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Night of Chaos

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Chaos". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: History repeats itself and Xander and the Universe will never be the same again, not even the Doctor can set right what is about to happen and he doesn't even know if he should.

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Chapter One

Night of Chaos

Disclaimer: I do not own Xander Harris or any other characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show or its related media, they belong to Joss Whedon and I also do not own Doctor Who or any of its related media, as they belong to whoever owns the rights. All other shows used in this fic belong to their respective creators or whoever owns the rights to them.

Pairing: Xander/Tara Doctor/Rose

Summary: History repeats itself and Xander and the Universe will never be the same again, not even the Doctor can set right what is about to happen and he doesn't even know if he should.

Notes: This has some slight changes to the timeline of Buffy cannon in that Tara is not a lesbian and is already in an established relationship with Xander. Angel never left Sunnydale and neither did Cordelia. Willow and Oz are still together. So you are warned and if you don't like those facts, stop reading now and spare us with complaining reviews about those points, because we will just ignore them, you were warned after all *g*.

Chapter 1


Xander looked through the racks at the shop wondering how he had allowed Tara to talk him into doing Halloween again, after the last time he had sworn off the entire thing just in case, but Tara had a way about her that had convinced him to do it. Then again he would never refuse his girlfriend anything. He still couldn't believe he had been lucky enough to bump into her during his road trip.

They had gotten on so well, that she joined him for the last few weeks of his trip and soon they had started a relationship. The gang had been quite surprised when he had returned with a girlfriend. He also burst out laughing, as he remembered what happened when Anya returned to Sunnydale thinking she could start a relationship with him, based on them going to prom together.

Tara had not been amused and with a little help from Willow had conjured up a small army of bunnies, which Anya deathly feared for some reason to chase her out of town.

As he was looking around, he failed to notice a man slip his head out of the door behind the counter and take a quick look around, before he seemed to pause, as he noticed Xander and quickly stuck his head back in the room and locked the door.


Inside the room Ethan Rayne sat down and thanked Janus he had not been seen by one of Ripper's friends. He knew it was risky coming here and doing this again, but he couldn't resist and a little chaos never hurt anyone.


Back in the store Xander came across a black leather jacket along with some black jeans and jumper that seemed to be a set. He also found a long light brown overcoat dumped with it as well. He quickly checked the price and saw that he could afford it and he had a few ideas of what he could go as, so he grabbed them and headed for the counter and after paying for his costume he left the shop. Again he missed Ethan, as he came out to watch the young man leave with a smile on his face.

Catching a few of Ripper's friends again in his scheme could come back to bite him again, but he decided it would be worth it. He turned and nodded to his unknowing partner who he was using to cover his presence here. Never let it be said he did not learn from his mistakes.


Xander headed back to his apartment to change, as they only had another two hours before Halloween began. He had cut it close, but he had something to do tonight instead of slaying.


(Xander and Tara's apartment)

On reaching his apartment he was treated to the sight of his naked girlfriend walking towards their bedroom, having clearly just taken a shower. She stopped and turned to face him with a smirk on her face, as he took the time to admire her form with a lasting look at her legs.

"Enjoying yourself Alex?" Tara asked, raising her eyebrow at her boyfriend.

"Don't mind me Tara, I was just admiring the view," Xander responded with a smile, as he threw his bag on the nearby couch.

"Did you get your costume?" She inquired, moving towards him, as slowly as possible to tease him.

She easily noted the darkening of his eyes as she did. She loved teasing him, but sadly they had no real time to play right now, as she had to get ready for tonight.

"I managed to find something," Xander replied. "I wonder what Buffy and the others will find for themselves," he added, as he took her in his arms and kissed her for a few minutes, before letting her go. "I still can't believe you convinced us to do this again, after what went down last time," he stated, as he took a seat.

Tara soon sat down on his lap and just rested her head on his shoulder with a smile. She knew a lot about their previous adventures and so when she brought up the idea of doing Halloween they had all protested as she had thought they would. But she knew how to convince them with some help from Dawn and Joyce. Xander had caved in first and then the others had soon followed.

"I told you Alex that happened a long time ago and the chances of it happening again are a million to one," Tara assured him. "Nothing is going to go wrong and we will have a great time and Dawn will especially enjoy this," she added. "We need a break from the slaying and this is the best opportunity for that," she continued.

"You're right," Xander agreed. "We really do need a break and with the Initiative up and about, we can take a little time off and maybe this will really help Buffy calm down after Angel almost got fried by Riley and his crew," he went on.

Angel's first meeting with the Initiative had not been pleasant and had almost cost the souled vampire his life. Not that he would have truly minded in the end, after all he was just a vampire, no matter how much he had helped out.

He had first thought they would be getting rid of him at the end of the whole Mayor business, but that had not happened as Buffy had convinced him to stay. Anyway it had taken a lot of explaining from Buffy and Giles to get Angel a reprieve from Maggie Walsh, the head of the Initiative.

A deal had been struck in which Buffy had agreed to aid the Initiative teams when needed. Giles and he had not exactly been pleased by this deal, but were not surprised Buffy would do such a thing, as when it came to Angel she was anything but objective.

"True," Tara agreed and kissed him again, before she got up and headed for their room. "Get changed out here and then head to the Magic Box. I'll meet you there when I've finished getting ready," she told him.

