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Gate Witch

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Summary: Willow falls into Glory's Portal instead of Buffy and then falls into a blue eyed Archelologist's arms.

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Stargate > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Daniel JacksonZyanadrynFR1821,8350154,8822 Aug 102 Aug 10No

chapter 2

BtVS is owned by Joss Whedon and SG1 is owned by MGM and Sci-Fi.
I'm just borrowing theses characters to play with them for a bit. They will be returned after I'm done :D!


"Unscheduled off world activation."

Daniel looked up from his papers and books as he heard the announcement. Quickly marking off where he left in his research, he ran off down the hallway to the control room overlooking the embarkation room and Star Gate.

"Close the Iris." General Hammond ordered the NCO officer on duty as emergency sirens blared in the background.

"I can't sir." he replied. "Something is jamming the program, and it won't let me close the Iris."

"That's not good." quipped General George Hammond's 2IC as he came into the room with his fellow team mates. "Carter, help Sargent Harriman close that Iris." Colonel O'Neill ordered his second in command.

Walter gave a quick thought to himself as he helped Major Carter try to close the Iris. 'Why is it always seem that Tuesdays are when weird things happen. I need a vacation'

Major Samantha Carter sat down at an empty terminal and tried to bypass the problem to close the Iris on the gate. Her fingers flew over the key board as the wormhole bust into existence in the rapidly filling room below. The security took up defensive positions around the active wormhole, prepared and ready for anything that would emerge from he vertical event horizon.

SG1 watched together from the control room, waiting to see what would happen. When nothing happened right away Colonel O'Neill said "Well, that was anti climatic."

"Indeed." Was the reply form the always stoic Teal'c.

The security personal started to look away from the Star Gate and look to their commanding officers to see what to do now since nothing was happening when a silver sphere the size of a baseball rolled through the blue shimmering liquid and down the embarkation ramp to the floor below. With everyone stopping what they were doing and eying the now stationary object the wormhole closed with a snap.

Everyone waited with bated breath to see what would happen next. General Hammond started to order everyone out of the room when the sphere opened with a small hiss and then evaporated like a mist. All that was left was a piece of parchment resting on the floor.

"Someone go and get that paper and bring it to the briefing room. SG1 follow me." General Hammond sapped out as he turned to the briefing room behind him.


SG1 and General Hammond sat around the briefing room table with the parchment in front of them. "What does it say?" he questioned Dr. Jackson.

"Well, it looks to be the same language that Jack wrote down when he had the ancient repository in his head. Give me a moment." Daniel placed the parchment in front of him with a pad of paper and pencil and starting writing furiously. As soon as Daniel was occupied, Jack tried getting Teal'c into a game of paper football and Sam starting going over a theoretical equation she was working on in her spare time. General Hammond seeing his number one team occupied got up and got himself a coffee.

About 15 minutes later Daniel spoke up. "I have it. It was no more than couple of lines so it wasn't that hard." He cheerfully announced to the room.

"So what does it say Danny?" Jack questioned.

"Well, it is in the same ancient language that Jake was writing last year, and I did discover then that ancient is close to ancient Latin, so it was easy to go for there and..."

Jack cut off the ramblings of his archaeologist friend before he got even farther into his spiel, "Ok! But what does it Say!"

"Oh. Yes, sorry. It says, and it is a rough translation. It says 'She is waiting' and 'You must hurry.' Followed with a gate address which is P3O 299." Jackson replied excitedly, confident in the fact he just translated a message written in ancient in less than 15 minutes. A personal record.

With the gate address announced, Sam perked up. "Sir, that is one of the new addresses that Colonel O'Neill inputted into the database. We haven't been abel to send anyone to that planet yet because it was very far down the list."

"Well SG1, you have your mission, get suited up and be in the Gate Room in half an hour. You are going to P3O 299." General Hammond ordered.

And with that announced, Sg1 quickly exited the room to get their gear to head out.


The half hour passed quite quickly and the number 1 team of Star Gate Command found themselves in front of the Star Gate watching the chevrons flare up as the new destination was imputed.

"Chevron 5 encoded." Sgt. Harriman announced to all. Sg1 eagerly waited.

"So who do you think the note was about?" Jack questioned his team.

"I think we will find out soon JackO'Niell" Teal'c replied in his trademark deep monotone voice.

"Chevron 6 encoded"

The sound of the inner wheel vibrated through the room as it latched onto the final chevron.

"Chevron 7 locked." And the worm hole burst into existence and bathed everyone in the room with a blue light. The event horizon rippled like water as the team walked up the ramp.

As the team went through the Gate, the being that watched over the proceedings since they received the message gave a small smile that everything was going according to the bosses plan.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Gate Witch" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Aug 10.

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