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Black Blood

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Summary: After the Master's demise Xander is thrust into a world at warp speed. Hoping to fit it and survive. (Up for adoption!)

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Chapter One (plot hole fixed)

I own nothing, an familiar character lurking about is own either by Rowling or Whedon


Xander stood outside his house, the prophecy was over. Buffy was alive Jesse was dead, and Xander was alone. Again. All that he had was the small jar of ashes now hidden in his pocket, where they had been since that fateful night. Willow had latched onto Buffy and had all but forgotten about Jesse, eating up Mr.Giles' sad excuse of an explanation that Jesse was already gone. He hadn't been gone, he had been Jesse and Xander firmly believed that. It seemed as if he would be pushed away from the group eventually, Willow could do the hacking thing, and Buffy was the Slayer and Mr.Giles the Watcher. What was he? The Clown, a useless human with no exceptional powers, no niffty tricks. He had saved the girl, but he didn't win her.

Walking inside the dim house that smelt vaguely of cat piss and liquor on any other day, strangely had the smell of Pinesole and barbecue sauce. Closing the door his father was suddenly standing in the kitchen doorway, a apron on and tongs in his hand. Truthfully, this wigged Xander out more than any vampire. His father wasn't looking drunk or angry, if anything he seemed to look at Xander in a way that screamed parental worry.

“Uh, Hi dad?” even to Xander it seemed weak and frightened.

“Hi son.” His father sounded just as pathetic as he did.

Walking into the kitchen, he found it cleaned and looking decent. His mother would have been on a killing streak at this point. She had always been the violent one. It always astounded Xander that someone his mother's size was a husband beater, add that with his father's large build and it was almost comical. Nevertheless, Xander never thought it was funny; his dad had taken the brunt of it for as long as he could to keep Xander safe. However, with his mother's love for large blunt objects his father always went down after a while.

“What's going on?” Xander looked nervous, expecting to be taken out by a nine iron in the next two minutes.

“She left, was sick of us.” Tony shrugged and went trotting back to the stove where chicken was beginning to burn. “Alex, I need to talk to you about something.” His father's gruff voice was scratchy from the years of alcohol abuse. “The Hellmouth isn't where you should have been raised.” It was said so simply that Xander almost did not catch it.

“What?” Xander flopped down in a chair and stared at his father dumbly.

The older man sighed and put the chicken on a platter silently, and some warmed canned corn into a bowl. But Xander did not care about the food just yet. “You were supposed to get a letter four years ago, but I think the power of the Hellmouth blocked your signature.”

“Still saying huh?” Xander looked at his father who smiled at him.

“You're a wizard Alex. I'm your father, and well your other father doesn't even know you exist.”

“Wait! Other father and that means Jessica that...that bitch isn't my mother? A Wizard? What do you mean other Father, but that would mean.” The dumbfounded look on Xander's face couldn't cover the range of emotions that ran through his mind.

“Hold on, let me get something for you.” The tower of a man swiped his hand over the top of the cabinets until he seemed to find something. When he pulled his hand down, he held a book in his hands. “I want you to read this, cover to cover alright. I think it's time, and since the Hellmouth has no real laws, it's safe for you to walk around with it. Many people ignore what they don't want to see.”

“Okay, so I read this then?”


Xander sat on his bed in his now clean room, thanks to his dad staring at the book.

The Wizarding World: an Introduction for Muggleborns. That was the title and Xander was confused. His dad said that a muggle was a non-magic person. Slowly he picked up the book and opened the cover. Then began to read with some difficulty.

When Xander's alarm went off that morning, he was surprised to find that he had been awake all night reading the book. Just the thought that he could be apart of this world made his heart soar. Slowly he got showered, dressed and shuffled downstairs. Where his father gave him a nasty tasting drink. He said it was a pepper up potion and Xander was immediately awake.

Grabbing his book bag and skateboard Xander made his way to school, a grin plastered on his face. When he came to the school he hopped off and tucked the skateboard into his bag, where is stuck out. He then pulled out the book again and began to read it. His father said that to anyone else the book would look like a novel or something. So reading, he walked into the library where he realized he was early. As he headed to a table, Xander was stopped.

“Oh dear lord.” It was Mr.Giles, and Xander looked up. The man was staring at Xander and then his book.

