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Gate Witch

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Summary: Willow falls into Glory's Portal instead of Buffy and then falls into a blue eyed Archelologist's arms.

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Stargate > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Daniel JacksonZyanadrynFR1821,8350154,8822 Aug 102 Aug 10No

Chapter One

BtVS is owned by Joss Whedon and SG1 is owned by MGM and Sci-Fi.
I'm just borrowing theses characters to play with them for a bit. They will be returned after I'm done :D!


Chapter 1

Willow ran as fast as she could up the metal steps. Hearing Dawn cry out to Buffy with sheer terror in her voice made Willow try and run faster. Everyone tried to make Willow stay with the group and take care of the mindless homeless minions of the psycho hell goddess, but Willow couldn't. Dawn was in trouble and she had to help. Buffy was busy and Dawn was up there bleeding like crazy. Willow had to help her little sister like shaped friend. She had to. The portal was forming really fast and was starting to glow brightly. It wasn't looking so good and Willow could see Dawn at the edge of the platform looking frightened beyond belief.

Buffy was doing all she could to try and hold Glory off while protecting Dawn but she was to busy to get to her, Which is why Willow was now running into the action. She thought if she could get Dawn away from the glowing portal and to safety, it would be less of a distraction for Buffy during the fight with the disturbed Hell Goddess.

As the red haired witch finally made it to the top the the crazily put together metal tower, Buffy was giving it her all against Glory, and it looked as if she was making some headway, which was a bonus. Willow was able to make it past the two fighting and slowly make her way over to a terrified Dawn.

"It's ok Dawnie. I'm here.' Willow quickly breathed.

"Oh god Willow. I'm really bleeding." Dawn exclaimed softly to Willow. "They cut me really deep.'

Willow noticed that Dawn had blood everywhere. As she struggled with the straps that were holding Dawn to the platform, the blood seemed to have mind of its own and a whole bunch was getting onto Willow as she finally took off the last strap keeping Dawn there. She gave her a quick hug to comfort the shaking girl, getting more blood on her in the process. Willow didn't care as long as Dawn was safe. While blood was hard to get out, she didn't care as long as Dawn was safe.

As willow turned to get Dawn off the platform, the glowing portal finished opining with a enormous shock wave which caused the platform on which Willow and Dawn was standing to start shaking like there was a earth quake going on. Willow pushed Dawn off the platform and onto the structure proper which had started to buckle with all of the tremors that the portal was giving off. Willow fell onto the metal grating as the tremors increased and held on with all she was worth.

Glory screamed off in the distance as the Slayer was able to knock her off balance with well placed punch the her jaw. "Take that Bitch," she yelled into Glory's face. 'You will not get back into your dimension if I have my way about it!" With Glory was down for the moment, Buffy turned to where Dawn was sprawled by the platform stairs. She shouted off a quick "You ok?" Which Dawn gave a quick head nod in return.

Buffy glanced over to where Willow was holding onto the platform with all of her might as all the metal around them was shaking like crazy from the continuous tremors emanating from the portal beneath them. Glory picked herself up from where she had fell after the last punch from Buffy and pushed past the Slayer and ran for the portal before Willow was to get up and jumped through before Buffy was able to react. "Fuck!" The Slayer exclaimed and she looked over the where her friend hung on for dear life.

"Willow get off of there!" Buffy exclaimed loudly to the terrified witch.

Willow tried to scramble to her feet while also trying to keep her balance on the continuously shaking platform.

"Come over here quickly Willow and get out of the way." Buffy yelled over to her.

"What are you doing?" Yelled Dawn to her sisters back.

"What needs to be done." The Slayer said with a quiet resolve , knowing that since blood opened it, blood had to close it.

"NO!' Screamed Dawn as she weakly tried to get up from near the stairs to stop her sister.

Willow looked at her friend in shock as she finally made it to her feet. But before she was able to take one step out of the way, the portal beneath her gave off a massive shock wave that shook everything in its path so hard that the platform on which she was standing started to break and then buckled beneath her feet. Willow lost her balance and started to fall into the glowing portal.

Willow screamed as she felt the metal give way as she fell. The bight light of the portal grew brighter and brighter as she got nearer to it until it encompassed her and everything else faded form her vision. Pain arced through her body like she was pierced by thousands of knives over and over until she knew no more.

The portal snapped shut behind her, and there was nothing but silence.

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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking