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Summary: Imagine if you will, A Xander who can be everyone, any character you can think of to suit the situation. The problem comes when he never quite knows who he's going to get.

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Chapter One


Authors’ Note: All characters presented are copy written their respective owners. And there will be a lot of them. Enjoy.

O’Neill wasn’t expecting this. The place was a blood bath. Limbs and blood scattered all over the mental hospital. As he and his small team of commandos walked through the gore filled halls, they knew nothing had survived the Goa’uld’s attack.

They’ve been tracking the small elite group of the aliens for months now, always just a second behind. The aliens have been looking for something or someone when the team finally got an exact location. A very high class but small mental hospital on the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio. Silently issuing orders to some commandos to go forward he nods to Teal’c to stay back. He didn’t expect what was found.

Moving through the dead bodies he got to a hallway where the Goa’uld lay. Well, mostly lay. Their bodies bruised, beaten, bloodied, and well, completely savaged. One’s head was torn off and found a good deal distance away from its body. They looked as if some massive animal got to them. Although he didn’t feel much pity for them, O’Neill wasn’t exactly thrilled to be looking for what did this to them.

Pointing to the blood stained door, the commandos followed his signals and opened and secured the room which seemed to be inhibited by the only remaining living human in the whole institution.

“Whoa…hey put the guns down.” The dark haired youth in the blood stained outfit worn by the patients held up his hands. The Colonel wasn’t about to take any chances. Anyone who could do that to the Goa’uld he wasn’t planning on letting out of gun range at this point.

“Calm down son. What happened here?” There seemed to be only one dead Goa’uld in the room.

“Beats me sir. Last thing I remember before blacking out again was that I was strapped to the bed for some reason. I mean I thought originally I was having mental break down and all of that but look at this.” He points to his left eye. “I got my eye back it grew back! Something else must be happening.”

“Umm right, eye back and all that…” Obviously to Jack this kid must have had some problems but he needed to know what happened here.

“Ok, what’s your name kid and what can you tell me about… well about what the hell happened here?”

“Well I’m Xander Harris and as I said, last thing I remembered I was strapped to the…” Xander was interrupted by the com channel as O’Neill picked up his communicator.

“Yes? I’m sorta busy, we found a survivor.”

“Well bring him along, you might want to have a look at what we found on the security tapes and keep your guns on him. He’s dangerous.” They nodded motioning Xander to get up, they brought him to the security room as Teal’c went and grabbed the records from the staff on Mr. Harris.

At the desk a young soldier that Jack couldn’t remember was reviewing the tape. It showed the tape of Xander Harris screaming at the top of his lungs before closing his eyes then looking around perplexed. Looking at the notes Teal’c looked up.

“It says he was confined and sedated because he was screaming about how they were coming and everyone was going to die. They needed help.” They all looked at Xander who held up his arms.

“Hey I’ve been having some weird black outs recently. Don’t look at me.”

They continue with the video. After a few hours the Goa’uld arrived and systematically went to wiping out all patients and staff of the clinic before moving around the door to Xander’s room. As they open the door a lone Goa’uld entered.

After about ten seconds, straining against his restraints, as the head alien aimed his weapon, in one swift movement, Harris broke the restraints and slammed the alien against the wall before ripping open the Goa’ulds abdomen in a swift swipe.

He then seemed to have a savage grin where his teeth seemed sharper then they should be and exited the room, ripping apart the rest of the alien’s comrades before seemly stopping, once again perplexed and looking around at the carnage of the hallway, proceeded to head back to the room and waited till SG1’s force arrived.

“Wow, I heard about it but last time it wasn’t so…violent.” Everyone turned their head to Xander. Suddenly Teal’c shook his head.

“He may not be that crazy colonel. According to this he was fine when he was brought in till today and his episode. The weird thing though, was when he was brought in he had lost an eye at least two years ago,”

Jack looks at the kid and made a decision. “They wanted the kid for some reason. We need answers. And if we don’t get them someone else will. Bring him with us.”


Two weeks later and they had even less answers then when they started. At this point all they had were videos of an event and Xander Harris, the enigmatic young man who had no idea what was happening. Hammond raised hell about it but in all honesty had to admit that it was a good call. Xander was the reason the Goa’uld came there, he must have something they wanted.