“Hey.” Was all Xander could say.

“That book, w-where did you get it.” It looked like Giles was going to grab it. Probably thinking that Xander had grabbed it by accident.

“My father.” Xander moved the book away from the man and glared.

“Now Xander, do not lie to me.” Giles gave him a stern look; the librarian knew the boy's house life wasn't good.

Xander gave Giles a dark look and stared at the man. “I am a wizard, Mr.Giles. Don't you even think I'm a liar, I'm a ton of things but never a liar.”

Giles stood frozen at the boy's words and looked abashed. “I'm sorry, it just seemed unlikely.” Then he looked even worse after his statement.

“Well I don't know what dad is going to do, but he was talking about contacting some people through the floo network. He says I need to go to school off of the Hellmouth.”

“What about Willow, won't she miss you?” Giles was still slightly shocked.

“I doubt it, I've never really been her friend. Jesse and I were the only ones who ever spoke to her. She was different.” Xander would always love Willow, but something told him that she was never the girl he thought she was. Willow who was supposedly so innocent hacked into government mainframes for fun. The only one who seemed completely predictable was Buffy. But then he pointed at Giles. “You, you're a wizard!”

Giles opened his mouth, made a squeaking sound and closed it automatically. The he sighed and began to polish his glasses. “Y-yes I am.”

“You could have helped more, but no you just sat back and watched! You are a horrible man!” Xander was angry, maybe if Giles had helped Jesse would still be here. Maybe a lot of these problems could have been solved. “You could have saved Jesse! I could still have my brother! My best friend! But you! You kept all of that wondrous power to yourself!”

“N-now Xander.” Giles was getting nervous as he watched books fly off the shelves and rocket around the room. “I couldn't have done that it's against the laws.”

“The Hellmouth doesn't have any laws! Owls can't find anyone here! Nothing can, my dad told me so!” Xander gripped his book with white knuckles. He could barely stand to look at the man who had gained his respect, and had just lost it completely. “I'm leaving, don't expect to hear from me. I will call Willow, and Buffy you can ask them whatever questions you like.” Xander all but ran out of the school, down the street and to his house.

When he burst through the front door, his father was standing in the living room, an old man with him. But Xander couldn't but catch a glance as he ran out of the house to the backyard. He sat under their tree. He had buried the jar there, late last night when his dad was asleep. He could still clearly see the upturned dirt when the jar lay.

“Alex?” his father called out of the door as he walked out, the stranger in tow. “Alex, what's wrong?” He stopped a few feet away from his son and watched.

“Mr.Giles that worthless ass! He's a wizard! Saw my book, and he just didn't help! He shoves Buffy into these situations and just sits on his ass and mumbles about books! Jesse is dead because he didn't help!” Xander was hysterical, and couldn't get a solid breath. His father was soon hugging him the large tree trunk arms wrapped around him.

“Albus, could you come again? Say tomorrow” There was a pop and Tony was gripping his son tight and lifting him off the ground as if he was no more then three. Xander gripped him and sobbed, even while his mind wandered to the gentleness of his father, and the ruthless woman who had been calling herself his mother.

Xander was sat down in a kitchen chair and given a glass of water. Tony sat across from him looking better then even the previous night. He seemed less haggard, less worried and happier.

“Alex, what do you mean he doesn't help?” Tony was worried, what had his son been mixed in.

“The Vampire Slayer, Dad. I know her, she's my friend and well Giles is her watcher.” Xander watched his father's eyes grow to a comical size. “He's a wizard and just sits back as everyone gets hurt.”

“You know the slayer?” Tony scratched his chin in wonder and leaned back in his chair.

“Yeah, but I need to get out of here. I need to move on from this.”

“Son, tell me from the beginning.” Tony rubbed his face and whipped out what looked like a small twig.

“Is that your wand?” Xander stared as his father started cooking, with just a wave of his wand. Then the man pointed his wand at himself and said something. Then sat down.

“Yes, son.” His father's voice almost knocked Xander over, the British drawl made him blink.

“O-okay. So...” Xander started from when Buffy came to Sunnydale and his eavesdropping, to Darla, the Master and the Harvest, to the pack and the prophecy. He told him everything he knew in a quite resolved voice.

