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Gallium Nights

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Ramenth's 2010 August Ficathon Archive". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Ramenth's 2010 August Ficathon Archive, now including Dresden Files, Rookie Blue, NCIS: LA, Ah My Goddess, Starcraft, The Elder Scrolls, and Eureka.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - OtherRamenthFR1573,959013,5201 Aug 1010 Aug 10No

The Story of O2

The Story of O

Word Count: 582
Rating: 21 (18?)
Warnings: Kink.
Setting: BTVS/Eureka
Disclaimer: Buffy to Joss, I guess. Eureka belongs to Syfy?
Summary: You never know what changes a new timeline will bring.
Authors Notes: Wow, this totally got away from me. This was supposed to be the “Dark” prompt, but apparently it’s impossible to write a ‘dark’ Eureka story focusing on Jack, Zoe, and Dawn. But, founders day is April 15th, and Zoe is supposed to be getting ready for finals in it, so Spring works too.

But still, come on, you know you were expecting this to happen in the actual episode, with a title like "The Story of O2"
Prompt: Spring

Sheriff Jack Carter shifted uncomfortably in the fauxleather of the coach seat. This was the problem with Zoe going to college on the other side of the country: flying. Jack wasn’t a fan of airplanes, even when he wasn’t going to be stuck on them for five and a half hours. It was worth it to visit Zoe though. With the timeline change he… just, you know, wanted to be sure she was still Zoe. His Zoe. Not that he wouldn’t love her if she was different, of course, but, with how much some things had changed, he had to make sure. At least he was one of those people who could sleep. Sometimes. He groaned as the person behind him kicked his chair for sixth time. Yeah, this was going to be a long flight.


“Wow, this is…” Jack muttered to himself as he made his way to Zoe’s dorm. Had college been like this back when he went? He wasn’t sure, but he didn’t remember quite so many people in towels. Or, you know, people in general.

“Zoe, You in there?” He yelled shifting the package and knocking on the door.

The door opened a crack. “Dad?!”

“Hey, Kiddo! Special delivery from Eureka. C’mon, open up, you wouldn’t believe how much this weighs. I think Vincent snuck something extra in.”

“What are you doing here!?” The door opened slightly wider, which Jack took as an invitation and backed in to the room, maneuvering the box carefully.

“Well, I had some vacation time coming up and thought I… would… drop… by?” He trailed off as he turned around and caught sight of his daughter, “Wow that is a lot of leather,” he heard himself say as his brain froze.

Yes. His daughter was wearing leather. A lot of it. Very black leather. And there was more it piled on the bed. Well, one of the beds. Which should have been more comforting, except that the other bed was full of a hog tied and half-naked brunet. His mind skipped several more beat as it tried again to process that. She’d dyed her hair too; adding… purple streaks? That was definitely also new.

“Dad! Don’t just! Ugh!” Zoe blushed like a tomato and ducked into the attached bathroom.

“Well,” the brunet trussed up on the bed said, “this is awkward.”

“Yeah,” Jack blinked, his mind still trying to get over his daughter’s… choice of apparel, “Sorry, uh, who are you?”

“Dawn Summers. Zoe’s roommate. I’d shake your hand, but…” She managed a shrug.

“Oh, uh, do you want me…” Jack trailed off.

“No, no. I’m good. Zoe should be out in a minute.”

“Yeah, thanks. Uh, look. I don’t mean to intrude but…”

“Why is my daughter wearing leather and why are you tied up on a bed?”

“Yeah, yeah. That pretty much sums it up.”

“Well, you see, when a girl and a—“

“STOP! STOP!” Jack held his hands up in surrender, “I changed my mind, I don’t want to know. Look, I’ll just, come back later. When it’s less awkward.”

The brunet tilted her head, “If you’re sure. I mean, I’m fine with it. I’ve had people walk in on far worse things.”

Jack didn’t want to think about that. He really didn’t. “Look, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have dropped by unannounced. Can you ask Zoe if she’ll be uh, free, later?”

“Sure. She should be.”

“Great. I’ll… just… come back later then,” Jack turned and walked back to the door, “And Zoe, we are going to talk about this.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Gallium Nights" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Aug 10.

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