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Summary: The un-written code of the bartender says to be a good listener. Enter the Scoobies and a very interesting woman.

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Miscellaneous > Surprise CrossoverSithicusFR745,0601154,5181 Aug 1028 Jan 11No

Alexander Harris

Author's Notes: The subject of this crossover has been done hundreds of different ways from countless slots within the Buffyverse timeline and the surprise crossover's timeline. Therefore I chose to take a more uniquer approach, I have a feeling that this one has never been done before. Feel free to call me out if I'm wrong.

Setting: Post S7 Buffyverse.

Disclaimer #1: All Characters Buffy and Co. Belong to Joss and M.E.Productions. The surprise elements will be disclaimered below. The author wishes to state that this is a work of fanfiction and is free, no monies have changed hand, no remuneration is expected. It's totally open for all to read and enjoy. So enjoy. :)

The Bar was a cheery looking place – if such an establishment could ever be called that – not entirely something seen on television, but it was devoid of the usual derelicts of society. This was a respectable place and the proprietress prided herself on maintaining a good establishment – free of the usual dregs and nerdowells who – more often than not – frequented such places.

So it was understandably somewhat surprising when the one-eyed young man walked in off the street dressed in leathers and darker toned clothing that bespoke curiously of his profession. She recognized him right away of course – unlike those native to the region she was far more versed in the darker goings on behind the scenes.

It was a necessary evil on the off chance she encountered one of the so-called protectors of mankind while out one evening she wasn’t working. Therefore she wasn’t surprised by the fact that he could enter her establishment, but surprised that he would choose to.

Taking a seat at the bar he waited patiently for her to finish serving the group of customers ahead of him.

Offering a small smile of greeting and good cheer she approached the young man. “How may I help you this evening, sir?” she asked – it wasn’t the typical bartender’s inquiry simply because she wasn’t the typical bartender. Plus she had a feeling he wouldn’t exactly appreciate a more colorful response to his presence.

“Don’t know,” the man replied with a shrug. “I don’t typically imbibe,” he added with a sour grimace.

“Bad memories,” she observed with a soft smile of understanding.

The man offered a brief nod and then slumped a little on his stool.

“Might I offer a suggestion?” she inquired. “I may not know what’s troubling you, but I think I have something that could take the sting from your ‘bad memories’,” she added with a private smile at her little joke. If anyone knew what she was up to they hadn’t bothered her about it yet.

“Shoot,” the man said with a non-committal shake of his head.

Ordinarily she wouldn’t have ever contemplated using something ‘off the rack’ – as it were, but she had a feeling the lonely looking carpenter could use a good stiff drink. Removing a small slender bottle from beneath the counter she poured the contents into an equally small glass – no sense in over stimulating the kid.

His eyes widened when he caught sight of the blue-tinted liquid. “What is that?” he asked.

“A special order, very rare, comes in from a supplier who’d prefer not to be known,” she replied.

“Is it… safe?” he questioned.

Knowing what he meant she offered a private chuckle and took a swig herself. She did her best to hide her reaction to the stuff – it wasn’t to everyone’s taste and she definitely was not one to indulge while working.

“Be careful,” she cautioned when he took the glass and almost downed the contents in one sitting.

His lone eye widened in shock and he coughed when he got a good taste of the stuff. “Is that? Should I be worried about the lining of my stomach?” he asked in a half-joking tone.

Winking at him she returned the bottle to its resting place. “I’ve had a few in here asking about it, but I reserve it for very special clients,” she said evading the issue. “No complaints so far,” she added.

Eyeing her suspiciously the man took a second – more cautious – sip and savored the taste. “Pretty good,” he complimented. “And it does help,” he added under his breath.

She picked up a cloth and wiped up the few stray droplets he’d discharged onto the counter when he took his first taste of the ‘imported’ alcohol and offered another smile. “If you need someone to talk to, I’m always open to listening,” she said in a soft tone.

Suspiciously he once again eyed her, but she resisted the urge to do or say anything else. Giving him the opportunity to take the next step. “I guess there is that whole un-written code of the bartender,” he said. “I had a stint once, very brief, never again.” He shuddered.

Inclining her head to one side briefly in a silent urge to continue she waited once more. If anyone needed her services in this trying and barbaric time it was definitely one like him.

“What the hell,” he muttered under his breath. “Name’s Alexander, but everyone calls me Xander, and do I have troubles,” he said.

“Feel free to unburden yourself,” she returned careful not to offer a name. Mostly because she hadn’t settled on one just yet.

“Well it’s like this…”

Watching the young man leave knowing that he’d be safe from harm for as long as it would take to get home – Guinan once again removed the small bottle of Romulan Ale from its hiding place under the counter. It had been an interesting conversation – that is to say an interesting conversation on Xander Harris’ part, of course she’d only offered a few words here or there to show she was being a good listener.

Which is precisely what she was. Though of course the young man in charge of so many Slayers didn’t need to know that. She always found the planet Earth so fascinating – she’d visited the place regularly over many centuries. Occasionally she’d stay long enough to do something unusual or noteworthy – such as her time spent befriending young Mister Samuel Clemens.

But more often than not she was merely passing through on a trip to somewhere else. When she first learned of the Slayer myths and discovered the existence of such creatures as vampires and demons. She had understandably become shocked and alarmed, but being a member of a long lived race she could sympathize with the plight of the humans.

They knew nothing of true horrors, except perhaps these few here. Those who served the IWC. Taking the time to establish this bar she’d wanted basically to judge whether or not she could offer any kind of assistance to the band of young men and women determined to end evil’s hold on their planet.

So far Xander Harris was the first to enter her establishment, but she was confident that more would follow.

“I’d better stock up,” she mused to herself noting that the blue-tinted alcoholic beverage was almost gone. Smiling she had a brief moment of pity for the young man when he woke up the next morning to discover that she hadn’t been lying when she told him the drink had quite a kick.

It was time to close up and go home. Guinan turned off some of the lights and left her customary place behind the bar. Ordinarily she’d simply walk, but she was feeling a little adventurous after the long story Xander Harris and imparted and so – after locking up and turning off the remaining lights – she glanced around to make sure that nobody was around.

“Energize,” she instructed. And in a shimmering sparkle of lights Guinan beamed out of the bar and back to her home on the outskirts of the city.

The End ?

Disclaimer #2 Guinan and anything else Star Trek belongs to Gene Roddenberry's descendants and Paramount Viacom. The author makes no claims otherwise, not a one. Because Gene is a master visionary and created one of the biggest entertainment phenomena in the known galaxy! Uh-Huh.
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