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The Ship of Lost Souls

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Buffy in the Hyborian Age". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Traveling by sea Buffy encounters a ghost ship, the Ship of Lost Souls. Will she survive or will she loose her soul? A "Buffy in the Hyborian Age"-adventure.

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The Slayer and the Priestess

Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon and 20th Century Fox. Conan and the World of the Hyborian Age was developed by Robert E. Howard (and butchered by Lin Carter and L. Sprague de Camp), they now belong to Conan Properties International. Elements of this story are based on the Adventure "Das Schiff der Verlorenen Seelen" written by Claus Lenthe for the German roleplaying game "Das Schwarze Auge". Everything new is MINE!

The Slayer and the Priestess

Buffy had been talking to Sekai, the first mate of the Heiros, as someone called out her name in surprise. She looked up and saw a Stygian woman standing on the ramp to the ship and looking at her. Buffy knew her. It was hard to forget your first female lover, even if you had loved other women over the past two years. The woman launched herself at Buffy who only had a moment to pass the amphoras she was carrying to Sekai, who already carried a small crate, before she was hugged by the young priestess.

“I thought that I will ever see you again, my love.” Teje said and placed a kiss on Buffy‘s lips.

Buffy kissed her back. She could hear Sekai chuckling, and some one making a wolf-whistle. That had to be Hericus that large Hyborian from Aquilonia. Buffy knew that that old sailor Nardos would only shake his head and smile. All three of her companions passed her and went aboard.

“Let me take a look at you.” Teje said after releasing Buffy from her embrace. “You are wearing more than the last time I saw you.”

Buffy eyes followed Teje‘s gaze as the priestess examined Buffy‘s clothes with her eyes. The slayer wore comfortable boots and bracers. She still had the small girdle and the dagger she had found the day she had arrived in this age. An abbreviated top made of Hyrkanian silk, which was nothing more than two triangles cloth held in place by some strings, covered her breasts. Two similar silk triangles covered her buttocks and her private parts also held in place by some strings. Buffy was proud of her dress. She was perhaps the only woman in this age wearing a bikini. “Do you like it?” She asked.

“It‘s beautiful.” was her lover‘s reply.

“Tahnks.” Buffy kissed Teje and led her to the ramp. “I‘ve many things to tell you.” Arm in arm they walked up the ramp.

The Heiros was a small ship with only one mast and two square rigs, one fastened to the mast and the other one fastened to the bowspirt. A single cabin stood behind the mast on the upper deck. Most of the cargo had been stowed in the lower deck.

Timereos went aboard and two sailors pulled the ramp aboard. He talked to his first mate. “Did you get all we need? Even the special goods?”

“I‘ve got everything.” Sekai nodded and asked him with a gesture to help her with the amphoras and crates she barely managed to hold in her arms. “Could you please help me?”

Timereos took some of the amphoras and walked to the cabin. Sekai followed him. “We‘ve two passengers. One of them you‘ve already met.”

“Yeah. It‘s really hard not to notice her.” They had reached the place where Hericus and Nardos had stowed the crates and amphoras they had carried. Timereos added his amphoras to them and Sekai did the same with her load.

“She‘s to be an old lover of Buffy.” The first mate told him. “And they‘re still in love.”

“Jealous, Sekai?” the master teased. “You know, how she is. A girl in every port and none really satisfying her. Let‘s hope that our new passenger can give her what she needs. Her name‘s Teje and she‘s a priestess of Isis.”

“And who‘s our other passenger?” Sekai asked.

“A Shemite called Dromar.” He placed a canvas cover over the goods. “That‘s all.” He stood up and called. “Weigh the anchor! We are leaving!”

In the meanwhile Buffy had told her former lover of most of her adventures of the last two years. Of her time as a caravan guard traveling through the Eastern Desert. Of her time as a thief in Shadizar. Of the time she freed a Khauran town from the clutches of a nest of vampires. And how she had joined the crew of the Heiros in order to escape the wrath of an influential Messantian noble whose daughter she had seduced (or was it because she had destroyed demon cult which was responsible for his wealth). There had been many more adventures. So many adventures that they both did not notice that they had already left the harbor and were sailing north.

“I hope that we do not meet any pirates.” A nervous voice said. That voice belonged to the other passenger of the Heiros, a Shemite with a long black beard and dark eyes. He was wearing a floor-length robe with wide sleeves over a skirt. A scimitar hung at his side.

“Then you have nothing to fear.” Nardos tried to put the Shemite‘s mind at ease. The old sailor stood on the railing and looked out to the sea. Buffy and Teje joined them. “Most of the pirates are not interested in a small trading vessel. And those who are would not dare to attack a Barachan vessel.”

“But what about those great pirates like the Queen of the Black Coast or Amra the Lion?” Dromar the Shemite asked.

“The Queen of the Black Coast sailed to the south and died there. Only one man survived and I served with him years ago. Amra the Lion vanished without a trace. What happened to him I don‘t know. But he has not been seen in years. I think that he drowned after his last ship sank. And Conan...” The old sailor smiled. “Conan has turned into a landlubber ... again. I‘ve sailed with him years ago. Conan...” He reminisced about his adventures with the Cimmerian. “There was no better master than him. And the adventures we had... One day we encountered a ship with a black sail. It wasn‘t a Stygian galley. No it was the Ship of Lost Souls and the undead Captain Black-Hearth was its master looking for souls to reap. But our ship was faster and we escaped a cruel fate. By Mitra, that was perhaps the best sailing maneuvers I‘ve ever seen. We tricked them and out-maneuvered them and reached Tortage before dusk. So they had to give up. But they‘re still out there, waiting ...”

“Are you telling them one of your old adventures,” Sekai interrupted him, “Or is it a new tale you‘ve yarned?” She pointed with her head towards the stern where Timereos was on the helm. “The master wants you.” Then she turned her attention towards Buffy. “And you can show the cabin to our passengers.”

Dromar declined. “Master Timereos already showed me where to stay.”

So Buffy took Teje by the hand and dragged her in the cabin. The small cabin had only to small rooms. One was reserved for the master, while the other one was used as sleeping quarter for the passengers. Three of the bunks were already taken which could be seen by various items that lay on the bunks. There they started to explore each other like two girls madly in love. It started with a long kiss while their hands roamed over the body of the other girl. Teje fumbled with the clasps of Buffy‘s top and panties, while Buffy skillfully unfastened the girdle that held Teje‘s dress in place. It slide down to the deck and the priestess stood naked in front of Buffy. The slayer now began to explore the other girl‘s body with her lips and guided her to Buffy‘s own buck. She kissed her on the lips, then kissed and licked her breasts. Teje moaned from pleasure. Her navel was the next vistim of Buffy‘s exploring tongue. The Stygian sat down at the bunk and spread her legs allowing Buffy to reach her center. With a cry the priestess came. “Isis!”

Now it was Teje‘s turn the pleasure the slayer. She pulled the other girl on the bunk and began her tender exploration of Buffy‘s body. She was roaming over Buffy‘s breasts with her hands, exploring Buffy‘s navel with her tongue and exploring Buffy‘s wet pussy with her fingers, making Buffy wet and moaning in ecstasy and finally crying out from passion.

This started rounds and rounds of love making which were rudely interrupted by a call of warning. “Sail ahead! A black sail ahead!”

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Ship of Lost Souls" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Aug 10.

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