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Golden Threads

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Golden Threads". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: When the Monks made Dawn, they didn't exactly do their homework...Now she's living in Cardiff, falling for two impossible men, and just trying to live her life.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Dawn-CenteredJadedFR1850150,42869476173,1167 Aug 108 Jan 11Yes


Author: Jaded
Story: Golden Threads
Disclaimer: I own the idea only. Joss owns Buffy, Torchwood is owned by, um...someone not me? No suing please!
Summary: When the Monks made Dawn, they didn't exactly do their homework...
Acknowledgement(s): Thanks to VillageOrchid, Allyssiandra, ozseaside, RevDorothyL, CrystalBlaze, & jupitersdaughter for the reviews!
Warning: Am new to the fandom so I cannot promise this will be IC or even make sense. :/ Will be a THREESOME. Probably.
A/N 1: I, um, I kinda sorta just realized that if this goes the way I'm thinking it will...its gonna end up a threesome. Deal with that as you will.
A/N 2: I had this typed up yesterday but it was my sisters third year anniversary of her double lung transplant so I was a bit busy. :) Enjoy!

“I seldom end up where I wanted to go, but almost always end up where I need to be.” - Douglas Adams

“Hello, again,” Dawn greeted Jack cheerfully. The four women were at the Pub, Buffy being sufficiently distracted not to notice their disappearance. And once again, Jack and his colleagues were there, though they'd been joined by a brunette.

Jack beamed, standing to give her a hug. In the month since they'd initially met, they'd kept in contact through email, Dawn having given hers to Tosh after the two spent over half an hour talking language computer programs. Dawn, Vi, Cassie, and Molly had intrigued Jack from the start, as they not only held their liquor well but they had an outlook on life not dissimilar to his own.

He knew Dawn worked as a translator for a large antiquities corporation that had been around for years and was working on her doctorate. Cassie, Vi, and Molly had all gone to one of the privately funded boarding schools the corporation ran and had gone to university in botany (Cassie), history(Vi), and art (Molly). All three now freelanced for International Research Foundation in a variety of jobs, from research to traipsing around the jungles of the Amazon to collect artifacts otherwise thought unattainable.

“Hey Owen,” Molly greeted the doctor. “Ready to lose some more money?”

“I don't think so, no,” he answered as everyone save Gwen all laughed. “I learned my lesson the last time, thanks. Bloody sharks, they are.”

“Awww, is the big strong smart doctor scared of being embarrassed by a group of pretty young women?” Vi cooed. Owen glared at her, not answering which was an answer in and of itself.

“Hello,” Cassie greeted Gwen. “I don't think we met; I'm Cassie Harris.”

“Gwen Cooper,” she answered, smiling at them. Jack thought she looked a bit out of her element and didn't blame her; only Jack, Owen, and Ianto had really talked with the women last time, as Tosh had been too shy. It was the computer conversation that got her to actually open up and only for the subject. When it'd changed, she'd gone quiet again.

“Vi Rosenberg.”

“Dawn Summers.”

“Molly Giles,” the only Brit finished. “And I'm not surprised Cass doesn't remember—she was thrashed by the time we met up with this lot. I still can't believe she remembers any of you at all.”

Cassie groaned. “You're the one who kept giving me those damn appletini's,” she accused. “So, you know, not my fault I passed out on the way home!”

“Speaking of which, does your family know you're here?” Ianto asked, eyebrow raised at Cassie. For some reason, he'd immediately taken to the little blonde and the linguist when they'd first met. Jack knew they'd kept in contact as well.

“Papa knows we're here,” Molly agreed. She glanced at Dawn. “Not that big sister is aware of that.”

“Mine either but that's a good thing,” Vi made a face. “Kennedy's in town and I'd rather not watch Willow snog the daylights out of her.”

Jack tensed slightly, as did most of his team. They'd never really discussed sexuality the last time and he really hoped they weren't sexually phobic. In this century, it was surprisingly hard to tell up until the subject was brought up. Dawn placed a hand on his arm and gave him an amused look.

“Relax,” she advised. “Its not the girl on girl thing, its that Kennedy's a bitch. None of us are entirely sure what Wills sees in her.”

“Half the time I don't think Willow knows what she sees in her,” Vi snorted, hand snaking out and tossing back Owen's shot as the group relaxed. She ignored his yelp of outrage. “Kennedy thinks she's entitled to everything—she comes from money and was pampered her whole life.”

