe she could still go through with her plan and…she’d always wanted to drive a police car.


“Oh crap!” Silvia looked down at the blood that covered her stomach and thigh as she drove the police car at break neck speed, through the London traffic and out onto the A13 then on towards the Dartford crossing. In her rear view mirror she could see the flashing lights and hear the sirens of her pursuers. The cops had managed to hit her twice, once in the stomach and once in the left arm. She was losing a lot of blood and it was only because of her slayer powers that she was still alive and moving; any normal person would have died right there in front of the Old Bailey.

Up ahead she could see her target, the Queen Elizabeth Bridge that towered over the Thames like a…Silvia’s descriptive powers failed her, she settled for; like a great big towering thing. Dodging between two police cars sent to block her route, Silvia heard her front tires explode.

“Bastards!” she snarled as she struggled to control the car, slayer strength was useful for so many things; opening jam jars, killing demons, controlling stolen police cars to name but three.

Her front wheels running on their rims, Silvia brought the car to a halt about a hundred yards short of where she wanted to be. Opening the door she heaved herself out onto the road, catching her breath for a moment she saw the pack of police cars come to a halt behind her and block off the road. Looking up towards the bridge she saw that her path was clear, at least for the moment, clapping her hand over the hole in her stomach she started to limp towards the bridge.

As she ran, Silvia could hear the sound of booted feet on the tarmac behind her. Glancing over her shoulder she could see cops coming after her. To her surprise she recognised both Sandra Pullman and Gerry Standing bringing up the rear; she really should have hit that woman harder. No time now for regrets, she told herself, turning to look where she was going she saw she was about fifty yards short of her target but there were more police speeding to cut her off. Never mind, she told herself they looked as if they’d stop well short of where she wanted to be.

With a final effort, Silvia ran across the road and climbed up onto the side of the bridge, looking down at the tiny ships in the river far below she smiled, “Made it!” she gasped.


Everything was very peaceful now, Silvia smiled, she felt the wind on her face as she looked out to sea. In a minute she’d jump and this life would be over and she could start again in a new body but with old memories. Perhaps this time she’d find out why this kept happening to her. She had realised she’d always been a potential slayer shortly after Willow Rosenberg had cast her spell to call all potentials to become slayers.

This time it would be different, this time would be the first time she’d deliberately ended her life. Silvia hoped that wouldn’t prevent her coming back as a new slayer. All the other times it had been some sort of accident that had killed her. A German bomb hitting the tube station where she was sheltering. A V2 hitting her while she walked to work. A bus running her down as she crossed the street. Finally the vampire that had fed on her and killed her before she’d even known what she was. That vampire had been one of the first to be dusted once she’d come into her powers.


Turning at the sound of her name, Silvia saw Gerry Standing, standing only a few yards behind her.

“Hi Gerry,” Silvia turned so she could see her old adversary more clearly, “nice up here ain’t it?”

“Long way down,” Gerry pointed out.

“You been sent to try an’ talk me down?” Silvia asked, “Ain’t gonna work…its time for me to face the final curtain, as they say.”

“This is no way for it to end, Silvie,” Gerry called sadly over the wind.

“This isn’t an end, Gerry,” Silvia called cheerfully, “this is a new beginning…for me at least.”

“When did you get religion?” Gerry took a step towards Silvia.

“Religion ain’t got nuffin’ to do with it,” Silvia pointed out as she turned to face the sea again, “tell my girls I love them.”

“I will,” Gerry stopped moving knowing that he’d failed.

“See you around some day, last man standing!” Silvia jumped.


Lord Hasseldorf’s Infernal Domain.

“Your majesty,” Hasseldorf sneered as he bowed low to his guest.

Victoria, Queen Empress, monarch of millions and ruler of the greatest empire the world had ever seen, looked around the great throne chamber until her eyes came to rest on the demon lord.

“Bugger!” she said, “You again!”

“Yes, it is I,” Hasseldorf straightened up and almost skipped over to his throne where he sat down. “What?” he asked, “No, ‘where am I’s’, just a ‘bugger, you again’? Is that anyway to greet an old friend?”

“You were never a friend of mine,” Queen Victoria tried to stride across the chamber but nearly tripped, she’d forgotten how to move in long skirts over the last hundred years and four life times. “I suppose you’ve bought me here to gloat…again!”

“Indeed,” agreed the demon lord, “and why shouldn’t I?” the demon shifted on his throne. “You and that damn meddling husband of yours, you set my plans back more than two hundred years, maybe more…”

Allowing the demon ramble on, Queen Victoria let the memories flood back into her mind. She smiled at the memory of Albert, she’d loved him so much. How when he’d discovered that she had been a potential slayer he’d thrown himself into reorganising the Watchers council. It hadn’t been his fault that it had grown hidebound in later years. In fact he’d have been horrified at they way they’d come to treat the slayer and all those potentials. It did however explain why she always fell for a man called Albert, if of course she lived long enough to fall for anyone.

