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Checkmate: Part 2

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Checkmate". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Five years after Chosen, Buffy wants to retire and have a real life, but can she? Warnings: Femslash, Pairing Alexis/Michelle, Buffy/Willow.

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Chapter 45: The Circle

Dawn called out, “All right, girls, time to get this show on the road.”

I looked back at Robert, “Take a seat and enjoy the show, you’ve never seen anything like it.”

Michelle walked over with me; her phone held to her ear, “Yes, sir, I think it went well. The girls are about to get ready, I’ll be relaying information from your experts to them... No, sir, probably not right away, they have to get their… well communication channels working first… No, sir, I don’t know how long that will take, I’ll keep you informed.”

Willow, Dawn, Renee, and I formed a loose circle in the cleared area in front of the row Buffy and the Doctor were seated in, Robert had taken the seat on the other side of Buffy. Willow turned around and leaned over and kissed Buffy thoroughly on the mouth, I felt a hand on my shoulder and was turned into Michelle’s waiting lips. After a few moments I heard Willow, “Love you baby, wish you could be part of this party.”

Michelle broke our kiss, “I love you; don’t worry about anything you have to do.”

I nodded, although I wasn’t sure what she was talking about, and turned back to the circle, Willow looked at us in turn and then concentrated on Renee, “What we’re going to do, or at least try to do, is going to seem very strange to you. Please, just go along with us, you can trust us, don’t fight it or you will just make things harder, probably too hard for it to work. But Dawn, Michelle, and I have discussed it and we don’t think there is any other way to do this.”

I looked back at Michelle, she just tapped her temple and smiled at me, Willow continued, “A lot of what we’re doing, especially at the beginning, isn’t going to make any sense. You are going to think it’s sexual, but it isn’t, at least not in the traditional sense, it’s more of a way to develop the necessary closeness to enable your mind, your subconscious mind, to relax enough to enable the communication to take place.”

Renee was looking at Willow in confusion, “I’m sorry, I really can’t explain it any better. Just trust us, please?”

Renee looked at her; then at Dawn; and then at me, I took a shot, “I don’t really know any more of what they’re planning than you do, but Willow is the most powerful Witch in the world and Dawn is the Key. I trust my life to them, I have for over a year and they have never let me down. If they think we can do this then we can. We’ve got Michelle, my mate, and Buffy, Willow’s mate, watching over us, they won’t let anything happen to us.”

Renee looked at all of us again, “I think I’m going nuts, but I guess I’m in.”

Willow nodded, “Okay, everyone strip.”

I started to unbutton my blouse, Renee emitted a strangled “What!?!?”

Willow grinned shyly, “I told you that a lot of this would be hard to understand. We have to be in close contact, I can’t explain it any better than that.”

Renee swallowed visibly, “How close?”

Willow blushed, “Very… come on it won’t get any easier waiting.” She pulled her top over her head and started to unhook her skirt when she glanced my way, “Michelle, you don’t have to strip! Just the four of us.”

I looked behind me, Michelle had her blouse half unbuttoned, she stuck out her lip in her classic pout, “I don’t? Why does Alexis always get to have all the fun!”

“Because she isn’t over enthusiastic like you are!”

“You want to take my place?”

Before Michelle could answer Willow spoke up, “No, we already discussed that, you have to remain outside the circle, Michelle’s the best chance we have to maintain communications and we don’t want to be flying blind. Now come on girls!”

I unbuttoned my blouse and peeled it off, then kicked off my shoes and got my socks off. I unzipped my jeans and was working them off when Dawn spoke up, “How far?”

Willow was unhooking her bra, “All the way, no use trying this and having some scrap of material foul things up.”

I got my jeans off and concentrated on myself, ignoring the fact I was standing in the middle of a crowded airplane with at least forty people looking on. I started to reach behind myself for my bra clasp when I felt Michelle’s hands on my back, “I’ve got it, love.”

I felt her unhook it and I let it slip off my shoulders and fall to the floor, I glanced around, trying to keep my awareness within our circle and ignore the faces peering at us from the rows of passenger seats. Dawn was nude, standing calmly, Willow was just in the process of slipping her panties off, Renee had her blouse unbuttoned and was looking at her hands as they slowly pulled the zipper of her jeans down.

I pulled my panties over my hips and let them drop, I stepped out of them and up to Renee, I spoke softly but not a whisper, “Let me help.”

