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He Followed Me Home, Buffy. Can I Keep Him?

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Summary: As Faith once explained to a baby Slayer, "Kid, we don't bet on Dawn getting grabbed by a Big Bad on Tuesday. That happens way too often to lay down our money on that. No, what we bet on is how pissed Buffy gets after it's all over. So, you want in?"

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Disclaimer: I own nothing. All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters and also all of the following characters from whatever media presented in this story are the property of their original owners. To avoid spoilers, these crossovers shall be identified at the ends of the forthcoming chapters.

Stalking through the front door of Dawn’s apartment in the Scottish castle that was the headquarters of the International Watchers’ Council, a furious Buffy Summers effortlessly held up high her sister dangling from the Slayer’s right hand that was tightly gripping the collar of the other female’s blouse. Dawn refrained from struggling during this extremely undignified means of transportation; instead, as she was carried to the center of the main living room, that Oxford student maintained her limp posture while irritably keeping her arms folded across her chest, in addition to retaining a very irked expression upon the Key’s features.

Landing lightly upon her feet as Buffy finally let go, Dawn whirled around to confront her sister standing next to her, with the younger woman’s arms unfolding and dropping to angrily place her fists on her hips, to then opening her mouth to begin yelling, except that Buffy started shouting first. “Okay, enough’s enough! I’ve had it! From now on, next week and the week after that, and also for the rest of your whole life, you’re gonna spend that day right here, with the door locked, Slayers guarding every window, vent, and chimney, and Willow’s strongest wards placed on you!”

Feeling her own temper about to burst forth, Dawn retorted at her full personal volume, “It’s not my fault that I keep getting kidnapped on Tuesdays!”

Buffy bellowed back, “Well, you don’t have to be so carefree about it! We always get worried about you, and it doesn’t make us any happier when we come to rescue you and instead find you doing things like today, when you conned your guards into a game of strip poker and won every single hand, taking them for everything down to their jockstraps!”

Despite her current mood of angry exasperation, a genuine giggle then managed to escape from Dawn, along with her sardonic comment to her simmering sister, “Hey, if you’d just waited another five minutes, I would’ve had their underwear, too. Those guys were totally hopeless in figuring out the odds of their card hands!”

Buffy’s face actually turned light purple over hearing this, with the California native then gritting out, “That does it! I’m nailing your door shut!” As she continued glowering at her sniggering sibling, Buffy now growled towards Dawn, “All I wanted was just one nice, normal day after Monday. Was that too much to ask?”

Dawn sent back an incredulous look at Buffy before snippily responding, “Did you take a nap during all of the last decade or so of your life? We -- you, me, the Scoobies, Slayers, Watchers -- we don’t do normal!”

A grim Slayer then got up right into her sister’s face and fiercely vowed, “Well, for the next couple of days, you’re gonna, Dawn! You either behave like an normal girl, a totally ordinary human for the rest of the week so that I can feel like I can trust you out of my sight on Tuesdays, or I swear, I will brick up your doorway and feed you through the slot!”

Ignoring Dawn’s outraged expression at that ultimatum, Buffy then spun around on her heel and stomped her way out of the apartment, slamming the door behind herself. Since that panel, along with every bit of furniture and fixtures in the entire castle had been bespelled to withstand Slayer tempers, that angry gesture only produced a quiet ‘thud’ sound instead of the immense ‘BANG!’ that would have usually resulted from Buffy’s furious act.

Standing in her living room, fists clenched in fury held against her sides, Dawn stuck out her tongue at the closed door for a full minute. Then, the young woman did her own stomping into her bedroom, flinging her entire body to bounce onto the bed there, and after that, Dawn grabbed her pillow to yank this towards her mouth and bit down hard upon the cushion as she gave a muffled scream of utter frustration over the sheer unfairness of it all.

Several minutes later, a sullen Dawn was at her bedroom table, moodily brushing her hair. After finishing this, she also evidently came to a decision, as the university student then glowered at her reflection seen in the makeup mirror of the table, to then snarl at the other Dawn, “Okay, this means war!”

Yanking open a drawer in the table, the Key pulled out a small plastic bottle of hydrogen peroxide for disinfection purposes, a cotton pad, a box of band-aids, and a small, sharp sewing needle. Arranging all of these items on the tabletop, Dawn now smirked at the twenty-year-old in the mirror, both of these females now bearing the identical evil grin on their faces, as the original cooed out loud to herself, “So, dear, sweet Buffy wants her little sister to be normal? Well, like someone once told me, ‘Be careful what you ask for, because you might get it!’”

Unwrapping a band-aid for instant use and then laying it aside, to then start disinfecting a fingertip and the point of the needle in preparation for using her blood with its capability of opening up portals throughout the entire Multiverse, Dawn held the sewing item ready in her right hand, while also sticking out her left index finger. She then immediately jabbed the needle into her flesh, causing a single drop of magical blood to well forth from her fingertip.

All to the accompaniment of a truly gloating cackle from the Key: “Buffy Summers, normal people have….pets!”
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