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Harpies and Heros

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Summary: The School has set up a new compound in Sunnydale. Max will stop them.

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Title: Harpies and Heros I: Prologue
Rating: FR-15
Crossover: Maximum Ride/When the Wind Blows by James Patterson
Word Count: 304
Disclaimer: The characters, setting and character types are not mine. The plot is. Depending on how much University gouges me for textbooks, that too can change.
Author’s Note: This story takes place in a combination of the Adult and Children’s versions of MaxRide


Max stood behind the local Doublemeat Palace looking at the California map she’d nicked earlier. She dug into her pocket and retrieved a pen. It was amazing what she could find in the dumpster. She held the map in one hand and uncapped the pen with her teeth then spit the cap back into her hand.

She scanned the map for the town again.

Damned idiots. She’d warned Itex. But no. Stupid idiots had decided to restart the School. Heck, they’d even asked Mom to come back to work for them. Which was an especially bad idea. Especially when Doctor Martinez had turned around and warned the daughter created by them the first time they’d tried that sort of thing.

And then, even after everything, they’d grabbed the flock.

She went after them.

What did you expect. They were idiots. Telling Mom and grabbing the Flock. It was like they wanted her to come to Sunnydale.

Her thoughts went back to the map. Sunnydale was northeast of Los Angeles. Was Los Angeles the one with the red bridge or was that San Francisco.

It didn’t matter, she found it. It was barely a blip on the map but the town was there.

She circled the town with the pen so she could find it easy again.

She fished out the compass Mom had given her and set it and the map on the ground. She oriented the compass with her internal north and placed it on the town she was in.

A quick bit of internal math and she was stuffing the pen and map back into her pack.

Nothing would stop her. They had taken her family. They had captured her, cloned her, killed her little brother. They would pay.

She unfurled her wings and took off.

Fang, everybody, I’m on my way.
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