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My Best Friend

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Summary: Oneshot. DJ reflects on her friendship with best friend and next-door neighbor Kimmy Gibbler.

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Television > Full HouseBuffyKaibaHuntFR711,0710051014 Aug 1014 Aug 10Yes

Here’s a new Full House oneshot I wrote, inspired by the song “Friends Forever” by Colleen Fitzpatrick, aka Vitamin C. It’s about DJ’s reflecting on her friendship with best friend Kimmy Gibbler. I dedicate it to the fans of Full House, as they like Full House as much as I do. Thanks, guys!

Disclaimer: Genius Jeff Franklin owns Full House. I own the stories.


Some people have one best friend. Others have more than one.

Me? There’s only one best friend I’ll keep as a present from God all my life. Her name is Kimberly Louise “Kimmy” Gibbler.

I must admit, when I was in kindergarten, I didn’t know anybody, as I later said to my little sister Steph when she was about to start kindergarten and she had been afraid she wouldn’t make any new friends.

“She and I were in the same class, but we didn’t talk to each other for six months.”

“Because she’s an airhead?”

“Kimmy’s not an airhead. She just hates thinking.”

The reason I wanted to drop out of school on my first day was because not only had they split me and Kimmy up, but they had also put me in “the smart class”. And I was the only blonde.

Then, when we hit junior high, things had changed. The day after my disastrous first day, we were putting on make-up. Then when we looked in the mirror, we grimaced and said, “Ew!” because we had accidentally gotten some lipstick on our teeth.

But now that I look back on it, we did look silly as well!

We reached for some tissue and wiped the lipstick off.

“Well, it’s almost time for school. Do you think we look old enough?” I asked.

Kimmy asked, “How old do we want to look?”

“Old enough to keep me out of that phone booth during lunch,” I admitted.

“At least you got to eat,” she said bitterly. “I had to give my lunch to a girl with a tattoo.”

Then, after putting on some more mascara, as well as being interrupted by Stephanie and Michelle, Kimmy and I posed in our second-day-of-junior-high outfits.

“Well,” I began dramatically, and then pulled away the towel with a flourish, revealing my black outfit, “how do we look?”

Steph was a little surprised at first, but then replied,

Of course, Kimmy took that as a compliment, of all things, and triumphantly said,
“All right!”

“Kimmy!” I said, exasperated.

“Wait,” she said, and then pulled back her jacket. She was wearing what she called her “bod”.

I was surprised. Well, shocked was more like it.

“Kimmy...!” I said.

“Call me Kimberly,” she replied in a drawling Southern tone of voice.

Then, we headed downstairs and through the kitchen, calling out to my dad, Uncle Jesse and Joey, “‛Bye! See you! Bye-bye!”

Just as we were in front of the door and had gotten our backpacks, my dad called out “Hold it right there!” and blocked our way.

“Dad, we have to get to school,” I said.

“You have to get past me first,” he replied just as Stephanie appeared right next to him as if by magic.

Great. Busted by the fashion police! I thought.

“You said I could look a little more junior highish,” I protested.

“Where is this junior high, Caesar’s palace?” Dad asked.

He then turned to Stephanie.

“You may go to school,” he said as he opened the door.

“I guess we’re not as old as we thought we were, are we now?” said Stephanie before she headed out the door.
Kimmy gave me an apologetic look.

Then she said,
“I'll see you at school, Deej.”

Then she turned to Uncle Jesse and Joey. “So long, boys.”

Then she also headed out the door.

I have to admit, Kimmy is dumb – she even spelled the word the wrong way once as “d-u-m” – and her ideas can be quite strange.

And our friendship was often peppered with fights – like every friendship – but we always made up.

No friendship is perfect, and Kimmy and I aren’t an exception to that rule.

Despite some arguments over the years, such as when I fired Kimmy from her sports reporting job on the school paper for writing a gossip column instead, or when I forgot her sixteenth birthday because it was also my six month anniversary of being with my boyfriend Steve, she still remains a faithful and trusted friend right up to the end, when she brought Steve to my family’s doorstep so he could escort me to my senior prom.

My father often told me, “Please make new friends” from when I was twelve to when I was fifteen. But during my senior year in high school, I told him that Kimmy had slept in my bed (while I slept in a chair) the previous night because she had gotten drunk at the frat party we had gone to, and couldn’t go home. I assured him I hadn’t been drinking, and I drove home, after I fought her for the keys. He told me it was a good thing I was there. Then, after he asked why I didn’t tell him last night, I told him that I should’ve, but I was afraid he wouldn’t let me see her again, but that was just fine with me.

However, my dad then replied,
“Well, Deej, I know I say a lot of things about Kimmy being an annoying, obnoxious nuisance, and I mean every one of them. But she’s still your best friend.”

I guess my dad has a point. Kimmy is my best friend. And I wouldn’t trade our friendship for anything.

Donna Jo “DJ” Tanner (that’s me) and Kimberly Louise “Kimmy” Gibbler – friends forever!

“Sometimes people come into your life
Like they’re meant to be
And suddenly you’ve found someone
Who sees the world like you see

And you laugh like crazy
At all the crazy things
That no one thinks are funny but you
That’s when I knew
That I had a friend so true

If my world were crumbling down
You are the one I’d want around
‛Cause through everything you’ve shown me that
You were the one who had my back

Remember the laughs
Then add up the dreams
And take it to the nth degree
We’ll be friends forever
Cause you’ll be forever in my heart
That’s where best friends are”

--No Secrets, Friends Forever

The End

You have reached the end of "My Best Friend". This story is complete.

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