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Wingless Angel

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Summary: Xander runs into a strange man one night in a cemetary and brings him back to the Slayer house. If only he had known what he was bringing into their lives.

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Xander led Castiel to the bathroom first thing to wash his face and use the toilet. When that was done he started to show Castiel around the house while answering questions about the Slayer as best he could. He was just telling him about how they had used this giant spell to have all the Potentials become Slayers when he suddenly found himself on the ground with Castiel punching him in the face.

Almost instantly Castiel was pulled back and held firm by two Slayers as a third helped Xander to his feet. What really surprised him was what Castiel was saying to him.

“Magic, you use magic? You call yourselves warriors of light while using such dark power? You have no idea the power your playing with. Making deals with Lucifer does not end well, no matter what you use that power for.” Castiel was fighting to get free but it was clear he couldn’t no matter hoe hard he tried

As Xander wiped the blood from his lips he asked, “Are you crazy? What the hell are you even talking about? No one in this house has ever made a deal with the devil to do magic. Our magic comes from the Earth itself.”

Castiel snarled, “Your lying. I have only ever heard of witches who use the power given to them by making deals with Lucifer. I have killed enough of them to know how it works.”

Xander’s eye grew cold, “What? You mean you killed humans?”

“Only those who side with Lucifer and use his power to hurt others. If your magic is truly what you say it is, then you’ll show it to me. But if I see anything with Lucifer’s power behind it, you’ll have to kill me. Because I will stop at nothing to kill each and every one of you.” Castiel said so calmly that it caused Xander to shiver

Xander nodded, “Fine, I’ll take you to Willow and she can show you her magic. Girls, let’s go.”

Castiel was led by the girls and Xander into a stone room filled with books, herbs, animal parts, and several other substances. In the center of the room was a table covered in what looked like a chemistry set. Standing behind it was Willow, who looked confused to see their guest restrained.

When she saw Xander’s fat lip she frowned, “Xander, did he hit you?”

“Yeah, he thinks…” Xander was interrupted

“How dare you make a deal with Lucifer to have powers like you use. You have no idea what you are playing with little girl.” Castiel hissed angrily

Willow’s eyes widened, “Now that is just mean and stereotypical. Don’t you know anything about magic?”

“Of course I do. I’ve killed enough witches to know.” Castiel said

Willow frowned, “Really, well, isn’t that just interesting.” she turned to Xander, “Xander, what is he doing here?”

“I want you to fill him with a shot of your mojo to show him how pure your magic is. To prove that you didn’t make a deal with Lucifer.” Xander said and then smiled, “And if nothing else it should put him in a better mood.”

Willow sighed as if she was being put upon, “Fine, lets get this over with.”

Castiel squirmed as Willow drew closer to him and held up her hand to touch him. As she touched him and let a whisper of her power touch him his eyes widened and for some reason tears slid down his face. This surprised everyone because that had never happened before. What surprised them more was when he said, “It was not my brother who gave you that power. I was wrong. It was my Father. You hold the power of the Heavens in your soul.”

The girls let go of his arms in shock at his statement and he fell to his knees and began to pray aloud. He was speaking in a language none of them had ever heard before.

Xander stepped next to Willow, “He thought you got your powers from Lucifer right?” Willow nodded, “And he just said he was wrong about his brother, his brother, giving you power, right?” Willow nodded again and the girls were backing farther and farther away from Castiel. Willow and Xander had been doing this as well and now Castiel was alone in the center of the room, “So does that mean that Lucifer is his brother?”

Willow gulped, “That’s what it sounded like.”

“He told me there wasn’t an Angel by the name of Castiel anymore. I asked him about his name and that’s what he said. So, what does that mean?” Xander asked

Suddenly a new voice said from behind them, “It means he was an Angel and isn’t anymore. Are you really that thick?”

Everyone turned around in panic to see a man none of them had ever seen before. He had longish golden brown hair that was slicked back. He wore a dark reddish/brown button up shirt with the first few buttons undone underneath a tan jacket. He also wore blue jeans and a pair of white sneakers. His mouth was in a smirk and his brown eyes twinkled with mischief. And in one of his hands was a candy bar which he proceeded to take a bite out of.

The girls reacted instantly and attacked the unknown man. Or they would have if he hadn’t vanished into thin air. Everyone looked around until they heard Castiel speak behind them, “Gabriel, what are you doing here?”

They turned to see the unknown man kneeling next to Castiel on the floor, a hand on his shoulder. They all freaked out a bit inside when they heard Castiel call the man Gabriel. If Castiel really had been an Angel at one time then that made the man before them the Archangel Gabriel.

Gabriel smiled at Castiel, “Hey there little bro. You look like shit.” Gabriel snapped his fingers and suddenly Castiel was clean shaven, his hair was combed, and his bandage and head wound were gone, “There, that looks better.” then his eyes became serious, “So, I got your prayer. What is so important you had to pull me away from Vegas?”

Castiel smiled and stood up. He then hugged Gabriel and turned to the group of stunned people before them and pointed at Willow, “I have found the one Father chose to carry the powers of Heaven.”

Gabriel’s eyes widened and suddenly he was right in front of Willow, almost nose to nose with her. Willow squeaked and jumped backward.

Xander reacted out of instinct and tried to take a swing at Gabriel. Suddenly Xander found himself in the library downstairs. He turned to see the Slayers from the room were there with him to. He also saw that they had appeared before a confused Giles and Buffy.

“Xander, when did you learn to poof places?” Buffy asked

“I didn’t. Willow’s in trouble, I’ll explain on the way. Just come on.” Xander said and Buffy followed him without a word, “Girls, go around and tell everyone to be armed and on alert.” Xander yelled behind him at the other Slayers, “If one guy could pop in here so could more. I want everyone to attack anything unknown on sight.”

As Buffy and Xander ran down the hallways they were talking, “So this Castiel guy is some sort of Angel. And if this Gabriel guy is who you think he is what does that mean for us, or for Willow?”

Xander didn’t even slow as he turned a corner, running down the last hallway to the double doors at the end. He stopped dead and said, “I don’t know, but he wanted her alone.”

Buffy kicked the door open and they burst in. What they saw caused their eye’s to widen and their jaws to drop. Willow was just fine. The room however was not as they had left it. Instead of dusty and a bit messy it was now spotless and well organized. The windows now held designs of ritualistic origins unknown to either Buffy or Xander. Gabriel was lounging in a chair, sucking on a lollipop, and talking to Willow who was sitting behind a brand new table with state of the art chemistry supplies on it. Castiel was sitting in a chair in the center of the room, his eyes wide and a bit loopy from his earlier shot of good magic.

Buffy and Xander held their fighting stances as Willow turned and smiled, “Hey guys, what took you so long?”

“Um, Will, what’s going on?” Xander asked

“Oh, well, when you left Gabriel said not to worry about it. I did at first but when he told be you would be back in a few minutes I sort of let it go for then. Then he looked around and said that a representative of Heaven should have a better work place and then all this stuff showed up.” she widened her arms and smiled so brightly Xander couldn’t help but lower his hands and look at Gabriel with an approving, if suspicious, smile, “And then he told me something about my powers Xander.” the look on her face was so serious Xander stepped forward out of instinct, “Xander, I have the powers of an Angel.”


Cliffhangers are a bitch aren’t they. In the next chapter we find out what the hell I’m talking about and get a bit of big brother Angelness in there. I hope to hear from you guys and the next chapter will be up in a few days.
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