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Summary: Imagine if you will, A Xander who can be everyone, any character you can think of to suit the situation. The problem comes when he never quite knows who he's going to get.

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Chapter Five


Authors’ Note: We’re sorry about the long time between chapters. Life and college got in the way but we’re back. All characters presented are copy written by their respective owners. And there will be a lot of them. Enjoy.

Opening Note: This chapter will finish the first arc of this tale. We have other smaller tales that will fit into this story but with this chapter we will open the story up for those who want to add to it. We will come up with list of rules soon but if you have any ideas of things you may want to add, we can give you a short list of what we already have. This doesn’t mean we’ll stop writing this fic, just that we have our own stories that will pop in from time to time to further explain the story and back-story.

Chapter Five

The army helicopter to Egypt was quiet except for the roar of the wind rushing by the open door. They were getting close to their destination but they already knew that they were late, sounds of battle were broadcast on all frequencies as Xander, Jack, and Riley watched each other silently.

Using the microphones in their helmets, they could talk to each other but for most of the flight remained quiet.

“So explain it to me one more time. For the past what…two years, the military has been hiding the existence of a sentient robotic species from itself, including SG-1 which has been running longer then this operation, and we’re currently going into a battle between the opposing forces of this alien world in order for some kid to resurrect the leader of the good guy?” Jack shook his head.

“And they turn into cars and stuff too.” Xander commented as he grinned.

“And they turn into cars. Have we turned into some kids show or something? This sounds like some toy idea.” O’Neill shook his head.

“Nope and as I told you before. We didn’t even know about the Stargate program. So there have been problems of communications on all sides.” Riley nods to Jack.

“Yeah, but come on, their plotting what, the end of the world or the take over or something. Someone dropped the ball there.” Jack argued.

“Hey, hey, hey. If this is going to be a who was here first, who did the most I would like to say we took care of saving the day from the apocalypse at least…” Xander starts.

“Shut it.” Jack and Riley say together as they continue arguing. That soon fell silent as the sounds of the battle loomed closer. High up, they could see the massive robots combating each other, Military help on one side. as Riley told the pilot to take them down close to Nest’s base camp.

As they moved closer to the landing area, the three got ready to disembark but the plane continued onward ignoring the order to land.

“Excuse me; I thought he told you…” Jack got up to yell at the pilot as the co-pilot aimed a gun at O’Niell.

“I heard the orders Colonel O’Neill but the NID would prefer you three stay here for questioning. Especially, Mr. Harris we’ve heard a lot of interesting Facts about you Mr. Harris. Now just sit down and relax. We have a base a little ways away from here.”

At that moment everyone just stopped and exchanged looks. Xander was in the dark but both Jack and Riley new about the NID and their little ways. They weren’t about to let the corrupt government program stop them.

“Fine. Go get him.” Jack grinned and pushed Xander off of his seat surprising the NID agent who staggered back only to be disarmed by Riley by putting his own gun to the pilot’s head.

Pulling his own gun on the agent, Jack yelled into the mic. “Xander, you ok buddy?” He only got one word through the crackling static and rush of wind.


Sam and Mikaela were running as fast as possible. He had o get to Optimus. He only had the dust of the matrix but he had to believe it could revive Optimus. Screaming as the Decepticon Scorponok rose from the sand behind him he didn’t even pause and kept running.

What did stop the three of them, humans and Decepticon together was the metal glint in the air that slammed into the Decepticon. Getting up from the wreckage a metal man, over seven feet, stood. As the transformer tried to get up the huge man leaned over and ripped the head off the body.

“Bozhe moi. That was quite the fall eh, my metal enemy?” he looked at the two kids, the voice in his head telling them the details. “Run friends to your destination. I’ll ..’ he’s stopped as a missile blasts him from the wreckage throwing him several feet.

He didn’t even have to say any more, Sam grabbed his girlfriend’s hand and ran.

Xander could see everything, feel everything. But he wasn’t in any control. He could talk to Colossus, tell him what’s happening in less then a second but he was just a viewer, a back seat driver in his own body and after that missile hit he knew the Russian couldn’t stand up to these guys. He was going to have to shift again, maybe even multiple times. He just hoped he could take it.

As they arrived to Optimus, Sam had to constantly look behind him because the metal man, had changed back to flesh and blood and was running right behind them. With eyes wide open they watched as the man hit the dirt, rolling until he came to his feet this time though, wearing a blue uniform with a visor over his eyes.

“Who the hell are you, an X-men or something.” Sam yelled back as he ran to Optimus dropping the dust onto the lifeless autobot’s body.

“Cyclops actually, get down!” Cyclops bellows as he takes out some missiles being dropped on them by a random Deceptacon. Following Starscream as it flies away, Cyclops lets loose with his optic blast knocking Starscream out of the sky.

Turning, he isn’t able to stop the blast from Megatron, which hits the kid. Rushing over he gently pulls the screaming Mikaela from Sam’s body so the medics can help him.

Captain Lennox grabs him by the shoulder, and over the din of battle asks “Who the hell are you?”

Opening his visor he releases the beam knocking Megatron off his feet and onto the ground. Turning back to the Captain he says “We’re here to help.”

“But…but you don’t…exist!”

Grinning the man turns suddenly turning to ice itself, “not from this dimension.”

