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A Story with a Kitty

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Summary: His soldier costume ruined, Xander uses cheap props to create a one of a kind costume... YAHF

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Games > Other GenreZarachekFR151405042,3399 Aug 109 Aug 10Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own ‘A Game with a Kitty’ or ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’. All rights belong to their respective owners.

“Xa-” the shout for attention died in Willow’s throat as she approached Alexander Lavelle Harris, who was transformed into a slightly chubby, bipedal cat with a red pointy hat that was way to large for him, but still seemed to stay on his head regardless of any movement he did, like turning to the red-haired ghost.

“Hay, pretty ghost lady!” the cat cheerfully shouted.

Spike loudly cursed as he tried to catch Xander, but he jumped aside while giggling at the vampire. Growling the demonic corpse lunged forward and hit the cat hard, sending him flying against the wall of the warehouse. But instead of hitting the wall, Xander twisted in the air and latched on the wall. A moment later he quickly crawled up the wall and turned his head to look at the surprised vampire.

A moment later the cat jumped of the wall, heading for the vampire who quickly dodged the cat, who landed on that spot a moment after that, creating a dent in the floor. Then suddenly, he spread out his arms and closed his eyes, letting the master vampire attack. And just as Willow was about to shout a warning about Spike, who was already lunging at the cat, Xander’s fur suddenly started glowing. Unable to stop his lunge, the vampire could only watch as the cat’s eyes opened, the fur stopped glowing and suddenly the bipedal tabby was flying through the air at the blonde vampire, propelled by a yellow glow from behind it.

What Spike felt and heard next was pain, disorientation, metal screeching and finally, hitting a car outside the warehouse. Groaning in pain, Spike quickly got up and hurried to a near by sewer and headed home to Dru. Next time he would listen to her…

The crossover is a game called ‘A Game with a Kitty’, in it the player controls a bipedal cat with a red pointy hat sent out of his village to investigate a mysterious tower. During the course of the game the Kitty gets several powers. The first is crawl on and jump of walls. The second is using his large pointy hat as a parachute and finally the power to charge-up a single attack that makes him glow yellow at which point the player releases the button and the Kitty flies several meters. That final ability can kill any enemy except the bosses with a single hit.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Story with a Kitty". This story is complete.

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