Major Carter and Dr. Frasier took control of the tests on Xander because of the fact he seemingly regenerated a whole eye. But as was the case, they found absolutely nothing.

Xander Harris, for all intents and purposes, was utterly human, and had shown no traces of anything beyond, well average. He was in better shape then most people but still, everything normal. This only served to cause more confusion as to where his enhanced strength and regenerative capabilities appeared from.

But he was still an enigma. They had to assure him they got in touch with his friends for some reason otherwise he wouldn’t cooperate. Of course they had to lie to him about it but there were good reasons. The project was above top secret.

He was let out, when the battery of tests and psychological screenings showed absolutely nothing, even his mental health seemed in the clear but he definitely was keeping secrets.

Of course things wouldn’t stay quiet for long, one day after a mission, Teal’c was training the advanced special forces group in hand to hand combat when surprisingly, Harris asked to join them. He told Teal’c not to worry that he’d trained with people better than him before. That’s when things got real interesting.

Hammond and O’Neal were walking by the training room when they decided to check out the Teal’c’s training session. Also, both wanted Teal’c to show some of the men a little humility. They wanted to know how good Harris really was…

When the fight began, Teal’c got in several punches right away, his speed and strength easily over powering Xander. Xander surprised several soldiers when he was able to land a few of his own. That’s when Teal’c knocked him to the pads. Lying on his stomach Xander closed his eyes; Harris shook his head for a moment and returned to the sparring session….

Then All Hell Broke Loose when Teal’c went for an open handed hit, Xander somersaulted over him from a standing position and kicked Teal’c in the chest. Teal’c hit the wall and fell to the floor shaking his head. The recruits, all eight of them rushed Xander. He cart wheeled away, his feet hitting the wall and like a spring and fell onto the surprised crowd of men. Using his elbows, legs and knees he was able to take half out of the fight before the group even knew it. The four men regrouped and came after him only to have him pull the same move on them as he had done to Teal’c. Kicking out quickly he reduced the fighters to two. Both fighters hit and kicked but never so much as came close to landing a hit. Alex did a one hand stand kick knocking both men into la-la land. Turning he caught Teal’c’s fist in his hand and opened his eyes. They were unusually blue. Twisting Teal’c arm around he kicked his legs out from beneath him to everyone’s surprise and dropped the alien to the ground slamming his foot against Teal’c’s throat till Hammond stepped in. “That’s enough Mr. Harris.” Looking up to the General in full garb Xander Harris stood at attention, professional attention as well.

“Sorry sir, I’m a bit confused at where I am right now general. And why are you calling me Harris, sir?” That stopped Hammond and O’Neill.

“Umm who are you then…?” Jack asked confused.

“Captain Steve Rogers, sir.” Xander said before closing his eyes and opening them up again looking at the confused Star Gate staff and the men picking them selves off the mats. His eyes once again returned to their natural color and hue.

“Ummm why am I saluting you guys?”


“Impossible. There’s no way he could take out Teal’c like that, he does not have the reflexes.” Carter looked into the room as they once again started the battery of tests on Xander.

“Indeed, but I assure you. One second after he hit the mat, his strength increased to an absurd level and his speed seemed off the chart, then he took me down quite easily. His entire stance and form shifted. Not to mention his personality…Major Carter he somersaulted over me from a standing position, how?”

Meanwhile Jack just stood their still in shock.

“What’s the matter; you haven’t said anything since we got here?” Jackson asked as he looked at a waving Xander from behind the one way glass viewing area.

“He said he was Steve Rogers. That’s freakin’ Captain America.” He shakes his head.

“Impossible Jack, he’s just a comic book character…” Carter shook her head but Jackson interrupts.

“Umm that might not be entirely true…” Everyone looks at him.

“Well umm, according to some research from the Goa’uld, there could be the chance that other realities exist. There’s the slightest chance that he might be acting as an avatar for Steve Rogers.”

“Well if that’s true maybe if we put him in a similar situation the same thing would happen. This is what happened last time when he was threatened by the Goa’uld and then it seemed to be activated when he was sparring with Teal’c. Quite possibly violence activates the change.” Jackson surmised.

“Well that’s great, just two things. Who’s going to go tell him we need to hit him in order to bring out Captain America. And then who in their right minds going to be there against the guy?” O’Neal crossed his arms. Everyone gave him a look.

“Greatttt…”Jack rolled his eyes.
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