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Strangely Literal

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Summary: Cameron is sent back for a preliminary mission prior to tracking down John Connor.

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Television > Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles(Past Donor)SnagFR182434,4743325068,7141 Aug 1028 Aug 10No


Sorry for the short chapter this time around. I didn't want to resort to another one shot in another fandom, but I'm still hashing out how I want the rest of the Becoming events to pan out.


As soon as Xander's latest transfusion was complete, he, Buffy and Cameron beat feet over to the room that Jenny had been assigned while she was in her coma. When they arrived, it appeared that the doctors were just finishing up with their initial testing of Jenny and how much she had or had not deteriorated while comatose.

"Miss Calendar?" Buffy called hesitantly, once it was apparent that she was to be spared further prodding and poking for the time being.

Jenny looked over at the three of them and gave a tired smile. "Hey, kids."

Jenny's doctor patted her on the wrist. "We're done for now, Miss Calendar. You can visit for a bit, but you still need some regular rest. Coma time doesn't count as rest, exactly." She looked at the teens. "If she starts to fade, best to let her get some regular sleep. And if there's any trouble at all, you come tell a nurse right away, you got it?'

"We promise," Xander replied solemnly.

"Oh, gosh. Someone should go call Giles," Buffy murmured.

"Go take care of that really quick, Buffy," Xander suggested. "I think he'd like to hear the news from you more than me or Cam."

"Yeah, I'll- I should be the one." Buffy stared at Jenny for a few moments. Then she dashed to the bed and gave Jenny a careful hug. "I'm sorry I was so hard on you."

"It's okay Buffy," Jenny chuckled faintly. "I understand why you were mad."

"Okay, good. Okay. I'll just - I'll go call, then. Giles, I mean. To tell him." Apparently realizing she was babbling, Buffy bolted from the room to find the nearest phone.

Once the doctors were gone and Buffy had closed the door behind her, Jenny looked to Cameron. "The last thing I remember is asking to meet you after hours at school, Cameron. But I can't remember why."

"Short term memory loss is common in cases of severe head trauma." Cameron nodded. "You had asked me to compile a database of modern Romani and ancient Romani, but you did not tell me why. When I was coming back to bring you some chocolate, Angelus had cornered you and mentioned something about his curse. Giles has theorized that you were trying to reconstruct the original curse that gave him his soul in the first place."

"I must have saved my work." Jenny shook her head as if trying to jostle the memories loose. "Did you guys find any disks around my desks?"

"Willow's been filling in for you at the behest of our Gloriously Height-Stunted Leader, Snyder." Xander shook his head sympathetically. "She didn't mention finding anything with spells on it, Romani or otherwise."

"What about my hard drive in the classroom?"

Cameron shook her head. "Angelus damaged that system beyond repair or recovery."

"You two... When you can, have a look around my classroom. Go through it like you're the FBI searching for evidence. If there are any disks laying around under furniture or whatever, bring them to me." Jenny reached out to squeeze a hand apiece on both Xander and Cameron. "If I was trying to do that and Angel was stopping me, I must've been close to finding the spell."

"Are you sure you should be trying to flex your mojo so soon? Even if we do find it, you've been in here for a few months." Xander cautioned. Though he didn't know much about magic, he knew that tired spellcasters sometimes had catastrophic results.

"If you find it, I'll give it to Rupert right away," Jenny promised.

Buffy burst back into the hospital room. "Giles is on his way." She giggled. "I don't think I've ever heard him have so many incomplete sentences in one breath before." She smiled apologetically at Jenny. "He sounded so happy."

"I feel like I've been asleep forever." As if to betray her, Jenny's body forced her to yawn.

"Uh on. C'mon, guys. Let's let her marshal her strength to talk to Giles. If we make her too tired to talk before he gets here, we're going to get the glasses-cleaning of a lifetime." Xander snorted. "We'll be back to visit, okay?"

"You're all getting A's for this semester, I swear to God." Jenny murmured with a sleepy smile.

The three of them left Jenny to rest her eyes. Cameron and Xander exchanged a look. Xander had a pretty good notion that he wasn't going to get much sleep that night.
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