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Forbidden Romance

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Summary: When Buffy kills Angel, she moves to Denali, Alaska. While there, she meets Edward Cullen. Will she be able to love again?

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Twilight > Buffy - CenteredefwrocksFR131522,63712617,78429 Jul 1031 Jul 13No

Phone Call

Thank you for the reviews everyone! Sorry I haven’t updated in a while! I hope this will make up for it! :)

When I woke up, I noticed that I wasn’t in a car anymore. I was on a soft, comfortable bed in a floral print hotel room. The walls and the comforter were the same color and design. The curtains, the sheets, the floor, and the ceiling were all a cream color. I also noticed a digital clock on the dresser and saw that it was the afternoon of the next day. It had been over twenty hours since we left. I moved the covers to the side and stood up before walking out to the main room. In there, Alice and Jasper were sitting on the couch looking like statues. The television was on but the volume was really low it was barely audible. There was also a cart with a covered tray on top.

“You know, it’s really creepy when you do that,” I said to them before walking closer.

They snapped out of their poses and looked at me. “You’re awake. Good. The cart has some food on it for you. Edward said that you need to eat much more often than we do.” Alice was smiling.

I smiled back. “Thank you. Have you heard from them yet?” I asked as I walked to the room service.

She frowned slightly. “Not yet. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They could just be too close for the tracker to hear and don’t want to risk being overheard.”

I sighed.

“The tracker is very smart. It’s possible they are just having a hard time getting him in their grasp.” Jasper tried to reassure me.

I smiled. “So, where are we?”

They both looked a little apprehensive. “We’re in Huntington Beach, California.”

I completely turned to look at them and stare. “Seriously? Do you know how close that is to Sunnydale?! I’m trying not to be found. It’s very possible that someone could come here and accidentally see me.” I was completely panicking, but Jasper calmed me down, which made me want to become mad, but I couldn’t because of his influence.

“Relax. We can’t go outside, so as long as you keep the curtains closed, no one will be able to see you and know you are here.” Alice was trying to reason with me but she didn’t understand.

“They don’t need to even actually come here and see me to find me here. Willow is a witch; she can do a spell to find me and if it shows I’m that close, they’ll all come and gang up on me and try to force me to go back with them.” I didn’t want to go back.

Alice sighed. “Alright, we’ll find somewhere else to go tonight. We can’t leave before then because it’s going to be sunny all day.”

I relaxed some. “Okay. Thank you.”

Alice gave a small smile. “You’re welcome.”

I smiled back some and picked up the plate before I sat down and ate. After I finished, I started flipping through the television channels. Nothing particularly interesting was on, so I left it on the news channel they had on. All of a sudden, Alice gasped. Jasper was at her side in a second.

“What do you see Alice?” He asked her.

“The tracker just changed course.” She sounded upset, like she saw something bad happening. I got a cold feeling in stomach that I identified as worry for Edward.

“Where will it take him, Alice?” He asked as he rushed to grab a pad of paper and a pencil. She mechanically took the objects and started drawing.

“A house; it has a garden and a statue.” She described the picture she was seeing in her mind as she drew it.

The drawing started to take shape as she drew with vampire speed. I couldn’t believe it. I gasped and had to sit down once I recognized it.

Jasper looked over in concern. He must feel my fear and sorrow. “What is it?”

This had Alice’s attention now too. “Angel. The place she is drawing is Angel’s mansion in Sunnydale.” I had a couple of tears leak out at the thought of Angel. Even though he became evil for a while, it was still the man I loved and the one who tried for redemption that I sent to hell after I killed him. I played with the ring that I still had on my hand.

“You’ve been here?” Alice asked.

“Yeah. Angel is my ex-boyfriend. He isn’t alive anymore. I went there a few times. It has more bad memories than good. It’s where he was killed.”

They had expressions on their face like they were saying sorry. I smiled back in thanks.

Alice’s face became stone-still and blank for a few seconds before looking at us. “Jasper, start looking for hotels somewhere else. I can convince an employee to get our car for us and park it in the shade.” He nodded before she got up and left the room.

A phone rang with a ring tone I didn’t know and Jasper pulled his phone out. “You have impossible timing, brother,” Jasper answered.

I could vaguely make out the voice on the other end of the phone. “Well, I somehow just knew I needed to call. What’s going on?”

“A tracker is after Edward’s mate. We already left New Hampshire, where we were staying, and now we have to leave where we went because the tracker somehow found us here,” he explained.

There was silence for a moment. “You can come and stay with us. She could have extra protection here with us around. We are in Oregon. How close are you?”

Jasper smiled a half smile. “We’re in California actually.”

You could hear a smile in his voice. “Excellent. We’ll see you within the day. I’ll let you know the exact location when you are closer.”

Jasper had a full smile now. “Thank you.”

The man’s voice became almost mocking. “Now, when did Edward find a mate?” I heard the man and another, lighter voice that probably belonged to a female in the background laughing.

Jasper laughed too. “I know- it’s hard to believe.” He sobered up a little after I raised an eyebrow at him. “However, she is an amazing woman and will be perfect for him. She’s already gotten him to lighten up a bit. She’s even a human!”

He smiled and winked while putting a finger to his mouth. I smiled and stifled my giggles. There was a stunned momentary silence on the other end.

“She’s in the room with you isn’t she?”

Jasper started laughing, which sent me into a fit of giggles. “Yeah. She’s real entertaining too!”

The man started laughing too. “Can’t wait! I’ll see you soon!”

Jasper calmed down some and replied, “See you soon!”

They hung up and Jasper started laughing again, which just made me laugh harder. This is how Alice came in and found us five minutes later. She rolled her eyes and we eventually calmed down.

“Okay, they are bringing the car around in a moment. Do you have everything together?” she asked us both.

I looked at her. “Was anything in my bag unpacked?” She looked at me and nodded her head ‘no.’ “Then I’m all set.” I started walking towards the room, but she beat me and zoomed in and out within a second or two. My bag was in her hand.

I looked around for Jasper and saw him with their bag in his hand. They nodded to each other and then led me out of the hotel room and towards the lobby. Once they checked out, we went to Carlisle’s Mercedes parked near the door in the shade. We got in and started heading north towards Oregon.
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