I crouched down in front of her and untied her shoe; I felt her hand on my shoulder steadying herself as I lifted her leg and took her shoe and sock off. I put her foot down and untied the other one; she lifted her foot and let me take it and the sock off. I looked up at her, “Its okay,” and reached up took the waist of her jeans and the panties underneath and pulled both down her legs. She lifted one foot at a time and I slipped them off of her.

I stood up in front of her and looked up into her eyes, she was a couple of inches taller than me, her gaze was over my head, “Just look at me,” her eyes came down until she was looking at me. I put my hands on her shoulders and slipped her blouse off.

I was about to try to reach around her to release her bra when Michelle stepped up behind her, “This is Michelle, the official bra releaser today, you know, sort of like a designated driver but more fun.”

I saw Renee’s bra loosen and slipped it off her shoulders, it fell to the ground and I took her hand and stepped to the side, Willow stepped up to her and put both her hands on Renee’s shoulders, Renee tore her gaze from my eyes and looked at Willow, “Renee, you’re the key to this so you are the center.”

Willow glanced at Dawn and me, “You two on either side.”

I stepped over to Renee’s side and took her arm and put it over my shoulder and I put my arm around her back, I felt Dawn’s arm on her back just above mine and Dawn’s hand gripped my shoulder. I couldn’t reach Dawn’s shoulder so I grasped her arm just above her elbow. The entire front of my body was pressed firmly against Renee’s side, I felt Willow’s arm work its way between us, just below my ribcage, and then I felt Willow’s hands on my arm where it crossed Renee’s back, both of her hands, I looked away from Renee’s face and realized Willow was tightly holding her, her head tilted back so she could look at Renee. I put my other arm across Willow’s back and felt Dawn’s arm on mine, her hand grasped my arm and I reciprocated. The four of us were in a tight embrace, Dawn and I locking Willow and Renee together.

Willow was peering into Renee’s eyes, I watched their faces as Willow started to speak softly, “Relax, calm, feel the four of us come together, to be as one…”

Then the words disappeared and the thoughts began to come, “Relax, feel the connections. Alexis?”

I’m here.”


I’m here.” I could faintly sense Dawn’s presence; then it started to become stronger.


Yes?” Very faintly, just on the edge of my senses I heard her response.

Relax, feel us, feel the connections… Just let the barriers down…” I could feel myself start to open up a little, faintly I felt the channel Michelle and I could establish so easily start to open, but it was resisting. No, I was resisting, I tried to relax, I felt the different tone, Michelle’s tone, “Alexis, let go, open yourself to Willow.”

I tried, but something was holding me back. “Alexis!”

What Michelle!”

I love you, I love all of you! And you love me, I know that! I know that to the depth of my soul!”


Now admit you love Willow!”


You do, admit it!”

Slowly I let the feeling emerge, I did love Willow. I loved the way we were together, like an older sister, I loved the way she taught us and cared for us. And I loved the way she loved my Buffy. My Buffy! What the hell! “Alexis, stay centered, yes your Buffy! Sometimes you are so dense! But for now concentrate on Willow! Now kiss her.”

I turned my head slightly and saw Willow’s face right in front of me. She smiled easily and then tilted her head so our lips could come together. I could feel their soft texture, I could taste her slightly strawberry flavor, I could feel the tingle of our naked bodies pressed together. I felt her tongue on my lips and opened my mouth, the kiss deepened and I brushed the tip of my tongue along the roof of her mouth and felt the sensation roll through her body. I could feel what she was feeling! “Alexis?”

The channel was open! I could feel Willow, the warm knowledge of our love flowed between us. The sexual arousal that went with the open channel I shared with Michelle started to rise with Willow, “Alexis, control, this is not the time or place for that. Just feel the connection, feel us!”

Willow pulled back, breaking our kiss, I looked into her eyes and felt her, I saw myself through her eyes and this goofy grin spread across my face. I felt Renee’s body start to tense, I looked back at her through my eyes; I whispered to her, “We’re here; there is nothing to be afraid of. It’s working; it will just take some time."

Alexis?” Willow’s thought came to me.


Time to bring Dawn in, keep the channel open, feel her?”

