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Strangely Literal

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Summary: Cameron is sent back for a preliminary mission prior to tracking down John Connor.

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Television > Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles(Past Donor)SnagFR182434,4743325068,6951 Aug 1028 Aug 10No


Cameron was uncertain of the correct course of action. Her human friends were arguing quite vehemently. Willow and Buffy had located the translation that Jenny had been attempting to create, and as a result, the people with whom she'd shared her secrets were terribly divided as to how to deal with this information.

Buffy, Xander and Giles were all arguing. Willow was trying to maintain some semblance of peace. They appeared to be very close to begin fighting among themselves. Cameron thought back to a situation where John where his generals were arguing over how to attend to an issue presented by Skynet. She concluded that this course of action had as good a chance as any.

While Xander and Giles were coming close to exchanging blows, Cameron reached behind her back and extracted her back-up pistol. Very conspicuously, she worked the action on the firearm and let the sound capture everyone's attention.

"Please remain calm. This fighting solves nothing."

They all seemed to take a step back and regain their composure. "Cam, what're you doing?" Xander asked.

"Preventing you all from making a larger mistake," Cameron intoned.

"What do you mean, Cameron?" Giles still looked angry, but he also seemed to have his emotions under control now.

"Xander, your complaint is that Angelus does not feel any remorse for what he's done. Disregarding the fact that Angel's soul is no longer in residence within his shell."

Xander looked uncomfortable. "Well, that's not exactly how-"

"Buffy, Giles, your complaint is that Angel's humanity is not in control of his actions, correct?"

"Well, basically, yeah," Buffy agreed.

Cameron nodded. "Then, by my estimation. you are both correct and you should plan accordingly."

"How do you mean?" Giles asked.

"The entity inhabiting Angel's body is no longer his human spirit, as I understand it. However, there is no guarantee that this spell is going to work." Cameron waited to see what impact her words were having.

When she got return looks from the rest of them that indicated some hints of guilt, Cameron went for the metaphorical kill."You need two plans. One that allows for Angel's soul being restored, and one that does not. Can you do this?"

The group of them murmured something that may have been affirmative, if they hadn't all been fighting.

Cameron nodded in satisfaction. "Xander, Angelus' demon form is not his human shell. The Angel that cared for Buffy is not there any longer. Buffy, the possibility is very real that even with this spell, something may not go as hoped and you will still fight him. Can you both live with those facts?"

Once they nodded, Cameron scowled. "Then it is settled. Research the cure, but plan on the possibility that you may have to permanently injure Angel. If you're done arguing, I wish to go home now." Cameron looked at them expectantly, which they all quickly consented to.

"I'm going to leave now. Xander, please come to my home when you're no longer angry."

Cameron stalked out of the library. She couldn't identify the sensation she had when watching her friends fight, but she was going to get to the bottom of it.
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