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Night of Chaos

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Chaos". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: History repeats itself and Xander and the Universe will never be the same again, not even the Doctor can set right what is about to happen and he doesn't even know if he should.

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

"Where do you think he's gone?" Rose asked very worried that he would not bring the Tardis back and she would be stuck on Earth, which to was now just unthinkable after all the wonders she had seen, since hooking up with the Doctor.

"I'm not sure, but I have a few ideas," the Doctor replied. "If I'm right, he's breaking the laws of time right now or attempting to bypass them," he added and moved over and leaned against her a little.

Rose enjoyed this, as it always made her feel relaxed and made her believe everything would work out in the end. She doubted the double was going to do anything that would bring any real harm to anyone, as the Doctor was just not that kind of person, unless forced into a situation where it was unavoidable.

"He will not do anything truly harmful," Dawn stated, startling them both as they had forgotten she was still in the shop with them. "He has gone to ensure that we have help and the way he is doing it, will not change time," she added.

"How do you know that?" the Doctor asked, as he looked the red head over.

"I know what my host knows about him and his host and so I know they will not do anything truly harmful," she replied.

"Who are you?" Rose inquired, wondering about her.

"My name is Dawn. I'm the goddess of birth and rebirth and that entitles me to be more in tune with what is going on, although I do not actually exist in this dimension," Dawn informed them.

Rose looked to the Doctor, expecting him to have a disbelieving look in his eyes, but instead he looked quite impressed. This surprised her, as she would have thought he would be somewhat skeptical about that. Before she could say anything more, the sound of the Tardis returning made them all turn and face the corner of the shop, as it came into view before becoming solid again.

The doors opened and the spell induced Doctor walked out with a smile on his face and his hands in his pockets. He came to a halt in front of his double and they stared at one another for a few moments before they seemed to relax a bit.

"What did you do?" the real Doctor asked.

"I came up with an idea to get us some real help, an idea you must have had maybe only half formed, but to me it was much clearer," the spell induced Doctor responded. "I went back to a point in time before the time war, which was not time locked. I made certain changes to ensure that, even with things going the same way we remember them, a colony was set up, which would survive hidden," he explained. "I located everyone I trusted and knew would be helpful in bringing the colony up to a replacement for Gallifrey in time. I got Romana to head it, considering what Rassilon does to her I thought to spare her that," he continued.

The real Doctor stared at his double in surprise and then shock, as he tried to work out why it had worked. He remembered having a half baked idea to do just that, after he had escaped the time war and just before he had met Rose for the first time, but he had never seriously considered doing it for real.

"You are telling me you started a colony of Time Lords and hid them away before the war, so that they would survive and it worked?" the real Doctor asked, trying to stem the emotions this brought up, as well as work out if this was a good thing or not.

"I know what you're thinking, but remember the Time Lords I chose for this were taken before the war and so you do not have to worry about them being insane or changed so badly, that they would end creation," the spell induced Doctor assured him. "Bad news is, not even they could think of something that could change my host back into a normal human, should the spell have a permanent effect on him," he added.

Rose watched from the side of the two Doctors, as they talked taking in everything that was said. Some of it was new information that the Doctor had not disclosed yet to her. It seemed the time war had a profound effect on his own people, which he did not like to think about, if she was reading his body language correctly. In addition it seemed that the Doctor did not know how to really feel about the change his double had invoked.


Outside the shop the battle with the demons had now swung into the favor of Selene and the others, as the undead pirates led by Jack had joined in to help them, as had Luke Skywalker who was cutting demons in half with ease with his lightsaber. Strangely enough even Darth Vader had gotten involved having followed Luke and decided the demons were the bigger threat.

Granted this was balanced by vampires and more demons attacking them, but the numbers were more balanced, thus keeping the fight evenly matched.

Amanda jumped out of the way of a vampire's claws before bringing her sword up, splitting the vamp in two, before it dusted. Joined by River she ganged up on a rather feral demon and soon bought it down and taking its head off.

