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Grammar Nazi

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Summary: There's a prophecy. Too bad Draco can't understand it.

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Harry Potter > General > HumorLindabvairFR72313023,26610 Aug 1010 Aug 10Yes

Chapter One of Two

Disclaimer: HP is not mine. Buffy is not mine. My computer is mine, but the patents belong to Apple.
A/N: Sorry shimaspawn, but I can't really write slash well. But I do hope the interpretation was creative enough.

"I just do not understand this stupid thing," I muttered to myself. I had stayed in the library, trying to finish my homework. The new Divinations professor had, upon arriving in the NEWT-level class for the first time, assigned everyone there an obscure prophecy to try to interpret.

"Tell me about it. Prophecies never say what they mean," said a voice from behind him. I glanced behind me and froze.

When I didn't answer right away, Professor Harris continued, "There's this girl I know who had a prophecy that said she would die that night. That was ten years ago. I just sent a letter off to her today."

"So how are you coming with the prophecy?"

"I got it translated out from the proto-German it was in, but it doesn't make sense. 'Bonus points are given for the following:/ Xander slash (double bonus if you pair him with Draco)/Willow with a female other than Kennedy/ Creative interpretations of the prophecy'."

"Prophecies never say what they mean."

The professor smiled, then left me in my stupor.

Then, I understood.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking