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Strangely Literal

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Summary: Cameron is sent back for a preliminary mission prior to tracking down John Connor.

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Television > Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles(Past Donor)SnagFR182434,4743325068,6881 Aug 1028 Aug 10No

Gray's Humanity

Some of you were wondering what Cameron gets up to when she's off on one of her missions for the resistance. Be careful what you wish for.
Also: No parallel for the Bewitched episode, since Xander's not coping with the Cordelia crisis. Although, I do believe I'm going to do something for their Valentine's Day encounter.


Cameron exited the premises of Sunnydale High School at the scheduled end of the school day with Xander, Buffy and Willow. Because all of the other students in attendance were doing the same, Cameron's infiltrator protocols were running in the foreground. She held Xander's hand lightly and smiled when something nice, flattering or allegedly humorous was said and protested when she determined she should be offended or pretend to be such. Every day, her database on how to interact with humans as a human increased in complexity. Numerous social conventions existed, especially among post-pubescent adolescents.

"So," Xander was saying, "After we get the daily drudgery over and done with, shall we Bronze it tonight?" He asked it of Cameron, but spoke it with sufficient volume to tacitly invite Buffy and Willow, in order to convey to them that they were welcome to attend without fear of intruding on romantic pair-bonding rituals. Of course, Xander would not say it like that.

Buffy and Willow both chorused their agreement to the proposed gathering. Cameron nodded as well. "I just have one or two things to take care of at home and I'm free for the rest of the night," she agreed.

"Cool. I don't know if dancing is on the menu, but some slovenly teen behavior is a nice way to wind down the evening." Xander often spoke of the lack of extensive effort as a virtue, even though Cameron had noted multiple instances in which he'd done the exact opposite.

"I'm all down for being a slov." Buffy wore a bright smile, then abruptly frowned. "Hey, is that where the word 'slob' comes from?"

Buffy and Willow walked away discussing the etymology of the words they had just discussed, both to proceed with their afternoon plans as well as to afford Cameron and Xander with a modicum of privacy. Cameron didn't quite understand why. For every couple that moderated their affection with restraint in public, there was another pairing somewhere that would all but copulate while standing fully clothed in the middle of a crowded hallway.

As he always did, Xander turned to her and moved his hands to rest at her waist. "See you tonight around 7:30-ish?" he asked.

Cameron noticed that Buffy and her friends often added suffixes to words that did not necessarily belong according to the rules of English grammar. "You know I'll be there." Cameron displayed a smile she'd recently developed when she determined that Xander needed to feel desired.

He leaned down as she tipped her head up and kissed her as he often did. Again, it differed from the intense osculation that other humans his age indulged in. He did not attempt to pantomime devouring her facial features when he kissed her. One day, she was going to have to discuss these matters with either him or his friends. She hadn't yet determined the proper protocol for what questions to ask among males and females.

After the kiss was completed, he tightened his arms around her for an embrace and murmured as he had taken to doing now that they were recognized as a romantic pair, "If you need help with anything, feel free to call one of us."

"If I need help and am not bound to mission secrecy, I will do so," she whispered in return. An action and response was suggested by her infiltration routines and she took advantage of her current embrace to softly kiss his ear. "Thank you for asking."

Xander often seemed startled when she did something like that, as well as displaying a marked increase in blood pressure and body temperature. She did not know if she was beginning to experience emotion as humans did, but she did feel that her romantic responses were developing at an acceptable rate.

Once she and Xander had parted, he ran off to catch up with Buffy and Willow, and Cameron walked directly to the school parking lot to activate her transportation and drive to her designated residence.

Once she had arrived, she paused only long enough to retrieve a bag of supplies for use in case something went wrong with the current mission. Enough equipment and currency to make a rapid departure, should it be required.

She got back in her car, already having her destination committed to memory. She did not park there, though. Instead, Cameron parked four blocks away to avoid having anyone connect the vehicle with her. Her current target was what members of the human resistance referred to as a 'Gray'. Humans that had capitulated to Skynet and worked to further its aims of human extinction.

This particular Gray had been indirectly responsible for many of the design schematics of the infiltrator models. John had set her this mission himself. Cameron suspected that this would only be a temporary setback for Skynet, but she could not refute the theory that every step taken which hindered Skynet's development was another victory for humanity. She never told her human friends and boyfriend about these missions. They shared the same morality that future-John stated his past self and his mother held and could not condone terminating a human life without first offering them a chance to change their behavior.

But future-John understood all too well that simply because a human knew that they could be contributing to the demise of humanity, didn't mean that they would not still do so out of fear or desire to survive. Many humans could not override their survival instinct.

She spotted a human walking down the sidewalk approximately a quarter mile from the address she'd been sent to.

Target acquired pending positive identification.

Cameron walked up to the target with her infiltration protocols already running. "Excuse me?" she called as she passed the target.

The target spun around. "Huh? What?"

Cameron displayed an embarrassed smile. "I am so lost. I'm supposed to be meeting some friends at Lakeshore and Southern, but I can't find it. Could you give me some directions?"

"Oh! Yeah! That's four blocks west of here." He pointed in the direction indicated.

"It is? Wow. I wasn't even close." Cameron looked at her watch, then at the setting sun and bit her lip. "Could you show me? I'm already running late and it's starting to get dark."

The target stammered a moment before answering. "Sure, I can walk you there. I even know a shortcut." He seemed proud of this fact.

"You're such a lifesaver!" Cameron now showed a grateful expression, which she mixed with an expression indicating interest that she'd used on Xander a few times to great effect.

"Well, I don't know if I'd go that far," he laughed nervously.

Cameron indulged in fabricated discussion with the target while they were walking public streets, blaming non-existent friends for giving poor directions. She maintained this until the target indicated an alleyway. "Here, we take this, it'll shave five minutes off the walk easy."

"Great!" She followed him down the alley until they were no longer behind residential structures. The surrounding buildings indicated office space that was uniformly closed, since they were after regular business hours.

As the target was telling her about something he'd done once in the alleyway as a child, he suddenly paused. "Y'know, I just realized we haven't been properly introduced."

Cameron smiled brightly. "Cameron. Cameron Philips." She looked at him expectantly.

"Warren Mears. Nice to meet you."

Target identified - Warren Mears: Terminate

Cameron drew a silenced pistol from her jacket, placed it against Warren's temple and fired twice. She then gathered up the body and took it to her car, at the end of one of the alleyway openings. Once she had the body stored, she drove to an area with only one abandoned building and destroyed the remains with thermite. She then drove home and washed her dermal layer, having just enough time to arrive at the Bronze ten minutes and fifteen seconds after the appointed hour.

Once she entered the club, she relaxed her posture and engaged her facial expressions, picking her way through the club until she located her friends.

Xander noticed her approach first as he often did. "Hey, there she is! Thought you found something better to do." She detected an undercurrent of anxiety in Xander's voice - he did have the tendency to display worry and insecurity if she didn't arrive when she said she would. Cameron understood this - being a cyborg, she was rarely late for anything.

"Please," she rolled her eyes, having learned this from Buffy and Cordelia. "Wild horses couldn't keep me away." She didn't know why untamed equines could hinder ones schedule, but the expression was appropriate in the context. She settled down onto the couch beside Xander and wrapped her arms around his midsection, leaning against him in a gesture that she'd learned he enjoyed very much - Xander referred to it as 'cuddling'.

"Anything terribly exciting happen?" Willow asked, knowing that her outings were often mission related.

"Not really." Cameron shrugged. "Finished my homework. Took out the trash."
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