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The Last Battle

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Summary: Sometimes the fight is all that's left. Written for Fic A Day.

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-CenteredgrundyFR131927362,34814 Aug 1014 Aug 10Yes
Disclaimer: Not mine. BtVS belongs to Whedon. LotR belongs to Tolkien. The lyrics are the work of Mr. Leonard Cohen.

I did my best

Buffy knew she didn’t have long left. There were just too many injuries. She’d charged right into the worst of it, determined to draw as much as she could away from those in the King’s company. She’d killed plenty of orcs- she’d probably passed Gimli’s count long ago. But they’d taken their toll in passing. Not even Slayer healing could fix all this. Even as she felt the end coming, Buffy knew she had made a difference. For what good it did.

It wasn’t much

It wasn’t really her fight, anyway. It was an accident that had brought her here, to someone else’s fight. Aragorn was the one who had the weight of the world on his shoulders here. And he’d come up with a plan that was just as audacious- just as desperate- as any she’d ever tried herself. Like Gimli had said, long odds, little hope of success, what are we waiting for? Against the massed hordes of Mordor, not even a Slayer could tip the odds in favor of the West. But she had done what she could.

I couldn’t feel

She’d welcomed this world. The aftermath of Sunnydale had left her numb in ways that even her friends ripping her from the safe embrace of heaven hadn’t. The point of sharing her power was supposed to be that she would no longer be the go-to girl, the person that everyone looked to in the end. It hadn’t worked out that way. Bearing that kind of pressure when there were so many others who could step up and chose not to was much, much harder than being the one girl in all the world. She had still been alone, it was just a different kind of alone.

So I tried to touch

Things in Middle Earth had been… simpler. Less fraught. She was a warrior for the Light, and that was enough for people here. No one expected more from her than she could give. She was a broken girl, but that was enough for an elf who had seen his share of the ugliness this world had to offer. She and Elladan had both known that they would have only a short time with each other, and that she was mortal. It had made what they had all the more precious for being so fleeting.

I’ve told the truth

She had no illusions about ever seeing him again. The Firstborn, he had told her, were bound to the world they called Arda. Their spirits did not pass to heaven or hell as she understood them, they simply entered a different aspect of the same dimension that was barred to their mortal kin. Ironic that she’d found the ultimate in star-crossed love right at the end.

I didn’t come to fool you

To Elladan alone she’d confided the whole of her history. She’d seen the flash of anger in his eyes more than once, and worried that it was for her. But he’d shaken his head and reassured her- his fury was for the foolish mortals who had looked at the girl and seen only the weapon. Who had through the uncounted years used and tossed aside so many girls, asking so much and giving so little in return. His fury was not only for her, but for all the Ones who had fought and died alone.

And even though it all went wrong

Buffy’s sight was dimming now, even as she fought. She fought from habit at this point. There had always been a last minute miracle, a helping hand, and unexpected rescue. There wouldn’t be this time, and she knew it. This time, she actually welcomed it. She was done, again, this time for good. No god could be cruel enough to demand another life from her.

I’ll stand before the Lord of Song

Especially not the gods who held sway here. Elladan had told her of the Powers of this world, the Vala. Even if, as a mortal, she would not be bound to this world, she would likely meet them before passing on. Passing on to what, Elladan couldn’t tell her. The elves did not know what waited beyond. They knew only of the singing, and the power beyond the Powers that they called the One.

With nothing on my tongue

She hoped she came face to face with the One. She had questions that had no answers for the living, like whether or not this had all been his doing, or if it was the work of the being she knew as the First and Elladan said the elves called Morgoth. But above all, she wanted to tell this One what she’d seen of the worlds, and that she thought this one was the closest she’d seen to getting it right.

But Hallelujah

When they found her broken body, the King’s company were greatly saddened. It was difficult to accept the passing of the woman many had looked on as no less than a blessing of the Valar. Her prowess in battle had been unmatched by any mortal, and only her corpse would convince some that she was not one of the Firstborn. They washed and dressed her for her final journey with more care than she’d ever taken on such things while living. The one thing they could not understand, and that all who saw her commented on, was the expression on her face. Unlike any of the others who had fallen in the battle, on her face there was a smile.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Last Battle". This story is complete.

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