I concentrated, there was another presence out there, but I couldn’t access it, it was too far. “Renee, watch Dawn,” I tore my eyes from Renee and looked across at Dawn’s eyes. Willow turned to Dawn and I lost sight of her, then she tilted her head and one of Dawn’s eyes was visible above Willow’s cheek. Willow was kissing her and the eye was closed, “Dawn?”


Look at me! Open your eyes!”

Dawn’s eye came open and I looked into it, “You’re blue!”

I grinned, “And Willow’s gold! Now open yourself to us!”

And Dawn was there, the channel snapped open and feelings flooded through us. Feelings and thoughts and history, a torrent flowed, too much to really comprehend. My heart raced and I felt sensations coursing through me that only Michelle and I had ever shared. Suddenly Dawn’s strong presence was there, “Calm! Fun and games later when we’re out of this mess! Settle, together, feel the power, feel the control.”

I felt Dawn’s arms tighten and I pulled us into an even tighter embrace, careful of my Slayer strength but wanting to mold us even tighter physically. Renee started to tense again and all three of us concentrated on her, “Renee?”

Faintly I felt her response, “Yes? What is going on?”

Dawn’s calm thought came across, “We’re here; we need you to join us”

I could feel Dawn’s thoughts play across the barrier separating us from Renee, the barrier we had removed, shattered, from between us. Dawn’s calm thoughts continued to caress the barrier, I could feel it, now that it was gone between Willow and Dawn and I it seemed obvious to me. I reached out to Michelle, “Babe? Are you there?”

Of course I’m here! You know you and Willow and Dawn are getting a pretty good glow going!”

See this,” I pointed out the barrier between us, outlined it with my thoughts, showed her where it was.


Drop it?”

Drop it?

Yes, see right here, just let it down.”

Michelle was part of us; Willow started and then realized who it was, “Michelle?”

Hey, Willow! Pretty neat!”

How did you?”

Alexis showed me, but if you want me to stay in touch with the rest of the world I need to put it back up a little, this is just too consuming.”

Okay, but stay in touch.”

Oh, don’t worry, I will.”

Willow’s attention turned to me, “Alexis, what did you do?”

See, here, this is the barrier. See how it’s down; now raise it, just a little… Feel the difference?”

Dawn was there, “Oh, cool. It’s so simple!”

Not simple, and I don’t think at all common. But we’re matched; see, here, and here, and here.” Willow’s analytical mind quickly mapped our common bonds.

What about Renee?” I asked.

We all examined her, mapped out her barrier, felt the differences and the commonalities. Willow finally came to a conclusion, “She can do it, but she has to let it down. If we try to force our way it will shatter and I can’t imagine that will be good, I don’t even know if she would survive.”

Renee,” I thought.

The still distant thought came to me, “Yes?”

We’re here; we want you to join us. See this, and this, see how this barrier is?”

I think so?”

Ease it down.”

I can’t.” Her thoughts were coming stronger, I could feel her coming closer as she got used to us.

Yes you can, see, watch me,” I raised the barrier, felt the separation between Dawn and Willow, and then let it down. “Like that, just a little, we aren’t going to hurt you. You’ll be fine.”

I felt her barrier come down and little and Dawn and Willow started rushing toward her, “Stop!” Her barrier snapped back into place, “Dawn! Willow! Slowly, calmly, don’t rush! Renee, that was great, they got excited, they’ll stay back. You hear you two?”

Yes, sorry Renee, we’re just excited.”

Sorry, Renee.”

Okay, come on Renee. Just a little, feel us, see that there is nothing to be afraid of.” I could feel her barrier come down, I held myself outside, let her come to me. Then Dawn and Willow came around, slowly, calmly, we showed her our connection, she felt us. And then I felt her physical body relax into us and then jerk in response, “Shush! Quiet! Feel it but don’t let it overwhelm you.”

God! What is that!”

Uh, well, you’re feeling what the feel of your body does to us.”

We waited, Renee tried to regain control but after several minutes of struggle I felt the tensions rising in her, “Willow, Dawn, I need you to hold steady, she can’t handle this.”

Okay, we’ll hold.” Willow replied.

We’ll hold what?” asked Dawn.

We’ll hold our orgasms. This is too much for Renee, she has to release or she won’t be able to concentrate.”

What about me?”

We don’t need your concentration, just your presence to unlock us.”

Well, gee, thanks!”

Later, Dawn. Renee, feel me, feel us, let it go, let it flow through you.”

Oh, god! I don’t know what to do!”