“…so its only fair that I get to gloat every few years.” The demon finished his diatribe of how the queen and her consort had messed with his plans for world domination.

The Queen, sighed; one of the things she hated about demons was, the more intelligent ones did love the sound of their own voices, that and all of the evil of course.

“Plus,” grinned Hasseldorf, “I like to check that the curse is still working as it should.”

“That’s right,” the Queen smiled regally, “if I were ever to remember everything I’d be able to put an end to you and all your petty plans.”

Knowing that the demon couldn’t actually harm her, it was part of the curse you see; she was cursed to live forever. She would always remember her past lives except for her being the Queen Empress and knowing how to thwart the demon lord’s plans. The Powers played their own little games to keep the balance between good and evil. A world without a little evil in it would be a terrible place, not so bad as one where evil triumphed but still bad, so the fight would go on forever. Sometimes good would have the upper hand sometimes (like now) evil would triumph.

“Anyway,” Hasseldorf examined his talons as he sat on his throne, “everything seems to be in order, so I’ll just send you on your way.”

“What,” the Queen Empress looked indignantly at the demon, “no demonic laughter?”

“Alright,” sighed Hasseldorf, “if you insist…MAW-HA-HA! Is that good enough for you?”

“Perfect,” smiled the Queen as she woke up in her hospital bed.


Midnight, the Queen Elizabeth Bridge.

A little cluster of slayers stood next to where several bunches of flowers lay to mark the spot where Silvia Fitzsimons had jumped. Each girl was lost in her own thoughts as Xander Harris walked forward and placed a portable CD player on the buttress of the bridge.

“I didn’t know Silvia Fitzsimons that long,” he began, “and to tell the truth the first time we met she scared the hell outta me!” A few quiet chuckles came from the slayers who were listening, “We’ve all got our own special memories of Silvia and we’ve all got things to thank her for,” Xander looked over to where Faith stood. “One thing I think I know is, Silvia wouldn’t want us to remember her in any other way but with a smile on our lips. So with that in mind…”

Xander pressed the ‘play’ button on the CD player. At first they could hear the sound of chains rattling and footsteps which were then joined by a simple drum beat; after a couple of bars the vocals started up.

I was working in the lab late one night
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight
For my monster from his slab began to rise
And suddenly to my surprise

He did the mash
He did the monster mash
The monster mash
It was a graveyard smash
He did the mash
It caught on in a flash
He did the mash
He did the monster mash…


The Slaughtered Lamb, St. Martins Lane, London.

Standing in the street, Vicky looked up at the pub and smiled. The girls had obviously persuaded Rupert to keep the place open. Turning at the sight of Tina and Alice entering the pub’s front door, Vicky caught a glimpse of her reflection in the window of a shop. She smiled at herself; sixteen again, always sixteen. She could remember all her past lives quite clearly, she could remember every detail of each of her deaths. But she could never remember having to go back and reconnect with people who thought she was dead. For a moment doubt entered her mind, perhaps she should make contact with the slayer organisation some other way. Might it not be better never to revisit old friends and old loves?

Honestly any other plan was out of the question, she had nothing but the clothes she stood up in and a few pounds in her pocket. She’d woken up in the hospital after being pulled from the Thames by the police who’d been looking for Silvia Fitzsimons’ body. She’d been naked and the police had assumed she’d been the victim of some sex crime. They’d done their best to find out who she was. But, as she wasn’t talking and she claimed to have lost her memory she’d eventually ended up in a hostel for runaway teens. After letting them supply her with some clothes she’d stolen some money and headed for London.

Crossing the road, Vicky walked up to the door of the pub and pushed it open. Sights and sounds sparked memories of happier times. Tentacle monsters coming up from the basement, Wombles throwing rocks through the windows. The Saturday Night Monster Parties, good times and hopefully ones she could relive. Walking up to the bar Vicky caught site of Lasha Singh eyeing her suspiciously from behind the counter.

“You’re not fooling anyone,” Lasha announced as Vicky sat down on a bar stool, “you’re no more eighteen than my little sister, on y’way.”

“Hold on a minute,” Vicky’s accent was a little more refined than Silvia’s had been; more West of London than Eastend of London. “I don’t wanna drink.”

“What then?” Lasha stood with her hands on her hips not impressed by anything she was seeing or hearing.

“I just wanted to ask,” Vicky tried to suppress the big grin that threatened to break out on her face. “Is this the right place to come if you’ve got super-strength and have dreams about monsters?”

“Oh good grief,” Lasha’s mouth fell open for a second, “wait there, I’ll get someone.”

Watching Lasha hurry out of the bar, Vicky let herself smile; it was nice to be home again.

The End.


*: Monster Mash by Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett.

The End

You have reached the end of "Victoria's Secret.". This story is complete.

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