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Dead Man Walking

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Summary: Tony wouldn't have done it if he'd known... Written for the August Fic A Day challenge.

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NCIS > Dawn-CenteredgrundyFR1315112214,3422 Aug 102 Aug 10Yes
Disclaimer: I did not create and do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or NCIS.

Note: This was meant to be a one shot, but then it took over my brain and now has a longer story to go with it. It will get written- after I finish Sam's Girls.

Tony DiNozzo banged his head softly on his desk. The news had shot around the bullpen like lightning- Gibbs’ daughter was alive. And she had a sister. Which made that sister practically Gibbs’ daughter also. Which meant that he was in grave danger.

He’d flirted with a girl who might as well be Gibbs’ daughter. He’d put his hand on her and everything. She hadn’t been offended, of course. He was a gentleman. If she’d objected, or looked annoyed, he would have stopped. If he’d known she was in any way related to Gibbs, he would have handed her a chastity belt and retreated to a safe distance.

But he hadn’t known. His only saving grace was that right now Gibbs was still trying to wrap his head around Kelly still being alive, albeit under a different name and apparently unaware of her original identity.

He heard rather than saw the Mossad-trained assassin plop into the seat at the next desk.

“Tony? What are you doing?”

He didn’t lift his head from his desk. Wait, Mossad-trained assassin! Ziva would take pity on him, right? They were partners! Ziva could save him!

“I’m a dead man, Ziva.”

“Why? Or should I say, why now?”

Unfortunately, she sounded curious rather than furious. Not encouraging.

“The Summers girl,” McGee’s voice chimed in. After a moment in which Ziva must have looked blank, he added, “Dawn. You know, the witness from the McCarthy case?”

Damn the probie, messing this up! He knew this was a matter of life or death! Was he enjoying this?

“What about her?”

Ziva hadn’t made the connection yet.

“Turns out her sister may be Gibbs’ daughter. Is Gibbs’ daughter, according to Abby’s DNA analysis.”

“Gibbs has another daughter?”

“No, it’s the same daughter.”

“She’s not dead?”

“Seems pretty alive. Living in London right now, Dawn says.”

“Does Gibbs know?”

“He knows.”

“Does the daughter know?”

“We don’t know. Dawn was a little thrown by the whole thing.”

“So why is Tony looking like he’s just committed a major sin?”

“Because, Ziva,” Tony said, sitting up, “I was… very friendly with the girl. Who is almost like Gibbs’ daughter by way of being Gibbs’ daughter’s sister. When he’s no longer in shock about his daughter being alive, he will remember this and kill me.”

“I think you’re being a little dramatic, Tony.”

Tony finally lifted his head from the desk and glared at McGee.

“Easy for you to say, Probie. You’re not the one facing a Marine sniper with over a decade of repressed fatherly protectiveness who just found out his dead daughter is not so dead and has a younger sister who saw some sick bastard torture a Marine to death in front of her. Do you really think he’ll be in a calm, thoughtful mood? That we can talk this over and everything will be ok?”

Ziva regarded him briefly, then turned to McGee.

“No, I agree. He’s a dead man walking.”

McGee blinked, then shrugged.

“Perhaps you should plan your funeral now,” Ziva suggested with a grin.

The End

You have reached the end of "Dead Man Walking". This story is complete.

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