“Besides,” Cassie noted, looking at Jack. “The only thing I remember that night was you making Dawn turn red with innuendo and then going around and pinching that male waiters bum. If that's not a sign of an open sexuality, I don't know what is.”

“Never say bum like that again,” Molly ordered, making a face as everyone laughed.

“So, what about all of you?” Dawn asked, looking around. “Boyfriends, Girlfriends?”

“Rhys,” Gwen smiled. “Boyfriend.”

“None,” Tosh smiled uncomfortably as Ianto did the same.

“I prefer to play the field,” Owen said and the four woman snorted. He frowned. “What?”

“Trust me, we noticed,” Dawn told him dryly and Jack smirked. “I should introduce you to Faith; her second favorite activity is sex.”

“What's her first favorite?” Tosh asked, voice quiet. Dawn smiled at her, eyes twinkling.

“Her job,” she chirped. “If she's not doing one, she's usually in the middle of the other.”

“Dawn accidentally walked into her with Xander once,” Cassie smirked. “Xander freaked but Faith asked her if she wanted to join em.”

“I will forever be scarred,” Dawn deadpanned.

“I don't know,” Vi said, musing as her hand inched towards Ianto's glass. “Xander's hot, in a rugged sort of way.”

“And that's how you know you're a Rosenberg,” Dawn drawled. “Willow had a crush on Xander for years. Had an affair with him in high school, too.”

“Would you like your own drinks?” Ianto asked suddenly, pulling his beer away from Vi's reach. Jack smirked at the redheads pout. “I think we need refills anyway.”

“Was it really an affair though?” Vi asked after they all gave orders and, in the girls case, money to Ianto. “I mean, they never had sex. And they got caught the first time they actually made out.”

“We're they with anyone else at the time?” Gwen asked. “If so, that makes it an affair in my book.”

“Yup,” Dawn said. “Cordy and Oz.”

Her eyes dimmed slightly at the mention of them. Jack, recognizing the look, nevertheless felt he had to ask. “I don't think you've mentioned them before,” he noted. At the funny looks he was getting from his team, he added, “In your emails, I mean.”

“Oz is somewhere in Tibet,” Dawn said, frowning. “A monastery of some kind. He's been there since just after high school. He needed to find peace and I guess...he just never really came back. Excuse me, I'm going to help Ianto with the drinks.”

“Dawnie has issues,” Vi said in the ensuing silence Dawn's departure left. “Her dad was never really part of her life, couldn't take the time and her mom died when she was fourteen. Her sister ran away, Giles took off, Willow...went slightly mad with grief for a while and had to leave to deal with it. Only Xander's never left, at least not permanently.”

“Cordelia died a while back,” Cassie added softly. “Her boss used to date Dawn's sister and knew the Scoobs would have wanted to know she was in a coma. He didn't tell them, not until a while after she died. Dawn is still dealing with it.”

“She hasn't quite forgiven Angel for it,” Molly added. “Said his reasoning was stupid and they were Cordelia's family just as much as he was—they had a right to know.”

“Can't exactly argue with that,” Gwen said. “I'd probably feel the same way.”

They were silent as Dawn and Ianto, laughing at something, approached with trays. Dawn barely had hers down in the table before Molly shot to her feet and steered her into the crush of bodies dancing just off to the side. Vi smirked, tossed back her own drink,and then went to join them, dragging the protesting Owen with her. As the three women danced (and Owen tried to keep up), Jack looked back at Cassie when she snorted. “Well, that's one way to distract her,” she noted.

“How's that?” Ianto asked curiously. Cassie smiled at him.

“Dawn loves dancing,” she explained. “It relaxes her, to her sisters everlasting horror.”

“Why would her sister be horrified with her choice of relaxant?” Gwen asked, puzzled. Cassie smirked and pointed at the crush of bodies.

“Because she insists Dawnie is still too young to do the sexy dancing,” she said and Jack saw Ianto choke out of the corner of his eye. He let his eyes roam down the three women (and a few of the men who were starting to surround them); the dancing was pretty provocative, he admitted, admiring the way Dawn's jeans clung to her hips. He snapped back to the table when Ianto coughed, amused. There was disapproval in Gwen's gaze and Tosh was sitting quietly in between them, trying to turn invisible.

“She's, what, twenty-five?” she hissed quietly and Jack got the message—she was too young for him.

Cassie snorted her drink, laughing as she coughed. “Age is but a number,” she assured Gwen when she finally got herself under control. “Especially for the Summers women.”