Just feel it, let yourself go. It’s okay!”

Suddenly I felt her body tense and then spasm, she pulsed against us and I could feel her orgasm sweep through me. I had never tried to resist coming when Michelle’s orgasms went through me and it was incredibly hard, but I had no idea what would happen if we all came now. Willow resisted to, I could feel her steadying presence, but it was too much for Dawn. Her orgasm slammed through us and into Renee, and then back again, Willow and I rode the waves, kept our physical bodies upright and locked together. As the waves slowly passed and a semblance of normalcy returned I heard Michelle, “Alexis!”


What is going on, you guys are glowing like crazy. Even Buffy and I are starting to glow a little.”

It was too much for Renee, we had to let her come.”

Let her come?”

Orgasm, silly!”


And then that triggered Dawn. What colors are we glowing?”

Well you’re your normal blue and Willow is gold, I think that’s her normal color.”

Yeah, that’s what they said.”

Well, Dawn is blue/green, like our colors merged. Renee is red/gold, like Willow and Buffy merged.”

Willow joined in, “Oh, shit!”

What?” asked Dawn.

I think we’ve found our final member.”

What?” We all echoed at the same time.

Later, we have to live through this first. Renee, honey, are you there?”

Yes! What the hell are you talking about!”

I could feel Renee now, linked just as strongly as the rest of us. Then another voice joined us, “What the hell are you doing with my wife!”

Buffy! Everything’s fine, relax.”

Relax! You’re going off like Roman Candles!”

We are not! Only Renee and Dawn went off.”


We had to release the tension, it was too much. Buffy, we’ll talk later, I need you to back off a little, we’ve got a newbie here and we need to bring her in gently.”

Gently? That was gently? What the hell do you call rough?” Renee shouted at us.

It was good, but it can get better.” I smiled at her as I said it but all I got was a shake of her head in response.

Hey guys, if you’re up to it they would like us to start circling now. Actually about five minutes ago and they’re starting to get a little frantic.” Michelle thought.

Okay, just a little more,” thought Willow, “Renee, are you ready?”

I think so, still a little shaky but I’ll be okay.”

So, see how these control circuits are?” I followed along as Willow led us around the plane’s control circuits. We could see, feel, sense, the various electrical and hydraulic systems. Willow would stop and show how she manipulated them, soon Renee was moving right with her, pointing out things Willow didn’t recognize or understand.

Renee, are you ready to start flying this thing?”

Her, flying her! Yes I am so ready!”

Michelle, we’re ready to start trying some maneuvers, make sure everybody is strapped in.”

A few minutes later her thought came back, “Go for it.”

Okay, Renee, Willow, outside world is ready.”

At first the plane moved jerkily but within a minute or two it was swooping smoothly through the air. Then I heard the engines change pitch, I felt us accelerate and then slow down. I followed Willow and Renee as they learned the controls and their responses, but most of the time I couldn’t follow what they were doing.

Half an hour later I heard Renee direct a thought to me, “Tell Michelle we’re going to really slow down…”

I can hear you fine, Renee.”


Right here, sweetie.”

Sweetie! Humph! Two timer are you?”

And three, and four, Alexis’ knows all about me.”

Hey, you haven’t two timed on me! I would know!”

Just in my dreams, dear, just in my dreams.”

And they’ll stay there!”

What? You’re the one that’s been two timing, make that three timing!”

I have not!”

Two – Renee, three – Dawn, I rest my case.”

But I didn’t get any…”

That was your own choice!”

Knock it off you two!” Willow’s thought cut through the squabble, “We’ll deal with this later. For now we’ve got work to do. Michelle, let them know we’re going to slow the plane way down so we can test the landing systems, make sure we know how to control the flaps, landing gear, and other stuff.”

Okay… You’re clear to go.”

Another ten minutes of maneuvers and then the plane sped up and resumed its normal cruise. I heard Renee again, “Michelle, we want to try a couple of simulated approaches, down to like 100 feet…”

Isn’t that awfully low?”

No, we won’t be going down to 100 feet, we want to start at like 10,000 feet but treat it as if we were at 5000, then we’ll make the approach until we’re at a theoretical 100 feet but actually 5000 feet.”

Oh, I see.”

What we want them to do is talk us down. We haven’t been able to get any kind of instrumentation going and we can’t really see outside. So we need them to talk as down like an instrument approach and tell us what to do when. And you have to get used to relaying the information to us.”