"As you wish," Xander said, making her smile before she entered the room and shut the door.

It didn't take long for him to have a quick shower and then to change into his costume. Of course wearing a leather jacket, as well as the long brown overcoat in California was a bit strange, but he found they fit very well.

Once he was ready he called out to Tara to let her know he was leaving and then left their home. He was really curious, as to what Tara was going to come as, but he was content to wait.


(Magic Box)

As he reached the Magic Box, he already found Giles there, wearing a leather jacket of a different kind, as well as a white t-shirt and blue jeans. His hair had been slicked back, with a cigarette tucked behind his ear. It quickly reminded him of the picture he had seen of Giles in his youth, as well as some of the stories of his time as Ripper. Clearly Giles had decided to take a page from his younger self.

"Ripper, I take it G-Man?" he asked, as he took a seat at the table.

"I found my old gear in an old trunk and thought they would do for Halloween," Giles nodded, as he replied. "And who may I inquire are you supposed to be?" he asked.

"Not keeping up with current TV, have you Giles?" Xander replied. "I'm a combination of the Ninth and Tenth doctor," he added with a smile, as he stood up.

"Ah very interesting," Giles said with a small smile. "You do realize you are taking on the role of someone from a very British orientated show?" he inquired.

"Of course I know that Giles. I know Doctor Who is a British created show, but even I can admit it is a very cool show," he added.

Before Giles could reply the door to the shop opened and Buffy and Angel walked in. Buffy was dressed as Selene from Underworld, whilst Angel was his normal self. Willow came in behind her dressed as Aspen Matthews, whilst Oz, who followed her, seemed to be dressed as a version of Van Hellsing from the latest movie.

Cordelia turned up a few minutes later dressed as Sara Pezzini, from the Witchblade comics, with a replica of the actual blade on her left hand. Dawn and Joyce soon joined them, with Dawn dressed as River from Firefly and Joyce seemed to be Amanda from the Highlander series.

"You know this has to be the most diverse group of people from TV and other media, not counting Angel," Xander said with a smile.

"Yeah, but that is what Tara told us to do," Willow reminded him. "She wanted the majority of us to choose unique costumes, so we would all be different," she added. "Do you know who she is coming as?" she asked.

Xander shook his head and replied, "No, she wanted to surprise me as well."


They talked for a while only rarely discussing the possibility that lightening may strike twice. Buffy basically stated this was why she had not gone as someone useless. Angel tried to assure her that nothing would go wrong this time, as there had been no sign of Ethan or any other unknown witches or warlocks in the area. Giles had agreed with this stance.


The door opened half an hour later and Tara entered and what the others noticed first and foremost was her dark red hair. Xander was blown away by how much the red hair suited Tara and made her look even more stunning to him. She was dressed in a black leather body suit with silver running up the sides and she also had three blue tears that looked painted on running down her left side, just under her eyes. No one recognized who she was supposed to be and by the look in her eyes she seemed pleased by this.

"Wow Tara. Did you actually dye your hair or is that a wig?" Buffy asked, shocked at the change. Normally Tara was more suited to long skirts and dresses and blouses, than leathers.

"I actually dyed my hair as I did not like the idea of using a wig," Tara replied, as she noticed Xander's reaction to her costume. "Any ideas?" she asked.

No one replied, as not one of them had even one idea at who she had come as. Tara smiled. She was pleased that she had managed to come as someone no one knew.

"My characters name is Dawn, a goddess created by the artist Joseph Michael Linsner for a series of comics he did," Tara informed them, as she sat next to Xander and Dawn. "She is the goddess of birth and rebirth and is immortal," she explained.

The others took all of this in and decided the character suited Tara very well and Xander had to admit, that seeing his girlfriend in the leather bodysuit was something.

"So are we all ready?" Cordelia inquired.

She was still uncertain if staying in Sunnydale had been the right thing to do, instead of going to LA and try to become an actor, but for now it had not been too bad. She had decided not to go for two reasons. One she did not have enough money to support herself and two she was scared of what she might be forced to do, to get some parts. She knew enough to expect some people would not be above using the positions to get sexual favors from young women, who were trying to break into the business.

"Yes I think so, however the event does not start for another half hour, so just relax for now," Giles replied, while trying to keep his eyes off Joyce, who he had to admit looked stunning in the tight black blouse, knee length skirt and a long coat. In which he could just make out a sword to complete her characters look. A change in hairstyle had also been done and she looked quite stunning.

They spent the next half hour just talking about various things, but staying off the topic of slaying or anything to do with it. Finally Giles announced that it was time and they all headed out to have some fun.


(Costume shop)

Ethan smirked as his alarm went off, alerting him that it was time to begin. He switched the alarm off and began his spell. He had added a lot more costumes to his inventory this time and instead of just putting in a lot of demon and monster costumes as he did the last time. The amount of chaos caused by this should be doubled and he knew Ripper's group had all been in the store to buy something, so he would get them as well. As for Ripper himself well he had added a few verses to ensure he would be caught in the madness as well. After all wasn't that what friends are there for?

The spell quickly built up and then exploded outward into the night, knocking him off his feet, as he was quickly drained of his strength. He had been expecting this, as it had taken a lot more magic than the last time due to the nature of some of the costumes. However he had taken precautions and so headed to the back to drink some energy potions, which would quickly revive his strength.
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