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Xander: lost in Echo

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Summary: YAHF. X-Over with Max Fry's Chronicles of Echo. Unfamiliar familiar streets, homicidal mages, talking floorboards... What's new in the life of Xander Harris? Wait, talking floorboards?

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Literature > FantasyKasyblackFR721,580031,70715 Aug 1021 Feb 13No

Meanwhile in the Suddydale

Buffy Anne Summers stared. The vision in front of her did not compute. At all. Actually, she was almost sure she’d gotten into the “Creepy little girl” episode of the Candid Camera.

The pint-sized hellion walking in the middle of the night. Buffy could not believe her eyes even after few experimental slaps to the face to make sure. Ouch! She opened her eyes again. Nope, the surreal spectacle was still there in all its glory. There was a little girl in a cute pink dress. She was walking through the nighttime streets. She also had the stuffed bunny rabbit in her hand. She was singing a funny little song with her bright innocent childlike voice. It was strangely horrifying in the quiet of the gloomy street. It also seemed expectant.

Suddenly there was a big hulking vampire right next to the little girl, and Buffy cursed herself for dallying just as she started to speed up. She was not moving nearly fast enough…

And a child – she had cute dimply chubby cheeks - was asking a vampire:

“Are you a civily?” – her whole countenance seemed to ooze cuteness.

“What the fuck? I’m a frigging vampire, you dumb broad!” – it seemed to be even affecting vampire a bit. Buffy was almost there…

“Are you a hosty?”

“Run, get away from him!” – Buffy decided that vampires more often than not went for the sexy morsel and tried to distract the undead bloodsucker with herself.

The cuteness was oozing in her direction now.

“Is he baddie?” Come to think of it, the vamp had not even tried to attack a defenseless little girl right in front of it. Something had to be fruity with that.

“Yes! He is bad! Run away fast please!” – Come to think of it, why did she run long enough for all that shouting to happen? She was a slayer, for Gucci’s sake!

“Owie! I should have listened to Lord Maxander!” – the little girl pouted. Still not running away. Was she defective, or something? Was she a demon? Meanwhile, the girl was talking: “Xander says “All vamps are evil!” Maxy says “Ask first just in case!” Maxander says “Sometimes Buffy knows better!” Are you Buffy the Vampire Slayer?”

Meanwhile, the Slayer was having a bit of the cognitive dissonance. She was starting to suspect it was a Slayer Dream for all the amount of sense this situation was making.

“Yes, I am Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. How did you even kno…”

Suddenly, there were wings on the little girl’s back and her hand were blurring and Vamp’s insides were bursting with flames. The little girl smiled. Buffy shuddered and stopped her strangely long dash.

“I, Kathy Olsen of New Summer Court, Sunnydale say “Hi!” to Lady of Buffonia! We shall send an embassador to your Book Court tomorrow. Oh, and pretty-please say “Hi, cutie-pie” to your Death Dealer when he comes back, or becomes The Truth. And thank him for inviting us back all shiny and new”...

As a little girl turned around herself, raibow seemed to wrap itself around her. Then, suddenly, she was gone. Buffy pinched herself.


Definitely not a dream. Pity.

She could not wait to tell Giles. She did not want to suffer anything this surreal alone.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander: lost in Echo" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Feb 13.

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