Selene and Van Hellsing began to run low on ammo and so began to fall back to the store to find some other weapons to use, Ripper and Angel continued to back each other up, whilst Aspen and Sara also worked as a team.

Back in the shop the Doctor finally decided he would have to see this colony for himself, once the current threat was dealt with. They still had another couple of hours to go before sunrise, but if they could get rid of the demons, then they should make it. Maybe the actions of his spell induced double would benefit them all, as his sacrifice of his people had not been worth the price in the end. The Daleks continued to keep popping up every time he felt he had finally gotten rid of them.

"Ok, we need to just wait this out and when the spell breaks we will have to decide on what to do, once we know for certain what changes will be involved," he concluded aloud. "Help me set up a sound amplifying subsonic wave that should in theory keep the demons away from the shop, for a rather long time," he added and headed into the Tardis with the spell induced Doctor following him with a smile.

Rose and Dawn moved to the doors of the Tardis, but remained outside to keep an eye on the still unconscious Ethan. They watched the two Doctors work as a team to set up the system using spare parts which lay around the Tardis.

It took another ten minutes before they were ready, but when they switched the machine on the effect was instantaneous. The demons ran instantly, abandoning the fight with a few of them been cut down as they fled. The fighters watched them go before the pirates ran off intent on finding some booze, whilst Luke and Vader instantly reignited their fight and moved off chasing one another.

Ripper led the others back into the shop and took a seat rubbing his neck as he did. The others shut the door and began to barricade it to make it more secure. Silence descended for a bit as they all rested and relaxed after such a long fight. Ethan chose this time to begin to wake up and noticing he was now tied up and the door was barricaded made him see his chances of escape were very slim.

"Hello Ethan, glad you could rejoin us," Ripper smiled at his old friend and pulled him into a sitting position. "How do you feel?" he asked.

"I have a terrible headache," Ethan responded with a glare, before looking around and noting everyone was glaring at him which showed him how little that meant to everyone.

"Well I suggest, if you do not want to get more than a headache you should keep quiet," Amanda warned him, placing her sword tip close to his privates to make her threat more cold and seeing him pale made her smile.

"So what do we do now?" Aspen inquired from next to Sara, still very confused as to what was really going on.

"We wait until the sun goes up, which is all we can do," the spell induced Doctor answered. "That sonic wave should keep the demons away until then," he added confidently.

"What of the people outside?" Dawn inquired.

"From what I saw on our way here everyone involved in this has become someone who can fight and use some kind of weapon or magic to defend themselves, so they should be fine," he answered. "As for the ones not involved, hopefully they'll have the good sense to stay inside until this is over," he added.

"That should be easy, considering we are on the Hellmouth. It's natural aura makes people reluctant to venture out during things like this, so they can easily ignore the danger the next day," the real Doctor said.

Silence fell on the occupants for the next couple of hours, with only small conversations breaking out. Ethan remained quiet, wondering what would happen to him when this was over. Finally after what seemed a rather slow moving night in the shop, the sun began to rise. The spell induced Doctor stood and moved over to say goodbye to Rose just in case nothing was left behind after the spell broke.

As he said his goodbyes he whispered something to her. The real Doctor watched her expression first show surprise then happiness, before hugging his double and then moving off. He wondered what he had said, before decided to figure it out later. The others were all awake now and they all watched the sun fully rise. Everyone who had been affected fell to the ground, as the spell broke. It took a few minutes before everyone was able to stand back up again.

The Doctor could tell they were not happy people and were all glaring at Ethan in anger, especially Giles and Buffy.

Tara was slightly upset her idea had led to this, but Xander quickly assured her that it was not her fault, joined a second later by Willow and Oz.

Giles quickly headed for Ethan and picked the tied warlock up and head butted him, before being pulled away by Buffy and Angel. Ethan fell back to the ground with a bloody nose.

"He's not worth it Giles," Buffy said, as Joyce joined them, looking like she wanted to actually gut Ethan.

"Yes Buffy I know, but he is beginning to get on my last nerve, as every stunt he pulls puts more and more people in danger, including everyone here," Giles replied.