“What do you mean?” Gwen asked, eyes narrowing. The blonde smirked, eyes flickering to the trio on the dance floor—Owen had finally seemed to get into a rhythm with Vi.

“Dawn's sister's first lover was...well, he was no spring chicken,” she said and her eyes were practically dancing with amusement. “And her...third lover wasn't much younger.”

“What about her second?” Gwen asked, being particularly stubborn about this. Cassie paused, a funny look on her face.

“He was her attempt at normalcy,” she said. “It didn't work out.”

The brunette went to say something but Jack had noticed the curtness in Cassie's tone at her last words. “Gwen.” he said simply and she stopped, looking at him. “Drop it.”

The former PC glanced at Cassie and seemed to realize it was not something she wanted to talk about—Jack had a feeling the relationship had ended very very badly.

“That doesn't explain Dawn, though,” Ianto broke in. “Her sister might be interested in older men...”

Cassie chuckled. “Normally, I'd say you're right,” she agreed. “But Dawn's shown a propensity for the older guys too. It's one of the reasons Giles doesn't assign her with any good-looking, older linguists. Not that we have many, granted, but still. It was like world war three in the offices when it was leaked that Dawnie lost it to one of the librarians. He's now in Siberia, at one of our offices there.”

That got Gwen to smile and Tosh bit her lip; Jack recognized the look as the one she got when she found something amusing but didn't want to show it. Ianto leaned back in his chair and Jack smirked.

“Was it in the stacks?” he asked and Cassie burst out laughing.

“Jack!” Gwen yelled, sounding scandalized. He looked at her innocently as Tosh and Ianto both hid smiles behind their drinks.


Gwen glowered at him as Cassie calmed down. “No, it wasn't,” she told him, wiping at her eyes. “Though there was a rumor that that was one of his kinks. Dawn loves books but not that much.”

Ianto, Tosh, and Jack all laughed as Gwen huffed. Jack wasn't sure if it was the fact they were discussing sex at all or that the woman in question was younger than her and dancing a few feet away, unaware she was the topic.

“Oh shit,” Cassie suddenly cursed, eyes widening as she gazed at something at the entrance to the pub. Everyone looked at her but her gaze was focused solely on the slowly parting crowd. “That's not good.”

“Cassandra Lynn Newton-Harris.”

“He used the full name,” Jack heard Cassie mutter as a man in an eye-patch appeared with a redhead and a blonde. “Crap.”

“Crap indeed,” the blonde said. “Where is she?”

“Trying to live her life!” Cassie said, standing up. The older blonde just crossed her arms, not amused. Cassie sighed and pointed petulantly. “Dancing.”

“Cassandra,” the man said, looking at her as the older blonde marched over to the dancing masses. “You know why Dawnie's not supposed to leave London. It's not safe.”

“Okay, one, stop it with the full name or we'll go with yours, middle and all,” she ordered irritably and Jack smirked when the man blanched. “And two, you guys are suffocating her!”

“Girls,” the redhead murmured as the older blonde appeared with Vi, Molly, and Dawn. She looked disappointed and beyond tired. “You know better, Cassie. You too Vivian, Molly. Giles isn't going to be pleased, he's gonna do the tongue clicky thing and--”

“Giles knows we're here,” Dawn broke in and the redhead stopped, looking surprised. Dawn had her arms crossed and was looking stubborn. “He specifically gave us permission to come to Cardiff so stop with the holier than thou act. I'm sick of it. This is my life, I'm twenty-five, I'm not a little girl needing protection anymore.”


“No, Buffy,” Dawn cut her off, affirming who she was to the listening Torchwood group. “You kept telling me to go out, live my life, do something other than the family business. Yet the moment I try, you freak out. That's not kosher.”

“But Dawn--”

“No,” Dawn cut her sister off again. “I love you. I will always love you. But this is the work I have to do.”

Buffy, the blonde, Dawn's sister, looked like she'd been slapped. Jack wasn't sure but he had the feeling the words were incredibly loaded with double meaning. The redhead and the man, Cassie and Vi's older siblings if Jack had to guess, also looked uncomfortable now.

“I—I—I didn't mean...” Buffy stuttered, eyes wide.

“I know Buf,” Dawn sighed, hugging her. “But...Cleveland changed my life. You know that. I need to learn to accept this and I can't do that with all of you breathing down my neck and acting like I'm made out of china!”