Damn it Xander thought to himself as the boys parents rush to their son’s body. Shifting to the next person, Iceman he’s able to create a frozen barricade as he sees the massive monster of techno organic creation, Devastator on top of the pyramid.

Crap, I’m going to have to finish this soon and fast. A beam of energy that seemed to be aimed at the giant monster unfortunately missed, hitting and destroy the massive wall of ice he created.

“Oh fuck…” Bobby groaned to himself with Xander agreeing. Turning around though, he luckily saw both Optimus and the boy coming around. Still. It was no time to waste. Time to pull out the big guns, but this was going to take a lot of power.

Optimus was grateful for the old Decepticon’s, Jetfire’s, gift and sacrifice, but he still wasn’t sure if he could defeat both the Fallen who had just arrived, Megatron, and Devastator. Even with the Matrix in his grasp.

“Prime, your days are numbered; the rule of the Decepticons is at hands.” The old machine cackled with insane glee.

“I would like to say something on our behalf.” All four massive machines looked down as a man rose, appearing in what seemed to be a bubble of electro magnetic energy.

“The… interesting persona in my head, this Xander, has told me the situation and, as an agreement with working with the X-Men, I can’t abide by any mechanic monstrosity looking to destroy all of humanity. They might evolve one day…” A slight grin stirs on the young boys face, his hair black but with traces of pure white.

The Fallen barks out a laugh, “what is this Prime, humans showing some new technology you gave them. Devastator finish the fleshl…” But before the Fallen can continue his rant he see’s the massive combined might of devastator being lifted into the air. The man in the bubble strains, sweat poring down his face as the mighty Decepticon is shredded into pieces of metal.

The Fallen’s eyes open as Optimus’s mouth drops.

“By the matrix…” He whispers.

“How is this possible you’re human…” The Fallen screams in rage. Megatron on the other hand, knows not to stand by his insane benefactor and along with an injured Starscream, shifts into a aerial mode and flies away.

“Human. Pitiful alien, I am beyond human. I am the master of magnetism, a mutant if you prefer. And being metal…” his lip curls into a smile.

“Your highly susceptible to my abilities.” The fallen scrams with rage at this and as he goes to attack, he’s suddenly skewered by multiple pieces of Devastator, scrap metal pushing through his body with ease as the man watches. Turning to Optimus he lands. Closing his eyes, the hair color changes back to a pure shade of black as the youth opens his eyes.

“No thanks needed, just our friendly neighborhood…avatar…” And he slumps forwards as Optimus moves his large hands to catch the youth.

Tying up the two Nid officers after they landed, Riley and jack jumped out of the plane as quick as they could and ran to the battle ground.

“Is it me or does it seem to be over…” Jack looked over.

“Great I think we missed the fun thanks to those two bozo’s.” Riley pointed a thumb back at the copter as they raced to Optimus, who brought back Xander’s body to the team.

“Optimus is he?” Riley looked up concerned.

“The “human” is sleeping.” Ratchet, the transformer’s doctor looks at them as he’s repairing the other injured Autobots.

“Yes, I assume you know him?” Optimus looks down.

“Umm yeah, and we umm sorta need him alive or his friends might kill us.” Jack points at Riley.

“Of course but first we must talk in private. Come with me.” Walking away from Sam and the other army officers he hands the two men Xander’s slumbering body.

“Before he fell he called himself the avatar.” Both men grimaced, he wasn’t supposed to say a word about it, but they were also intrigued. How would he recognize the name? Seeing the look on their faces Optimus continues.

“There are legends of an Avatar, at least what Avatar would be translated into our language as. HE was a force, a powerful might that helped saved the galaxy in its darkest hour from multiple civilizations bent on destruction, the …, what would you call them, you worshiped them as gods…”

“G’ould. Yes, we’ve… made acquaintances with them again.” Riley looked at the massive transformer.

“Yes, we were at war with them once, and the Avatar dispatched them. We owe him our sparks.” Riley and Jack looked at each other. This might make things a bit…harder.

Sometime Later

Five beings stood around the large warehouse.

“So… we’ve come to an agreement?” Jack sighed. He really didn’t like this but he was sure none of the others did.

“This would be the best possible outcome.” Giles sighed, wiping down his glasses, again.

“One person from the government, and one from the council will always be with Xander. If only to keep an eye on the other.” Riley smirked, seeing things from both perspectives, a government agent and a friend to the council.

“And we shall always be there if he needs our support. We don’t have a problem with whoever you choose to watch the Avatar but we do insist on having a …body guard there with him all the time.” Optimus mused.

“Hey you know, I’m standing right here guys, don’t talk as if I was like, miles away or something.” Xander sighed. “I mean your only talking about the rest of my life here.”

“Hey you were the one who decided to get super powers, someone has to watch you.” Jack grins patting his back.

“Even with all your abilities you need to be watched. They only come when they need, you still don’t seem to be able to control them. I agree you need… supervision.” Even Giles seemed to be slightly enjoying this. Xander puts his hand up and sighs, signing defeat.

“Fine, but I’m going on vacation.” The four others exchange glances.

“Where too?” Riley asks.

“Where else, I need some reading material. I’m going to comic con. Who’s in?” Xander smirks.

“I’m in” Jack grins.

“What is this Comic-Con that you refer to?” asked Optimus.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Avatar" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Jan 11.

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