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This story is No. 4 in the series "Crisis". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: She was killing him with her brain, just like she said she would.

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Firefly > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesAngelfirenzeFR181905141,2697 Aug 107 Aug 10Yes
By Angelfirenze

Disclaimer: If they were mine, a certain part of the Big Damned Movie would have ended with a spectacularly showy landing on Mr. Universe's hangar. Alas...

Summary: She was killing him with her brain, just like she said she would.

Notes: Apparently, the Crisis series isn't over yet because like I said before, I'm thinking about Jayne's time in the hangar after 'Ariel' and then 'Trash', after that and this sort of took shape, so it's a part four of's taken awhile, but this ship wants to fly.

Pairings: pre-Simon/Kaylee, explicit River/Jayne, pre-Mal/Inara, Zoe/Wash;

Warnings: Mild Dom!River, Sub!Jayne;


The first time they had each other, it took a long time for him to figure out that they'd both wanted it and that he shouldn't be shot like a dog. Because he certainly had felt he should be. Except that that was only when he was able to concentrate because it was so damned hard to think with her movin' and gyratin' all on top of him and not once did she make a sound, not one damned time did she move him or hurt his neck.

Her eyes stayed locked on his like some kind of homin' beacon, explosions behind his eyes showin' 'im colors he'd never known before. She was killing him with her brain, just like she said she would. According to him, when she'd said that, he'd wanted nothing more than to get up and run back to his bunk, lock the door and hide in his bed with Vera cocked and ready. But then she'd come in the infirmary she hated so much, but her brother was so fond of ("We've got the same troubles...") and he didn't know the word 'dichotomy', but it would have fit so well just then.

When she said it -- "Dichotomy" -- he thought she was going to start cuttin' on him like them ruttin' mad men at that hwun dan-filled Academy place. But then she stepped upward, as if she was floatin' on air, and sat astride him, her head turning this way and that to look at him like...he wasn't one to know at all because she was sat right across him there and suddenly everything felt warm and she was reaching forward to stroke his face, a calmness she'd never yet shown on hers as she smiled and whispered, "This isn't a bathtub, no swimming pool -- no why are we so wet?"

Jayne gulped as well as he could, unable to turn away, but wishing so much that he wasn't gettin' so hard he couldn't damned well think straight. She was right, she was wet and it was startin' to soak through the shorts she wore under her dresses for whenever she felt like flippin' around like a damned...Jayne's mouth went slack as he watched her eyes close and then she reached between them and started doin' things with her fingers that made her moan quietly, deep down in her throat, and he felt like he was going to explode if he couldn't do something about this ache inside him soon.

But she had already shown him she was in control and damn it if he didn't like it. River had a tiny bit of a smile on her face as she started to move somehow and her shorts slid down to her ankle and onto the floor and then she was naked on top of him under that dress, but then he could feel his pants all undone and himself slowly comin' free, wet, just like she said as she began to slide against him, the sensation like a million little stars marching back and forth in front of his brain out of hers, tryin' to tell him something he just couldn't understand.

"This...wr..." he started to try to say, but she shushed him, that smile back on her face as she moved like something out of one of the stories -- the genie from that lamp.

Gently, she leaned forward and licked his lip and he couldn't think anymore, watching and couldn't look away as she moved on him and moved until finally her eyes slid shut and her mouth fell open in one perfect 'O' as she shuddered against him as if they was Wash in the cockpit tryin' to land without killin' them all.

He felt the pressure inside him get to be as if his head was gonna explode and then the front of her dress that had draped over him darkened as he came in waves, his seed covering her all down her chest even as she let her nails dig into his arms, leaving her marks on him.

She hopped off him, landing like a cat except on two legs, and then cleaned and scrubbed and changed and then was gone. She had slowly poured water on him to absorb the extra. But she was gone, quietly as she arrived.

And Jayne was left blinking with a hole in the pit of his stomach that he didn't know what to do with. He didn't then know it was love.

Later on, when Simon finally let him up, the doctor just assumed that River had taken her pound of flesh from Jayne and just about smirked as he offered to clean the marks her nails had left.

Jayne refused, instead secretly counting the days until they'd healed all themselves, lining them up against the day when she stood by his ear and breathed into him as she lay his hands on her belly and fear like no other had gripped him, but she'd shushed him and kissed his cheek.

"Dichotomy," she'd repeated, the happy gush in her voice flowing into his heart and suddenly he didn't care of her brother or the captain comin' after him with an ax or a sword or whatever. He and Vera'd be ready for them. She was going to be his now.

Just like he was already hers.


The End

You have reached the end of "Radical". This story is complete.

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