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The Hollow Men

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Summary: The Slayer is supposed to protect mankind. Written for Fic A Day.

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Firefly > Buffy-CenteredgrundyFR131391082,80214 Aug 1014 Aug 10Yes
Disclaimer: Not mine. All belongs to Joss. Except for the poetry, which is T.S. Eliot's.

It was the same refrain throughout the ages. Variations on the same theme, no matter the time or place.

“It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

“We meant it for the best.”

“We had good intentions.”

“This isn’t how it was meant to be.”

Between the idea

This time it was cutting on Potentials’ brains, trying to finally create that super warrior that Maggie Walsh and many since had dreamed of. The perfect assassin. Superhuman strength, agility, speed, and primed to obey without question. Any despot’s dream. Buffy had been furious when she’d first learned of the project, but with so many Potentials on so many worlds, she couldn’t save them all.

And the reality

But it always, always went wrong. The gods knew she had seen enough of it in her lifetime, even before her life had stretched to cover centuries. A hundred different governments had tried in a hundred different ways to meddle in things they did not understand. All of them had ended badly. The Alliance fared no better than the others. And they had much more than just that to answer for. Thanks to River’s people, the whole ‘verse knew it, too.

Between the motion

It would fall apart. Like it always did. Some would say these things were doomed to fail. Action begets reaction. Horrible actions often carried the seeds of their own destruction. Much like the Operative said, he was a monster. There was no place for him in the perfect world the Alliance envisioned. No more than there was for her. Luckily, they were none of them perfect worlds. And not likely to be.

And the act

The Slayer was supposed to protect mankind. She’d expanded the definition of ‘darkness’ over the years. The Alliance fell under her much more liberal definition of the term these days. But to take them down, she needed more than just herself fighting. River Tam was once piece of the puzzle, but the Operative was another. It would take time. She was one girl in all the worlds, not just a single planet anymore. And Buffy was not the only one hunting him. She had to hunt all the more carefully for that, so as not to lead the other predators to their prey. Fortunately, time was one thing she had plenty of.

Falls the Shadow

The End

You have reached the end of "The Hollow Men". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking