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Chronicles of a Sunrise

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Ramenth's 2010 August Ficathon Archive". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: ‘It figures,’ I thought bitterly, ‘that this would happen. Even if I just share a book with him, everything still goes wrong.’ [Dawn/Archive YAHF]

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Literature > Dresden Files, TheRamenthFR1532,4500114,56811 Aug 1030 Aug 10Yes

Standing in the Sun

It had taken me a few weeks, but, I’d finally managed to settle back into some semblance of normality. It turns out suddenly knowing everything that anyone has ever written works out about as well as I’d guessed it would. For the first week, it had been like that day, coming in bits of pieces, but now it was how I remembered it. Simply there, waiting for me.

And, just like it had for Ivy, everything had suddenly become boring. I think it was worse for me. She’d always expected to be the Archive since it had happened so young. She didn’t wake up one morning and know everything that’s going to happen in any book she’d pick up, any TV show she’d turn on. She’d always had that. I wasn’t so lucky, and it sucked.

On the bright side, school had been easy. Probably too easy, since I’d gone from working hard to stay in the middle of the class to not even trying and being at the top. I’d ended up in the principles office on charges of cheating, but had managed to defuse it. After all, they couldn’t prove anything. I’d retaken the tests and done just as well while being watched. Well, also, if that hadn’t worked I had more than enough blackmail on all of them to get away with it.

The Super Natural here was shockingly different. Rather than dealing with natural monsters and things from the NeverNever, this place dealt with things from other dimensions. Lots of them. I’d also found our own versions of the Blackened Denarius after all, but their plans were long term, and not particularly interesting. Turns out our Mayor is evil too, which had been a surprise.

Oh, also, I’m not real. Which, in retrospect, does explain why the Archive stuck. Dawn Summers was, in fact, the earthly shell of The Key, something that there had been painfully little written about. I knew it had something to do with dimensions and had been guarded by an order of Monks to keep it hidden from some unspeakable evil, but that was it. They didn’t even bother to write down the Evil’s name.

The revelation of my origins should have been far worse than they were. After all, my life had been a lie. But compared to the knowledge of the Archive, of everything, my life was a lie anyway, wasn’t it? Nine years versus all of history. Plus everything Ivy and her entire lineage had done. All the psychology and science fiction rattling around my skull had made coping far too easy.

At first, I’d debated making waves for a while, releasing enough information to throw all the plots and prophecies into question, and sit back to watch the fall out. Some of the other Archives had done that, under the guise of ‘neutrality’. I’d put the idea on hold for now, in favor of making myself rich. When you know all the insider information out there, it’s hard to resist the temptation. Besides, I needed funding if I was going to find myself a Kincade.

So… life wasn’t that bad. Normal was over rated, and television programs were crap anyway. I wasn’t really missing anything that I cared about, even if having the contents of the nascent internet slammed into my head made me ill if I thought about it. That had been worse for Ivy, since their world was ahead of ours. Believe me, you don’t want to know what people put online. You really really don’t.

I felt the familiar tingle of new information make itself known. One of the benefits of having the Archive, instead of just your ‘average’ limited omniscience, is that you can set up a sort of alert for yourself. Otherwise, how would we ever find anything? Well, well… what do we have here? Taraken assassins. It seems like things are going to get interesting pretty quickly.

I fought a grin. I should, probably, have been worried for Buffy, but… Let’s just say I was eager to try out just what I could do. After all, Ivy had been a powerhouse, and I had two worlds magic to draw on. Maybe I wouldn’t be bored after all…


A/N: That's it for now. I'll come back to this when I've managed to finish up some of my current projects, or if Ivy shows up in Side Stories next month and I get inspired.

The End

You have reached the end of "Chronicles of a Sunrise". This story is complete.

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