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Summary: We always hear about the bad guys taking advantage of unbalance in the system. What happens when the good guys do it to?(Buffy/Clone Wars)

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Chapter 3


Chapter 3


Disclaimer: If you recognize it, it belongs to someone else.  I make no profit from the following.


Jedi Masters Obiwan Kenobi, Yoda, and Mace Windu sat in the Jedi Council Chambers discussing their new arrivals.


“I’ve never felt the depth of power that I feel from the young one, even with her sleeping,” Obi-Wan remarked.  “The elder one has a fair amount too, she certainly would have been scouted if she had been born almost anywhere in our galaxy.”


“You’re suggesting they be trained?” Mace Windu asked skeptically.


“If train we do not, the Sith most certainly will,” Yoda remarked in a tired voice.


Mace turned to the diminutive Jedi Master and said, “Assuming they even know of them.”


“Calls coming in from Jedi all over there are.  If felt the disturbance of the portal they did, the Sith already know of it too.” Yoda replied in a resigned voice.


Mace snorted, but couldn’t argue.


“Having trained an older padawan I can tell you it’s no easy matter,” Obi-wan remarked. “And that’s assuming either one is willing to be trained.”


“Convince them we must, or dire will the consequences be.  Know this I do,” Yoda said with finality.  The other two masters frowned, Yoda was rarely wrong.


“They’re awake,” Anakin said from the doorway.


Obi-wan cocked an eyebrow at his former padawan, “And you left them alone?”


“Ahsoka is with them,” Anakin replied defensively.


“Oh, that fills me with assurance,” Obi-wan muttered.


Ahsoka looked at the door her master had retreated through, and though he did not hurry on his way, retreat it surely had been.  Turning back to the other two people in the room she asked, “So, are you hungry?”


Buffy had been watching the door with bemusement on her face; she’d never been able to drive off an authority figure with just her presence before.  At the question she turned back to the Togruta padawan and answering, “Starved,” turning to her sister she asked, “Dawn?”


“Yeah,” Dawn said, “I feel like I haven’t eaten in a week.”


Ahsoka pulled out a communicator and said into it, “R2?”  A brief reply of squeaks and whistles came out of the device.  “Could you stop by the kitchen and pick up two breakfasts for humans and bring them to me in the medical wing?” Another brief burst of whistles, this time they almost sounded affirmative emanated from the device.


“R2 will be here in a couple of minutes.”


“So,” Buffy asked while they waited, “What is this place?”


“It’s the main Jedi Temple on Coruscant,” Ahsoka replied.


“Yeah, I got that from the guy with the beard last night, doesn’t explain anything to me though,” Buffy replied as she climbed back onto her bed.


Ahsoka looked confused, “You’ve never heard of the Jedi before?”


“Should I have?” Buffy asked.  The shorter alien was acting like Buffy didn’t know what the Golden Gate Bridge was.


“Your planet must be way beyond the Outer Rim if you’ve never heard of Jedi.”


“It probably is,” Buffy agreed, “So how about you give us Jedi for Dummies then.”


Ahsoka frowned, her tone of voice indicated that she wasn’t joking, but given the nature of the questions the blonde visitor had been asking she didn’t seem stupid.


Seeing the look on the orange alien’s face Buffy said, “I mean give us the simplified explanation.”


Ahsoka started to give the speech the she had to learn when she took her turn as tour guide for the temple, something that most younglings had to do one time or another when R2 showed up with two trays balanced on a rack that someone had placed on his dome.


“Thanks R2ie,” Ahsoka told the droid happily, she wasn’t alone anymore.


“Buffy, Dawn, this is R2D2, he’s my master’s astromech droid, and he’s willing to help out in other ways.”


The blue and white robot whistled happily at Buffy and Dawn as he moved between the beds to allow the Summers sisters to grab a tray from him.


“We weren’t sure what you liked so we kept it simple,” Ahsoka explained.


“There’s nothing on the tray that would be hazardous to your health, and most of the humans in the order like the taste of everything on there.”


Buffy took her tray and sniffed. There was a bowl of some kind of hot cereal, it didn’t smell like oatmeal, but it kind of looked like it.  There was a sweetener on it, but it didn’t seem to be brown sugar or honey.  There was also two fruits, neither looked like anything she had seen before.  One was about the size and shape of a plum, though it was yellow, the other was orange size, but was colored more like a peach. There were also two glasses, well a glass and a mug. The aroma coming out of the mug smelled too much like coffee for it to be anything else, so all was not lost; she could still get her caffeine fix, the glass was filled with a purplish fluid that had to be some kind of fruit juice.  Glancing over she saw that Dawn hadn’t waited; she’d already taken a bite out of the peach colored fruit and was shoveling cereal into her mouth.  Seeing Buffy looking at her she shrugged. After swallowing she said, “If they wanted to poison us, they could have just injected us while we were unconscious.”


