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Best Served Cold . . .

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Summary: Willow gets caught up in someone's need for revenge . . .

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: AsherEenaAngelFR213464,329148249,55216 Jan 039 Jan 05No

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Title: Best Served Cold . . .
Author: eena_angel2001
Rating: R
Pairing: W/Asher
Category: BTVS/AB
Disclaimer: Don't own them. Whedon owns BTVS, Hamiliton owns AB.
Spoilers: Through Tabula Rasa Season Six of BTVS. NIC for AB.
Summary: Willow gets caught up in someone's need for revenge . . .
Notes: For this fic, Willow stopped magic after Tara left her. And the AB verse exists alongside the BTVS verse. The different vamps from each series will be portrayed as different species.


She sat, rather bored, at the table in front of the bar. She didn't know she bothered to come tonight. Honestly, a theme night at the Bronze? Who's lame-ass idea was that? And why would Anya feel the need to attend, dragging Xander, and therefore Willow, with her.
The redhead sighed, eyes going to the dance floor. She couldn't help but giggle at the sight of her best friend flailing around on the dance floor with his fiancee. Well, it wasn't as bad as before. Xander was kind of getting the hang of it now, but still, he was far off from being okay at it.
Willow wrinkled up her nose, distasteful of the idea that just struck her. What if Anya wanted something like this at the wedding? What if she forced everyone to? That would be disastrous, especially with the mix of people coming. Demons and humans, all coming together to see Xander and Anya joined in holy matrimony.
That is, they will see them joined in holy matrimony if a fight doesn't break out. And considering Buffy was one of the bridesmaids . . . Well, how many demons you know that want to be in a confined space with the Slayer?
Speaking of the Slayer, Buffy had abandoned her on this night. The blonde had begged off, claiming the need to patrol early tonight. Apparently some of the vamps had been more agitated as of late for some reason, and she wanted to make sure nothing chaotic went down as a result of it. Of course, if you wanted to follow that kind of reasoning, Buffy should have been here. After all, the Bronze was where all the baddies went to get their chaos on.
Unless they were headed for the school that is. But the school wasn't even standing anymore, so that was out of the question. And where else would vampires find a mass congregation of people in Sunnydale but the Bronze?
Willow gave another sigh, looking down into her drink as she swirled it mindlessly. She kind of wished she drank some more, cause getting drunk would be a nice distraction for her problems as of late. But sadly, she could not do so. Getting drunk in Sunnydale always ended up being more trouble than it was worth.
Green eyes went to the dance floor again, noting that Anya and Xander had a lot more rhythm than before. Good for them.
"You want to try it?"
The voice in her ear startled her, causing her to spill her drink on the table. A chuckle in her ear brought her to her senses rather quickly. The redhead rolled her eyes, giving a bit of growl before turning around to glare at the person behind her. She only got another laugh in response.
"Is there any reason why you're creeping up on me?" she asked snidely, turning back to the table to wipe up the spill of her drink.
"Do I need one?" was the equally snide reply. She heard the scraping of chair legs as he pulled out the one across from her and sat down.
"What's up Spike?" she finally asked, raising what she hoped was irritated eyes to him. The vampire in question only laughed again, folding his arms on the table, leaning his chin on them as he looked at her.
"Nothin'," he denied. "I was bored and thought to myself 'what is the best source of entertainment in this town?' And the answer came to me right away-Red!"
She tried to keep an annoyed expression after that, but it just wasn't working. The smile began tugging at the corner of her lips and Spike only grinned wider at the signs of it.
"Oh just smile Red," he admonished her. "You know it's going to happen eventually, so just give in."
There it was, the smile. She gave it begrudgingly, letting him know with her eyes that it was against her will.
"You know, it's not a crime to feel better," he continued to say. "So the witch left you and you had to give up on the mojo, not the end of the world. I mean, you've seen enough of that to know the difference."
"Spike, is there a reason for this?"
"I told you, I'm bored!" he rolled his eyes, catching the sight of Anya and Xander on the dance floor. "You want to try it?"
It always amazed her how he could change subjects so quickly, but still be talking about the same thing.
"You want to swing dance?"
"I wouldn't ask unless I did," he rolled his eyes again. "Come on, you know you want to."
"I do?" she arched an eyebrow. He nodded.
"Of course you do," he tossed her another grin, extending his hand to her as he stood up. She frowned at it, at him, for a second before giving a mental shrug and clasping his hand with her own. He gave her a wolfish grin before pulling her onto the dance floor.
Cool blue eyes watched as he left his crypt, shrugging on his jacket with ease. So it was true, he was here. Had been here for a while. Strange since he was such a wanderer by nature. He never stayed in one spot for too long. He either got bored, or someone would chase him out. He did have a tendency to make people angry with him.
Funny, his time here had made him careless. His mind was racing, not even properly shielded as he wandered the streets. He did not know that someone was following him, reading his freeflowing thoughts. This was stupid of him, even more so than usual. He was being so lax.
He followed behind his prey, hearing his thoughts as he came to a conclusion. The image of red hair and green eyes came to him, along with something very strange. A title, of friend.
This vampire never had any friends. He had minions, he had sires, he had masters, but he never had had any friends. What a curious notion.
And so he continued to stalk him, marveling at the vampire's ignorance. He was getting far too relaxed in this town. Into the club he had followed, watching him converse with the redhead from his mind's eye. He watched as he dragged her off to the dance floor, spinning her around, laughing and smiling to his heart's content.
How sweet.
He honestly wondered how this could be the group of people he had heard so much about. They were practically clueless to his very existence. He followed them to their Magic Shop, watching them converse with the Slayer. Only she showed some inclination of his presence, twitching slightly as she looked out to the night. But apparently she had more on her mind than him at the this moment.
He watched as HE left with her, on some sort of demon hunt. A purple one, he thought he heard her say. The redhead stayed with her friends at the shop, for awhile, heading home at the end.
And that was all he had been waiting for.
Spike trailed behind Buffy, a scowl on his face. He loved her, but didn't. And she just loved to jerk him around, telling him he was nothing, but the next day coming running to him with some sort of demon, internal and external.
They were rounding the corner when they heard the faint sounds of screams and shouts. They were about three blocks from the Magic Shop. Wordlessly, the vampire and the Slayer exchanged a look before breaking out into a panicked run. Less than a block away, he felt it happen, falling to his knees when he recognized the feeling.
Buffy skidded to a stop, looking at him incredulously. He just jumped up, running past her and towards the shop as fast as he could. He heard her right behind him, but for once, he didn't think on that, think on her.
They rounded the final corner, stopping dead in their tracks at the sight. Xander and Anya lay in a heap on the street. He saw the blonde hair, picked out the blue eyes, and the redhead trapped in its arms. His eyes went wide, fear welling up in him along with understanding.
But he turned, taking off in a instant. They couldn't follow, no way would they be able to follow. They were both out of sight within seconds, before vampire and Slayer could even make it to the conscious peoples on the street.
The cry came from the Slayer, wrought with panic. She turned to him, blue eyes clouded with horror.
"Spike! What do we do?"
He didn't have an answer, so shocked was he by it all. He tried to form words, but none came to him. And finally, he was able to spit out some instructions, some answer.
"Call Angel. Now."
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