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Xander, Brother of Death

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Summary: It would have been so much simpler to leave it at 'The One Who Sees'. Written for August Fic A Day.

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > Percy Jackson & the OlympiansgrundyFR1311,082096,3944 Aug 104 Aug 10Yes
Disclaimer: I did not create and do not own these characters. BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon. All things Percy Jackson are Rick Riordan's. (And the mythology is from the ancient Greeks.)

Xander stared morosely at the water. It was his own fault, really. Dionysus had given him an out. He’d said to be sure before asking. But Xander had never been the guy to take that kind of offer. He’d asked, knowing that once said, it couldn’t be unsaid. Besides, it had annoyed him that ‘Mr. D’ seemed to know more about him than he did himself, even if he was a god.

But this was too much…son of Nyx? Brother of Charon? And the chauffeur of the dead was honestly the least scary of his immortal half-siblings.

“Guess the ferryman isn’t the only one in the family with good eyesight,” Dionysus had said, in a feeble attempt at lightening the mood. At everyone’s blank looks, he’d elaborated. “’Charon’ means keen gaze. And Alexander here is the One Who Sees.”

At Dawn’s fierce glare- which pretty much spoke for all the Scoobies- the god of wine sighed.

“Look, if it’s any comfort, the boy has a mother that even Zeus thinks twice before messing with. She’s a primordial goddess, older than the Olympians or even the Titans. It’s doubtful that any of us will try to make his life difficult. Nyx may not have been very attentive while you were young, but you were ostensibly under your father’s protection then. With him dead, she’ll likely take a more active interest in your welfare.”

That was when Xander had stomped off, utterly unable to deal with the situation any longer. To be told that he was the half human son of a goddess even Olympus feared was a little upsetting considering he’d lived his childhood in fear of his alcoholic father and the not overly maternal woman he’d always thought was his mother. She’d meant well, he knew, but when she and Dad had been drinking…

Well, suffice it to say that if someone had told him yesterday that he was only half human, he’d have expected Jessica Harris to be the human half of the equation.

Then again, it wasn’t like he was the only one who had some serious adjustments to make to his worldview. Mr. D had already thoroughly upset the Summers girls with the casual announcement that the Key was immortal. Dawn had needed a cooling off period in Cabin Two, and Buffy a sparring session with half the Ares cabin, before Dionysus could turn his attention to Xander.

He heard the sounds of footsteps before he saw Grover.

“I guess you drew the short straw, huh?” Xander said, not looking at the satyr.

“Not exactly. I volunteered,” Grover replied. “Your friends all wanted to come, but I figured you might need to talk to someone who has some experience with people who just found out that their lives are more complicated than they thought.”

“Wow. That’s an understatement,” Xander told the shoreline. “It turns out I’m actually the offspring of a drunk and a goddess, and he says my life is more complicated than I thought.”

“It’s not that bad,” Grover said, trying for a calm, reasonable tone.

“Really? Explain where it’s not that bad, Grove. Cause maybe it’s the one eye, but I’m missing it from here.”

Grover winced before settling onto the sand next to Xander.

“That preacher must have been under the influence of something pretty powerful to survive ripping out your eye like that,” he said. “That’s what Mr. D didn’t tell you. Nyx may not have been there, but she definitely made sure everyone who got close knew you were hers.”

Xander did look up at that.

“Really? How? Cause I’ve been a demon magnet pretty much all my life.”

Grover nodded.

“You would be. It’s a half-blood thing, and more so for you because of whose kid you are and where you were living. You draw the darkness better than most, even before tossing a Hellmouth into the mix. I bet only Hades’ and Hecate’s kids come close. But I also bet you always had an incredibly lucky escape. Your friends got there in the nick of time, or the demon backed off or made an inexplicable error that gave you a way out.”

At Xander’s startled look, he explained.

“From a distance, you have the normal half-blood scent. But once you get up close, there’s something else mixed in with it. It’s not quite protection, more like a warning that someone really big is looking out for you. Nyx might not have been there, but she does not like it when someone messes with her children. Even the mortal ones.”

Seeing that Xander was listening now, he added, “It also helped that most of your fights were at night- your mother’s domain.”

Xander shrugged.

“It was dark when I lost my eye.”

“But that was in a cave,” Grover said. “That’s a different kind of darkness. The kind that belongs to your mother’s husband.”

Xander groaned.

“So you’re saying that if we’d been fighting in open air, Caleb probably couldn’t have done it, but because we were in a cave, godly jealousy had to be factored in?”

“Something like that,” Grover replied regretfully. “It’s awkward when gods who have spouses have children with mortals. Their husband or wife doesn’t always take it well. Erebus wouldn’t risk Nyx’s maternal wrath by killing you outright, but a little maiming to let her know he knows and isn’t happy? Well, that’s something else.”

“So does this mean I should stay out of caves for the rest of my life?” Xander asked.

Grover shrugged.

“He probably got it out of his system. Nyx doesn’t have half-bloods very often- mortal children of Protogenoi are even rarer than children of the Big Three. Besides, the company you keep, he can’t do too much damage without risking messing things up. If he goes too far, he’ll have some of his own kids after him.”

“Who my half-siblings are is one of the hardest parts to wrap my head around,” Xander said ruefully.

“Yeah, I can see where suddenly being brother of Moros might be a little weird,” Grover agreed.

“Actually, Eris and Nemesis worried me more.”

“They would be the ones Erebus doesn’t want nagging him for inflicting too much damage on you, Xander. You might want to consider offering them something next meal. And to your mother.” He paused. “So, not planning a family reunion anytime soon?”

“Nah. Maybe I’ll visit Charon sometime, though. I hear Percy knows how to find him.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Xander, Brother of Death". This story is complete.

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