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Haephestus Dawn

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Haephestus Dawn". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: With Glory out for Blood, Xander tries to keep Dawn safe.

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > Percy Jackson & the OlympiansLindabvairFR131465295,5769 Aug 109 Aug 10Yes
Disclaimer: Percy Jackson does not belong to me. The awesomeness that is Rick Riordan has that honor.
AN: No aneurism. Joyce is alive. I have never read the books, only listened to the audio versions. If I get name spellings wrong, let me know but don't hold it against me.


Joyce heard the doorbell. Who could be calling on the house at this time of day? "Xander what are you doing here?" He had left with Buffy earlier and now, coming home without her, Joyce began to worry.

Xander had had this whole speech planned out, how the Greek Gods were real, how he might be able to pul in a couple of favors, how there was a reason for Sunnydale Syndrome but seeing the worry on his best friends mother's face, it all flew out of his head. "I think I have a way to keep Dawnie safe."

He head perked up. "Tell me."

"It would be easier if I showed you."

Joyce bit her lip gently but nodded. Xander led her out to the side of the house where the hose was.

"Can you hold the nozzle steady when I get it into position?"

Joyce nodded.

Xander dug into his pocket and grubbed around until he foud a gold coin. "Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow, accept my offering." He flicked it into the rainbow made by the spray. "Chuck, Half-blood Hill"

Joyce jumped back slightly in shock. A black boy a few years younger than Xander had appeared out of the mist. "Alex? Why'd you IM me?" He looked concerned, but not overtly worried.

"I have a favor to ask. I have an innocent that has to get to a safe place. She can pass in the mist. Do you think you can talk to Mr. D and let her stay at camp for a bit?"

"Depends. What does she need protection from?"

"Crazy hell-goddess."

"Oh." Charles, looked surprised. "Which pantheon?"

"Alternate dimension."

The black boy nodded. "I'll ask. Talk to you in a sec." The picture vanished from the spray.

Xander nodded at Joyce. She shut the hose off. They waited for several minutes until a swirling panel of fog appeared in front of Xander. "Will you accept a collect IM from Charles Beckindorf at Half-blood Hill?" asked a dis-embodied voice. Xander rolled his eyes but tossed another Drachma at the panel.

"Sorry about the collect. A couple new Hermes campers walked by and grabbed my money-pouch. She can come. Chiron says the local pony chapter will give her a lift."


The connection cut out again. "What was that?"

Xander looked directly into Joyce's eyes. "There is something most people don't know about me. With you and Dawn and Buffy knowing now, I can still count the people who know on one hand."


"I'm half-god. I am Alexander, Son of Haephestus."

The End

You have reached the end of "Haephestus Dawn". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking