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Strangely Literal

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Summary: Cameron is sent back for a preliminary mission prior to tracking down John Connor.

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Television > Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles(Past Donor)SnagFR182434,4743325068,9171 Aug 1028 Aug 10No

True Intentions

Employment pressures have eased. Yay! But this feels like a filler chapter. Boo.


Xander paused on the verge of suggesting a make-out session in the utility closet with Cordelia. Over her shoulder, he spotted Cameron who had happened to spot him and looked curiously at him as if determining whether her company would be welcome or not. He then did a rare thing and let his atrophied maturity out for a few moments.

"Cordy? We need to talk. But this isn't the place."

Cordelia gave him a scornful look. "Fine. Parking lot, after cheerleader practice and everyone else has gone home. You think I want to be seen with you?"

It dawned on Xander that there was no good answer to that question. "Yeah, that's fine."

Once Cordelia had brushed past him in a huff, he shook his head at himself. What was he doing? One minute, he's about to try and get more kisses from Cordelia of all people, and the next, he's distracted by the shiny new thing that was Cameron. Puberty and the dwindling stages thereof, sucked.

Cameron approached him with a slightly inquisitive expression. "Hello, Xander. I enjoyed playing games with you at the golf course. We should do that again sometime."

"You just want to do that again because you won the shooting game," Xander snorted.

After a brief hesitation, Cameron looked down for a moment. "My dad used to take me to the gun range when I was growing up," she explained.

"Good thing I didn't make any bets." Xander's gaze wandered over to where Buffy and Willow were still talking. "So in other news, I guess Mrs. Summers is having a formal dinner over at their house with Ted."

Cameron cocked her head in apparent curiosity. "Buffy does not seem to enjoy his company.

Xander waved his hand. "Understatement of the year. I think she's just not ready to see her mom dating again, so soon after Mr. and Mrs. Summers divorced."

"That's possible." Cameron cautiously agreed after a moment's thought. "Another possibility is that they have had an argument when nobody else was around, and it has affected Buffy's opinion."

"Who, Ted?" Xander snorted. "He's like the poster boy for the world's most thoughtful date ever. Look at how he treats Joyce."

"Not everyone shows their true intentions at first glance."

"Oh yeah? What're your intentions, then?"

With the best poker face Xander had ever seen, Cameron replied, "I am a time traveling cyborg sent to protect humans from other cyborgs."

Xander studied her expression intently. "Man. Not even a hint of a smile. You're good."

"Thank you," Cameron replied.
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