After the story was, finished silence was held in the kitchen and Tony looked weary and sad. When plates of food landed on the table in front of them, the older man opened his mouth.

“We'll get you out of here Alex. But we have a few things to do, I need to tell you who I am.” Xander nodded, having not touched his food and watched his father.

“My real name is Regulus Arcturus Black, from noble house of Black. When I was younger, I made some bad decisions and faked my own death. I came here to the colonies and married a horrid woman. You were already born when I fled and you came with me. The Black family is dark Alex, we more then dabbled in the dangerous and evil arts. Many years ago, there was a dark wizard, Voldemort but you must refer to him as You-Know-Who, or The Dark Lord. He wanted to kill all those he saw unfit, Muggles and Muggleborns alike. I joined him, as most of my family did. But I soon ran, after taking something of his.” Regulus looked at his son and watched the boy's expression.

“Now you, are an interesting story. A child can only be born of two males when they hold true love for each other when...well when they couple. But that child will be a squib, a magical person with no magic. But if the two are soul mates, the child is said to be more powerful then anything else ever seen.”

“Then I'm a squib?” the boy looked crest fallen.

“No! No! Alex, at first I thought you were because I saw no accidental magic, but when you were five Jessica's hair was set ablaze when she slapped you. It continued whenever you or I were hurt she would be hurt by something strange.”

“But if you were a wizard why didn't you...ya know.” Xander looked at his father silently.

“I swore never to hurt another muggle.” Regulus smiled sadly.

Xander nodded in understanding. “So what is my real name then?”

“Oh well, Alexander Albus Black.” Regulus grinned at Xander's facial expression.


“Your, let's say adopted Grandfather, he helped me a lot through the years, even before your birth. He also made put LaVelle into your muggle name.” Xander made a face and Regulus chuckled.

“So how did you get away from The Dark Lord?” Xander bit into his sandwich and waited happily.

“There is a coven, in Devon that helped me remove his mark.” Regulus showed his inner left arm where a scar lay, taking up most of his forearm.

“Did it hurt?” Xander lightly touched his father's arm.

“Quite a lot, ripping dark magic from a person should be though.” Clearing his throat, he bit into his own sandwich.

“So leaving this hellhole?” Xander said when he had finished his sandwich.

“Well yes, but we're going to have to change to our actual selves. Aren't we?”

“Huh?” Xander stared at his father in stunned silence.

“Well I could just have you walking around looking nothing like her especially since Jessica believed you were hers.” This seemed to only confuse Xander even more but Regulus continued to eat silently.


The next day found them standing in the living room with Xander holding a small cup and staring at is in horror. It was green and slimy looking and just the smell could have made Xander toss his cookies everywhere. But the stern look he was receiving from his father made him plug his nose and toss the stuff back. As soon as it had slid down his throat he felt entirely too dizzy and had to sit down. Regulus had also taken the potion at the same time, and was leaning on the wall with one arm.

Having closed his eyes Xander was surprised to find, when he cracked them open that his vision was blocked by a curtain of black hair. Slowly he looked at his hands and found them pale and long fingered. Moving his hair out of his face, he saw a man standing where his father had been. He was tall still, but seemed thinner, leaner and not as bulky. When he turned to look at the younger, Xander smiled, it was still his father's eyes. But the aristocratic features made Xander feel odd maybe a little out of place.

“Here” Regulus said and handed him a mirror that hadn't been there a second ago. So Xander gazed into the mirror, his face seemed thinner but not by much, the long black locks fell straight, he once slightly crooked nose was now slim and straight. He looked pretty, he thought and he didn't mind that. His eyes though were what held his attention, unlike his father who had crisp blue eyes his eyes were black, like coal. Looking away from the mirror, he investigated his body. He was still slim and tall, but the bulkiness he had gotten in his shoulders had gone and left taught and slim muscles of the swimmer he was. Not much had changed, but it was enough that he didn't look like himself.

“Well, now you look like my Alex.” Regulus smiled and suddenly tapped his chin. “You'll need to learn how to speak more eloquently.”

“Uh?” Xander stood and found himself shorter then his father's towering form where before they were almost the same height.

“The Noble house of Black is a very old house, and from what Albus has told me, Sirius my brother and your uncle hasn’t yet been proved innocent. So we will be the house of Black's representatives of light and that will get us a lot of attention.”