"I don't mean to interrupt, but may I inquire if anyone has any side effects from what happened last night?" the Doctor asked, breaking in before anyone could respond.

"Memories and skills will most likely stick with most of us," Giles replied. "They may degrade in time, but they will be there for now," he added.

"I think I may have suffered some changes," Xander admitted, as he sat back down and placed his hands on his chest. Tara also raised her hand as she leaned against him.

The Doctor had been afraid of this and removed his stereoscope from his pockets and checked Xander out, as he had feared it seemed by being turned into a Time Lord by the spell, it had affected the young man on a biological and physical level and he would never be the same again.

He then quickly checked Tara and found that she too seemed to have been changed on such a scale. He considered that being possessed by a goddess had caused this.

"As we feared the changes are permanent for you and I'm afraid you as well," the Doctor said. "How are your memories and knowledge?" he asked.

"I remember everything about you and everything you know and whilst at the moment it feels like my head may explode, I think I can deal with it," Xander replied. "I'm sorry for risking everything I don't know what he was thinking, but he seemed convinced he could pull it off," he added.

"He seems to have done it as well" the Doctor assured him. "Yes it was risky, but it worked and by doing what he did, he has brought true hope back to me and the galaxy at large," he added. "I'll be heading to this colony as soon as I am finished here," he added.

"I will need to go as well, I need to pick something up," Xander added.

"Exactly what has happened to Xander?" Cordelia inquired.

For the next half hour the Doctor explained what had happened and what it meant for him in the long run. There were a lot of threats against Ethan, as this all came out, but the Doctor smoothed things down by promising to place Ethan somewhere he could not escape easily.

After discussing all this a bit more, the others decided to head home, whilst the Doctor, Rose, Xander and Tara entered the Tardis and headed for the Time Lord Colony, the spell induced Doctor had brought into existence.


(New Gallifrey)

Once the Tardis arrived, the Doctor quickly rushed outside to find an almost replica of the dome of the Time Lord's. The construction seemed to be almost completely finished. It was mind blowing to see it and painful all at the same time.

Rose and Tara looked up in awe as they saw it. Xander himself had expected it, but was still impressed by it all the same. He looked to the entrance, as Romana and two fellow Time Lords came out to greet them and he noted how nervous the Doctor looked.

"Romana, it's wonderful to see you," the Doctor said in greeting, with a wide smile.

"And you as well Doctor, although the means on how we came to be here were risky, there seem to be little fallout from your double's actions in the end," Romana replied. "I take it the effects of the spell was indeed permanent?" she inquired, looking at Xander.

"I'm afraid so and Tara too has been affected to such an extent as well," Xander answered. "So I am here to pick up my Tardis and before you say anything Doctor, I will be mostly staying on Earth, but every now and then it will be nice to take a trip, as well as to come and visit here," he added, as the Doctor spun around at this.

"It has already been prepared, but before you go, I suggest you let our doctors have a look at you and your friend, just so we can see exactly what has happened to you," Romana suggested.

Xander nodded and followed them inside and for the next twenty minutes allowed them to conduct tests on him. He found out he had a partial regeneration cycle, which meant that whilst he would recover from fatal wounds like other Time Lords, he would not change personality or appearance. Tara had to deal with finding out that she was basically immortal as well. Her DNA had been changed to something beyond human.

The Doctor and Rose spent this time talking too many of the Time Lords on the colony, all of whom the Doctor knew personally. Finally it was time for Xander and Tara to leave. After making a few promises to the Doctor and Romana they left in his Tardis, which resembled a large closet from the outside.


(Xander and Tara's apartment)

Arriving back on Earth, they found everything the way they had left it last night. They quickly took a shower and ate some dinner, before settling down on the sofa and talked about what they would do from here.

Their lives would now be long ones and that was a scary thought to both of them. Finally they headed for bed, as both were tired but before actually going to sleep they made love slowly, before nodding off in the arms of each other.

The End

You have reached the end of "Night of Chaos". This story is complete.

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