It will probably be best if you don’t try to edit what they’re saying, just echo the information to us. You probably won’t understand a lot of it.”

Okay… They’ve put the 747 pilot on the phone with me and he’s patched through to the fighter pilots that are along side of us.”

Michelle, ask him how different the approach speeds and rate of descent are from a 737.”

He says they are very similar, you want the same rate of descent, but the speeds are pretty much a constant 20 miles per hour higher.”

Okay, ask them if they can patch us directly through to the fighter jocks and just have the 747 pilot monitor, I don’t like the idea of the delay between the fighters, the pilot, and then you.”

They said that sounds like a good idea, hold on, here’s another idea.”

What are you doing?”

It’s an ear bug, you should be able to hear them directly now.”

Suddenly there was a strange voice echoing around our heads, “Navy Alpha Tango to Victor Lima, how do you read?”

“Victor Lima, read you five by five!” Renee said, “Hey, I can talk!”

I heard Michelle answer her, “Sure, telepathy is just easier.”

“Not when you’re trying to communicate with non-telepaths.”

“Oops, our bad, course we didn’t know how out of it you would be.”

“Get me a head set, somebody has to have one!”

“Hold on,”

A minute later I watched as Michelle slipped a headset onto Renee, I closed my eyes; it was hard to keep our link when I could see the outside world. Evidently Renee agreed, “Am I still here?”

You’re here, Renee, it’s easier if we keep our eyes closed; don’t let the outside world intrude.”

Yeah, you’re right. But I think I can talk and listen, it’s not any more distracting than listening to Michelle.”

Victor Lima to Navy Alpha Tango, how do you read?”

“Alpha Tango, read you five by five. What the hell was that about telepaths?”

Another voice came on, instantly recognizable, “Alpha Tango, forget you heard that. Your job is to get that plane down safely.”

“Yes, Sir!”

“Son, we need them, and not splattered all over some patch of dirt.”

“Yes, Sir!”

“Victor Lima, Alpha Tango what’s our altitude?”

“You’re at angels twelve five.”

“Is the 747 pilot on this circuit?”

“Roger, Victor Lima, this is Captain Jenkins.”

“Captain, if we were on an approach at 7500 what should our speed be?”

“Indicated 375 knots.”

“Alpha Tango; lets slow down to that and you try to talk us down. Captain let us know if we do anything wrong.”

For the next half hour we did simulated approaches, the last two went without a hitch. Finally Renee said, “Okay people, I think we’ve got this, ready to try if for real?”

“Alpha Tango concurs.”

“I think you’ve got it,” Jenkins said.

“Victor Lima, Alpha Tango, lead us home.”

After all that the approach and landing at Norfolk was anti-climatic, Renee set that plane down as light as a feather and let us roll out down the long runway, the four of us barely staggered as we came to a stop. And then the cheers and screams filled the cabin of the aircraft.

Dawn and I started to relax our grip when Renee tightened hers, “This isn’t ending here, is it?”

Willow was the first to speak, but we all echoed her, “Hell no!”

I relaxed my grip and opened my eyes; we were all still standing together. Renee leaned over to Willow and kissed her on the mouth, a long lingering kiss, when she finally broke it she turned to Dawn and did the same thing; then she turned to me. Her lips were soft but demanding and I molded myself to her as our tongues met and tangled, finally she drew away, I laid my head on her shoulder and hugged her and then let her go. Michelle stepped up and pulled Renee into a tight embrace and kissed her thoroughly, then let her go and stepped back, she gestured behind Renee, “Your clothes.”

I turned and saw four piles of neatly folded clothes, our shoes beside each pile. I went over to my pile, grabbed my panties and pulled them on. I glanced back and noticed Buffy was still seated in the middle seat, her shoulder and upper chest swathed in bandages, her eyes glistening with tears. Willow was beside me pulling on her panties when she must have noticed the same thing; she walked over to Buffy and knelt beside her, “Babe, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing! I’m just glad you finally found someone, I’m sure you’ll be so much happier…”

“Buffy! What the hell are you talking about?”

“You and Renee! I saw how beautiful you are together! You’re made for each other!”

Willow pulled Buffy into her arms, bending her toward herself, locking Buffy’s head in her hands and peering into her eyes, “Oh, Buffy! You crazy little Slayer! We’re made for each other! You know that! No matter who else is with us, we are and always will be one!”