Buffy couldn’t argue with that, so grabbing the spoon she began eating.


The cereal had a nutmeggy flavor that was nice, though she wasn’t sure about the sweetener, it definitely wasn’t honey or any kind of processed sugar, but it sweetened the cereal nicely.  She took a sip of the coffee and it was close enough that she wasn’t going to worry about it.


Dawn and Buffy ate in silence as they shoveled their breakfast down; Ahsoka studied them as they ate.  The younger one, Dawn, was actually the more powerful in the force, though she seemed totally unaware of it; Buffy seemed to have a better grip on the force that was in her, she seemed to have almost merged with it, though her force felt more alive than any she had ever felt before. Ahsoka knew that even as Buffy concentrated on eating, a part of her was alert, aware of her surroundings, and was studying the Padawan, assessing how much of a threat the she was. Ahsoka was disquieted by this, more than she would admit.


Buffy suddenly sat up and stared at the wall of the room.  Ahsoka realized she must have felt the masters coming, the blonde human might not be trained, but she clearly was force sensitive.


Anakin was the first through the door, a quick glance around confirmed that everything was as it should be. Obi-wan followed him, with Mace and Yoda coming in together. Buffy studied the two newcomers, all of them having the same tingle she had felt from everyone she had so far met, except R2, and she wasn’t sure he counted. The tall black guy had a stronger feel than beard guy from last night, but the little green guy had almost as strong a feel as guy-in-black. His feel was a lot cleaner too, and more highly honed to boot.


“Hi,” Buffy said as she swallowed the last of her coffee, “Thanks for saving my sister and me last night.”


“Welcome you are, talk we must,” the little green guy said gravely.


“I’m all ears,” Buffy replied.


The Jedi, one and all, looked confused.


Buffy sighed, clearly pop culture references were lost on this group. “I mean talk away, I’m listening.”


“Humph,” the green Jedi master grunted.


“Brought here for a reason you and your sister were. Know what it is we do not.”


“Strong in the Force both of you are.”


“The Force?” Dawn asked, no way she was going to allow Buffy to totally dominate the conversation.


“The Force is an energy field,” Obi-wan began. “It surrounds us, it penetrates us, it binds the universe together.”


“And we have a lot of it?” Buffy asked, clearly skeptical.


“Your sister more so than you,” Yoda agreed.


Buffy’s mind raced, originally she thought they might have detected the Slayer in her, but if they were picking up something similar in Dawn, and she had more of it, then maybe Magic to her, was this Force to them. “If we have this thing, what do you want to do with us?”


Yoda hopped easily up onto Dawn’s bed so he could look the Summers sisters in the eye as he talked to them.  Looking up at people was nothing new to the diminutive Jedi master, but he found people who either didn’t know him personally, or what a Jedi master was capable of, judged him by his size rather than himself, and he knew in his heart that they could not have that kind of misunderstanding here. 


“Involved in a war are we, allied with the Dark Side are our opponents are.  We wish to train you in the ways of the Jedi, to armor you against the ways of the Dark Side so when they seek you out, resist them you can.”


“The Dark Side?” Buffy asked, beginning to suspect they were dealing with religious fanatics. Having just finished dealing with the Knights of Byzantium she had no desire to get involved with another group.


Obi-wan spoke up again, “A practitioner of Dark Side is interested only in increasing his personal power, not helping people. They draw their power from anger, fear and hatred.”


“And you guys draw yours from happy thoughts?” Buffy asked, clearly not convinced.


Obi-Wan scowled, that was rather flippant, before he could say anything though Yoda spoke up, “The Jedi feel the Force, we allow it to guide our actions to maintain a balance, the Sith care only for their personal ambitions.”


After dealing with the Powers for five years and their quest to defend the Balance, Buffy really had no interest in getting involved in that fight again, “Been there, done that, don’t want another T-shirt,” Buffy replied.


None of the Jedi completely understood what Buffy just said, but they got the jist, and stared at each other, how do they deal with this?  Finally Aaikin said, “You can’t turn your back on this.”


“Watch me.”


“Hold you we will not, regret leaving you will,” Yoda intoned.


Buffy sat back and looked at Dawn who shrugged, it wasn’t like they had a whole lot of choice.


“How do we know you are the good guys?” Buffy asked, seriously.


“Choice will we give you, Choice the Sith will not.”



The End?

You have reached the end of "Fulcrum" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Mar 12.

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