The groups, both Jack's own who were watching with the sort of weird fascination one would a soap opera, and Dawn's who were looking uncomfortable, went all silent. Cassie, however, was grinning. Jack gave her a funny look but she just smiled at him.

“We'll have to get you your own place cause I am not leaving you alone in Giles' house with all those breakable antiques.” Buffy finally said. Dawn wasn't the only one who blinked at that; Jack had been expecting a sisterly brawl, if he was being honest.

“Huh?” was Dawn's rather so eloquent reply. Jack slowly smiled when he saw the spark in the blonde's eyes—this was a woman who thrived at putting people off kilter.

“You made your point about the hovering and the over protectiveness and don't think I don't know what you did to Lynn and the others to get here, missy,” she wagged a finger in Dawn's face. Jack chuckled when the brunette's eyes crossed to look at it. This, unfortunately, caught the attention of the blonde who looked at the group with her sister. “And who's this?”

“Captain Jack Harkness,” he held out a hand. “My team and I were here for a couple drinks and met with the ladies.”

“We met the last time we came to Cardiff, too,” Dawn added and then froze, eyes wide. Buffy looked at her, amused, and Jack wondered what he was missing. Behind the blonde, her two friends were quietly arguing with Vivian and Cassie, with Molly off to the side watching in bemusement.

“Last month, right?” she asked and Dawn gaped. Jack suddenly realized she hadn't told her sister she'd taken off. Buffy smirked. “I wondered why Lynn wouldn't look me in the face that weekend.”

Dawn opened her mouth for a moment and then snapped it shut, apparently deciding she didn't need to speak. Buffy's eyes were practically twinkling, and she was relaxed in an odd sort of way. “There's a reason we call you four, Jordy, and Connor the Scrappies, Dawnie,” she said and Jack's head tilted, puzzling that. “Though I can't quite figure out which one of us you're supposed to be.”

“I think its a bad idea to break up the Harris-Rosenberg-Summers group,” the man, Xander, Jack thought, spoke up, resigned. Molly squeaked and he smiled. “And don't forget the Giles.”

“No, no, can't forget the Giles,” Buffy said as Willow started muttering about houses and flats and why couldn't any of her friends do things normally, for Gods sake? “Cause we're not normal?” Buffy suggested, proving she'd heard the redhead. Willow stuck her tongue her out at her and the blond and Xander exchanged amused looks. “Reeeeaaaaal mature there Wills.”

“Wha...?” Dawn's confusion was evident and everyone turned to look at her. Buffy raised an eyebrow at her and she cleared her throat. “I can stay?”

Buffy studied her a moment and then smiled softly, ruefully. “As you said before, you're twenty-five and I'm an overprotective worrywart.”

“I did not call you an overprotective worrywart,” Dawn argued, as if she couldn't help it. Buffy rolled her eyes.

“The sentiment was there,” she said and Jack really, really agreed with her. “Come on,” she added. “Let's head back to London to figure this all out.”


“Dawnie, I'm not having this conversation in a Cardiff pub, with an audience,” Buffy said pointedly. Dawn glanced guiltily at the group watching her.

“So, um, yeah, sorry about the drama. This was a long time coming,” she smiled tentatively at Jack, who shrugged back. Older human siblings were almost always incredibly protective of their younger brothers and sisters—that was something he'd learned very quickly as a time agent.

“Oh, no, go on, this is better than the telly I never get to watch,” Owen said cheerfully and then yelped when he got hit by Gwen and Ianto.

Buffy frowned at Owen but looked back at Dawn, silently dismissing the doctor. “So? Like I said, we need to talk about the ramifications with all this.”

“'Ramifications?'” Dawn asked and her voice suddenly had a teasing quality to it. “Have you actually been using the Word a Day calendar Giles bought you?”

“Why, did I use it right?” Buffy asked, looking excited and slightly ditzy. Jack recognized a chameleon when he saw one—she could play the blonde card but it was a way of blending in, putting people at ease or complacency. From Owen's expression, it was working, despite the capable young woman he'd seen before. The brunette smirked, eyes twinkling with amusement, pride, relief, and love as she looked at her sister.



“Girls Scout Honor.”

“You were a Girl's Scout?” Ianto asked, speaking up for the first time. Jack didn't entirely blame his incredulity—the brunette was not what sprang to mind when Jack thought Girl Scout. Dawn smiled sheepishly as her family and friends all snickered.

“I ate the cookies.”
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