“But…” Buffy’s response was smothered with Willow’s lips, her eyes opened wide, startled by the passion of the kiss, and then closed. I continued dressing slowly, watching Buffy and Willow kiss, and then stopped as I was buttoning my blouse, Buffy and Willow started to glow, the familiar pulsing glow that Michelle and I created when we made love, except Buffy was crimson and Willow yellow gold. The intensity increased incredibly rapidly and the pulsation disappeared, it was a brilliant steady glow that filled the cabin, then increased even more, impossibly more, and then faded away. Willow was still holding Buffy in her arms, their kiss ended and they rested their heads on each other’s shoulders, the silence of the cabin filled with their harsh breathing.

Willow lifted her head and softly pushed Buffy away from her until they were looking into each other’s eyes, “See, silly goose. I could never leave you.”

Buffy nodded, tears flowing down her cheeks. Willow gave her a quick kiss on the lips, “Now, no more PDAs, I need to get dressed.”

Buffy sat back in her seat and Willow walked over to me and started to put on the rest of her clothes, unconscious of the stares of the people around her. I finished buttoning my blouse and picked up my jeans and pulled them on, “Willow?”

“Yes, Alexis?”

“I think that was more than a Public Display of Affection.”

“We know that, but I don’t think most of the people around here realize it.”

As I was tying my shoes I heard a loud ‘thump’ against the outside of the plane. Suddenly green clad soldiers with rifles at the ready were charging down the aisles, and then they came to a stumbling stop as they came into our section of the cabin and saw the scene before them. The doctor was checking Buffy and looked back over his shoulder at the commotion. The four of us were almost completely dressed, although Willow was in the process of pulling her skirt up.

The soldiers were standing in stunned disbelief when another solder pushed his way through, “What the hell is going on here! Where the hell is B. Summers!?”

Buffy looked up from her seat on the couch, “Uh, that would be me?

“What! You can’t be – he’s supposed to be in charge here!”

“Yeah, that’s me all right,” Buffy said disgustedly.

“I want to know what’s going on!”

Michelle held the phone out to him, “Uh, you might want to listen to this?”

He grabbed the phone and yelled into it, “What!”

“Who is this?” I could clearly hear both sides of the conversation.

“Who are you? Some reporter?” Too late he recognized the voice, his eyes started to open in shock, “Mr. President?!”


“Lieutenant Anderson, USMC, Sir!”

“Son, why are you on that airplane?”

“Uh, my CO, Colonel Thompson, told me to board and secure the aircraft, sir.”

“Shit! Look you’re on board, you keep everyone else off until the security forces I ordered arrive. Everybody on that plane is quarantined until further notice. Nobody gets on or off, understand?”

“Yes, sir!”

The doctor held out his hand for the phone, the officer reluctantly gave it to him “Sir, what about Ms Summers?”

“Who is this?”

“This is Dr. Cranston; I’ve been treating Ms Summers and some of the other injured passengers.”

“Ah, yes doctor, do any of them need immediate medical attention?”

“None except for Ms Summers, everything else was minor. She was shot in the upper chest; she appears stable, much better than should be expected, but…”

“I keep telling you I’m fine!” Buffy called out.

“Doctor, would you mind staying with Ms Summers, we’ll get her to medical facilities as soon as practicable but at the same time I think if she feels she’s okay then she probably is.”

The doctor didn’t look happy, “Okay Mr. President, I’m not… well she does seem amazingly… robust…”

“Sheesh,” Buffy snarked, “Now I’m ‘robust’, I haven’t been putting on weight have I?”

“Uh, Doctor,” I spoke up, “Has anybody checked the hijackers? I think some of them have some fairly extensive injuries.”

He nodded, “There are two doctors that have looked them over; they have splinted their broken bones and bandaged the injuries caused by the explosions. The last time I talked to them they were all stable but they do have the most significant injuries.”

The president’s voice came over the phone, “They’ll just have to wait until the security forces I’ve dispatched arrive; they should be there in another couple of minutes. Doctor, give me the Lieutenant.”

The doctor handed the phone back to the army officer, almost reluctantly he took it and spoke into the handset, “Yes, sir?”

“Lieutenant, until the security forces arrive you do exactly what Ms Summers says, understand?”

“Yes, sir!”

“Okay, I’ve got other things I need to be doing, we’re signing off now.”