“So what are we going to do today?” Xander smiled happily.

“Get you out of school. Hold still.” He waved his wand and Xander found himself looking like he had not moments before. “I suppose we should have waited, but no matter.” The elder man then transformed their jeans and t-shirts into perfectly cut black suits. “Come on” Then he walked outside and opened the garage. Staring at the old Buick Regulus clicked his tongue, he couldn't believe he had let his standards fall so low. But with a wave of his wand, a shiny black car appeared. “Well son get in, it will drive us.” To any Muggles it will look as if there is someone in the driver’s seat.

Xander slipped into the car and smiled at his father when he got in. No one actually knew what his parents looked like, so Regulus hadn't changed. Truth be told, Xander was a little jealous of his father he liked his new hair.


When the school came into view Xander found himself getting a little nervous, but his father calmed him and spoke. “Act aloft son, it is the mask of a pureblood. Be above everyone.” Xander nodded and put on a small smirk that made Regulus chuckle. “Exactly.”

Getting out of the car his father led the way, with Xander following behind. Looking cool and clam while inside he was melting like the Wicked Witch of the West. People were staring and whispering as he passed, so he decided to try glaring at them as Cordelia did oh so often. That shut them up and a few of the more nerdy in the crowd shrunk back.

“Son, where is the Principals office?” Regulus asked.

“This way.” Xander walked in the direction he had motioned, Regulus at his side. Snyder was snapping at a student as they strode up. But their suits caught his attention and his eyes locked on Xander evilly. But he seemed a little unnerved by the regal looking man beside the boy.

“Can I help you?” The man sneered.

“Let us talk about this in your office.” Regulus said, and it wasn't a suggestion.

When they had closed the door Snyder looked about to say something when Regulus spoke. “The Dark Arts are a dangerous thing to dabble in.” He gave the Principal a knowing smirk. This caused Snyder to sputter. “I'm here to take my son out of this school, but from what I've heard you are not a good man.”

Fifteen minutes later the two men from the noble house walked out and towards the library. Students loitered in the halls and watched as they walked into the swinging doors. Giles, Buffy and Willow all looked up when they walked through. Buffy was on the offensive.

“Whoa Xander, you got yourself into big trouble!” Buffy said with a whistle.

“So that is the slayer?”

“Yes.” Xander smiled.

“Oh hello Rupert.” Giles was frozen, mouth-hanging open in horror. “I believe you insulted my son's heritage yesterday.”

“Regulus Black? How is that possible, you died!” Giles stepped around the counter ready to defend his wards when he stopped. “Your son? You mean Xander?”

“Quite, Alex is my son.” Regulus smiled at Willow. “I came to thank you for protecting my son, though Rupert I am disappointed in you. I will come to check on you lot, magic is supposed to be used to protect.” He shook his head then turned towards Buffy and Willow. “You can expect some letters from my son, don't have a fit when you seen an owl pecking at your window. It is how we send mail.”

Xander just stood there smiling and when his father was finished speaking he hugged Willow and then Buffy. “I'm moving away today. But I won't leave you guys in this fight alone forever okay?” For a second Buffy seemed angry but then nodded, Willow was sniffing and Xander smiled. “Hey Wills its okay, I'll write as much as I can.”


When they had left the school, and gotten home Xander was surprised to walk into the front door and here whistling. His father walked in first wand drawn. But Xander was happy when he was waved in.

“Hello Albus.”

Xander peaked into the kitchen and saw a man that looked like the cliché wizard that was so popular. It made Xander grin happily though.

“Ah, young Alex. Feeling better today?” The old man smiled happily a twinkle in his eye.

“Yes, sir.” Xander answered happily.

“Oh no, as your adopted family you may call me Albus out of school, however in school call me Professor Dumbledore.”

“Okay.” Xander grinned and was surprised when he was pulled into a hug by the older man.

“Now we must speak about your training but first, let's get home to Britain.” The older man held his arm out. “Grab my arm, your father will meet us there.”

Xander did as asked and soon felt as if he was being sucked though a straw and landed inside a large office, before he threw up. This was magicked away. But when he looked up, he found his father on the end of someone's wand.

“Hello Severus.”
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