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Mors Pulchra

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Summary: Death should never be beautiful...

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Literature > Fantasy > His Dark MaterialslothlorienFR131392025857 Aug 107 Aug 10Yes
Disclaimer: I own neither His Dark Materials nor BtVS.

AN: I watched The Golden Compass a few days back and this idea popped into my head. It's just some random thoughts on death and how a daemon dies. I hope you like it.

Summary: Xander somehow found his way into Lyra's world. There he joins the Gyptians on their way to free the children from Bolvangar. These are his thoughts.

It's so beautiful. When a daemon disappears. I've always known that the soul dies with the body. But to actually see it go... beautiful. Much more beautiful that death has any right to be. Death should be... Gruesome. Terrible. Fearsome. Ugly. Never beautiful. And yet it is.

When I first came to this world I was feared. They thought I was a monster. A daemonless human - it's unheard of. They eventually used some sort of lens to see if I had 'Dust'. I explained that I had recently washed and didn't have any dirt on me.

"Not that kind of dust," said one of them condescendingly. I shrugged. Whatever this 'Dust' is, I apparently have enough of it to convince them I'm human. Evidently I have my daemon inside of me. Again there was some confusion when I protested that, despite my many possessions, I'm not a demon. Then I realized that a daemon is really the human soul.

I wondered what mine would be. Maybe a dog. I was always willing to follow my girls around. But there's a voice in my head saying I'd have a hyena daemon. Then again that's still a dog. I once talked to one of the Gyptians about it. He looked at me for a long time and then just shrugged. "You shouldn't wonder about it too much. Sometimes knowing what you are can limit you." He had an odd look in his eyes when he said it. Did his hare daemon ever limit him? Iorek Byrnison said my daemon would be a bird of prey. He wouldn't explain it further so I let it be.

So here we are. Another final battle. Protecting children from monsters. Only this time they're human, soul having monsters. It makes it worse. I wonder if they'll notice if I die. They said I look dead when I sleep, cause my daemon isn't there. So I took a page from Pratchett's books (not literally) and made me a sign: 'I'm not dead.' No one got the joke. It made me miss my girls. Dawn would get it.

Doesn't matter. No time for being home sick. Now we fight. There are children to be saved.

AN2: I hope you liked it. I thought that daemons died much to prettily in the movie, so I wrote this fic. Please leave a review

The End

You have reached the end of "Mors Pulchra". This story is complete.

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