“Uh, Sir?”

“Yes, Lieutenant?”

“How do I know who your security forces are, sir?”

“They’re commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Finn, Buffy knows her, anything else Lieutenant?”

“No, sir; thank you sir.” Before the line went dead I heard the President’s voice, “I want that fool officer that ordered him on the plane in custody as soon…”

He looked at the phone in stunned silence for a few more moments and then handed it back to Michelle; Michelle took it and then put it back in the seat headrest I had gotten it from originally.

Buffy looked at the lieutenant, “Lieutenant Anderson?”

“Yes, ma’am?”

“It’s Buffy!”

“Yes, ma… Buffy?”

“Why don’t you send some of your men down to guard the hijackers and make sure no one comes in the rear doors, the rest can keep an eye on the front doors until Sam… Colonel Finn, makes her appearance?”

“Yes… Buffy!”

For the next several minutes we just relaxed, Willow sat next to Buffy and carefully held her in her arms, whispering to her and I didn’t try to over hear their conversation. Dawn took Renee to a couple of empty seats and sat with her while Michelle and I went back to our original seats. Michelle disappeared for a minute and came back with bottles of juice for all of us. I hadn’t realized how thirsty, and hungry, I was until she handed me the bottle, I drained it immediately. She had a self-satisfied grin on her face, “What?”

“Say please.”


She reached inside her blouse and slowly pulled out a silver can, I grinned as she handed me a diet coke, then she reached in again and pulled out a plastic wrapped sandwich. I caught her hand as she handed it to me and pulled her to me so I could kiss her, then I let her go and started munching down the sandwich. A few minutes later I heard the noisy approach of a helicopter, I couldn’t see anything but Dawn called out from the other side, “Looks like we’ve got company.”

A few minutes later another group of soldiers came down the aisle, led by Sam Finn. She immediately went up to Buffy and squatted down in front of her, “How are you doing, Buffy?”

“I’m fine; it’s this fool doctor that won’t let me up.”

Sam looked at the doctor sitting next to Buffy, “I don’t understand it, but she seems amazingly unaffected by the gunshot wound in the upper chest, all her vital signs are normal and she appears stable.”

Sam nodded, “She’s probably almost healed by now, but would you mind coming with us Doctor?”

“Where are you going?”

“Washington, it will take us about an hour to get there; then we’ll get both of you to a medical facility where we can verify it.”

The doctor looked skeptical, “Okay, but I need to notify my family.”

“We’ll let you get in touch when we let the rest of the passengers. Don’t worry; you’ll get home just as fast as they will.”

We had all drifted over to where they were by then, Dawn spoke up, “Sam, I think a lot of the passengers have already been in contact.”

“Yeah, we know. That was another thing that idiot outside was supposed to do but didn’t. We’ve shut down communications now, but we don’t know how much has already gotten out.” She looked around at all of us, “We’ll try to limit what gets out, but you guys were pretty open, a lot has already gotten out. I’ve already heard some video of your little magic circle is hitting the news. I think the FCC is going to be collecting a lot of fines because they’re airing it uncut and your state of attire doesn’t meet most broadcast standards.”

“Shit!” I said, “What’s Dad going to say… I’m going to be grounded for so long…”

“Look,” Sam interrupted, “Let’s get this show on the road. We can get you someplace secure and then we’ll see how we’ll deal with it.”

She stood up and nodded to a couple of her soldiers who brought four duffle bags over and put them down near us, “We’ve got combat fatigues, helmets, goggles, everything just like us, get dressed in them and we’ll get on the choppers and get out of here. Put your carry-on luggage in the duffle bags, we’ll deal with your checked luggage later. In fact, give your claim tags to the Lieutenant here and he’ll be sure that it gets taken care of,” she turned to Lieutenant Anderson, “Right, Lieutenant?”

“Yes, ma’am!”

We were quickly all dressed in the uniforms, our faces concealed behind helmets, goggles, and scarves. Buffy moved slowly at the doctor’s insistence but with the help of one of the soldiers was ready when the rest of us were. Renee and the doctor retrieved their carry-on luggage from their seats and added the bags to the duffle bags filled with our stuff. Michelle and I each grabbed a duffle along with the two soldiers who had brought them, all of us followed Sam over to the helicopters and we climbed on board.

A/N: This concludes Part 2.

The End

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