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Shadows of Another Day

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Summary: FFA Dominoes Challenge. BtVS/Stargate/SPN. A trail of connecting one shots crossing universes as slayers are called, evil hunted, and family found. Latest Ficlet: Ilyria meets Cassie Frasier

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - OtherTwistedSlinkyFR721,702041,1692 Aug 104 Aug 10No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

God of Gods, Sorta: Cassie Frasier meets Illyria

Disclaimer: I do not own Angel the series or Stargate SG-1.

Setting: During “Not Fade Away.”

Bloodied stumps, leaking fluids that could never have come from a human body; the clank of weapons, echoing off of the brick surroundings; the smell of flesh burning, its gray smoke a ghost in the night air: Cassie hadn’t meant to stumble across such a battle that night. She’d driven to L.A. with the strict instruction to pick up a vial of expensive demon oil from an old friend of the New Council.

Two minutes too late, she received a text forwarded from her slayer-sister in Denver, “Coven called. LA in trouble. Get out!”

An arrow shot through the screen, forcing her to drop the phone.

“Sorta noticed,” Cassie growled.

Any ironic humor she found in the message was gone as soon as saw the masses flooding from the alleyway. Deep breath: remember the rules. Cassie quoted the first and turned tail to run.

A plan. That's what she needed. But at the moment, her plan well was all tapped out.

Since being called, since meeting her fellow slayers, Cassie had always appreciated that the other girls were gifted in their individual areas. Cassie knew she wasn’t the strongest, the fastest, or the most intense fighter. But there was one thing she had going for her: connections. Ones the other girls, including her leader and the rest of the Scooby gang, didn’t have.

All she needed was one phone call to Jack.

Just one.

Sure, there would be consequences. There always were. And it wouldn’t just be her ass on the line when the questions were asked, when the paperwork was sent out--

A scream broke her from her thoughts. It had been human, and it had been cut short--

She wouldn’t risk this, not a city that needed protecting, for the sake of the New Council's secrecy. Jack could, would, help.

Cassie spotted the shop from the corner of her eye. Its black windows were welcoming, its security bars a mere hindrance. Without thinking, she turned, maneuvering towards its front door.

And was hit by a freight train.

Her head bounced off the pavement, a wheeze of breath announcing that she was still alive. Cassie blinked up, looking for a locomotive, and found a woman instead. Well, woman was a loose term.

“Oh, God. . .”

Her body was singing that familiar song. The one it played every time one of their kind were around.


Cassie thought the word had left her own mouth, but it hadn’t. The blue woman, she was the one who’d said it. Asked it? Cassie frowned in confusion.

“Who are you?” Cassie snapped. She’d meant to spit the words, but they came out as a cough.

“Illyria. An ally of the one called Angel,” the woman replied, cocking her head to mimic the young woman’s expression. “You are not one of them,” she continued, a question in her tone. “Yet, you stink of snake.”

“Same to you.” Cassie slid away from Illyria and pushed herself up. She blinked, finally taking in the woman’s full form. Her jaw dropped to a gape when she stared at the plum-colored armor hugging Illyria’s form. “There’s naquadah in your armor, isn’t there? But you’re not a Goa’uld… You’re something different.”

Illyria blinked once. Her wide, curious eyes turned furious, yet there was a small curve to her lips. “Insignificant playthings pretending to be gods. They would have slithered back into their boiling waters if they had felt the true strength of a god. Tell me, do they survive in this dimension?”

Cassie opened her mouth and closed it again. She couldn’t help but smile when the woman before her threw a back kick at an approaching demon without a blink.

“They did,” Cassie answered. She hesitated only a moment before continuing. “Less than a decade ago, they were still trying to rule the universe. They enslaved, murdered. They killed my people.” Her face reflected the dark memories surfacing in her mind, but she kept the grin steady. She didn't want to count the number of laws she was breaking, just mentioning aliens. “A Goa'uld put me through hell. But they’ve been destroyed now. My friends, my human friends, they’ve just about killed them all, last I heard.”

Illyria’s back straightened. “This pleases me.”

The quiet that had surrounded the two women was fading, the sound of running feet approaching.

Cassie’s body tensed. “If you don’t mind, I think I’ll call those friends right about now.”

Illyria tilted her head, her voice stopping Cassie in her step. “What is your name. . .” She paused, as if searching the air for the proper title before adding, “Hok’taur?”

“Cassandra Frasier. Slayer.”

Note: I would have had Cassie be less vague about the Goa’uld and have her bring up the Ancients, but I don’t know if Cassie would be completely on the up-and-up as far the Ori and the Ba’al situation goes. Maybe in a future story. *shrugs*

The End?

You have reached the end of "Shadows of Another Day" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Aug 10.

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