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Children of a Lesser Goddess

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Summary: Sam has returned, but Dean didn't have a hand in it.

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Supernatural > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Sam WinchesterechoFR13512,6163368,51815 Aug 1027 Nov 10No


Willow was standing next to Faith on the roof of the former firehouse staring down at what could only be described as a demon horde. She’d much rather have been finishing what she and Sam were starting earlier.

“Yeah, this isn’t good,” she remarked.

Sam gave her a look, then glanced back out at the enemy. “Do we know what’s pissed them off?”

A roar of fervor and anger came from the horde after Sam spoke because he had leaned over the side of the building to get a little to get a better look and had obviously been spotted. Many of the demons who actually had fists were shaking them at Sam. He quickly pulled himself out of view again.

“My guess is you,” Faith said. “Just a guess, though.”

“Son of a bitch,” Dean muttered.

“Ideas on getting out of this one?” Robin asked.

He got mostly blank looks from the assembly on the roof which currently consisted of Sam, Willow, Dean, Faith and himself. Bobby was downstairs with Oz in the armory checking out what was available. Amy was meditating to keep the magical shield she had around the building firmly in place since the mass of demons below had someone or something within their group trying to find holes in the protection spell.

“Um… guys…” Oz was walking onto the roof.

Or it sort of looked like Oz.

Faith was baffled and looking at him like even she did not know what to do. “… the… fuck…”

Sam blinked. Oz seemed to be turning into a werewolf a little. He was all hairy and toothy and his eyes had gone dark, but he still looked like Oz. Willow had explained to Sam that Oz had control of his animal nature, but it didn’t look very controlled right now to Sam.

What…” Willow couldn’t find words. “Something is… it’s working against us. I can feel it out there. It’s-“

Willow gave a sudden shout and fell down. She started screamed and batting at herself like she was on fire.

“Willow!” Sam grabbed for her.

Several things happened at once after that. Sam felt a burst of magic. He was certain everyone had felt it if he had. Especially those in tune like Willow or Oz. Robin started running when they heard Amy screaming too. Faith peered over the side of the building then looked at Dean.

“Looks like we’re about to have company. This shit is about to get real serious. You ready?”

Sam was guessing that meant their defenses had been breached.

“Ben,” Dean muttered then took off running.

Faith followed him and Sam was left pretty much alone with a shivering Willow whose eyes were already black. Her hair was also quickly turning the same shade. There was something in the air, and Sam could feel it crackling slightly on his skin like static electricity.


“Can’t… control…”

“She’s kind of cute like that. Maybe you should make it a permanent makeover.”

Sam shivered. He knew that voice even though it was not the same voice as the last time. It was all in the tone. He didn’t move. Not even to face her. Sam was afraid of what his face might tell her if he glanced her way.


“Heya, Sam. How’s it going? How’ve you been? Me? So nice of you to ask. I’ve been lounging around bottom-side with a hole in my gut, thanks. Just biding my time. And thanks for that, by the way. You really know how to make a girl feel special. Choosing Dean over me.”

Sam looked at her with a glare chock full of malice for the way she had used him to free Lucifer. He could admit he was still a bit bitter about it. What did she expect? Of course he’d pick Dean over her lying and deceiving ass.

“Ooooo, that’s not a nice face.”

Sam didn’t say anything. She was blonde again. It was more like her original body, thin with long blonde hair. That angered him even more. Sure, the brunette Ruby was the one he’d slept with, but the blonde had been the one he’d originally been more attracted to.

“Who’d you kill to get this body?”

Ruby smirked at him. “You don’t like it? But I thought this gentleman preferred blondes, Sam.”

Sam still had a hand on Willow. He was rubbing comforting circles on her arm. Though she was obviously not trying to react to it, Sam noticed Ruby’s eyes dart to where he was holding Willow several times.

“Funny story,” she contined. “This chick let me have her so she could go to hell. Her soul’s all in torment and stuff. She wanted that. She gave me permission to splinter her body and soul so she could be in hell. And for a guy. You talking monkeys are all so stupid.”

“I would disagree, vermin,” a new voice said.

Then that first voice was added to by a second a decidedly British voice. “Have to agree, luv. They’re not all stupid gits.”

Sam looked up as a woman and a man walked out of the shadows on the roof. The man was bleached blonde and wearing a leather duster. The woman was, well, blue. Her eyes, her hair, even parts of her skin. She wore a catsuit that looked like it was mostly made of dark red leather.

“Spike,” Willow whispered.

Sam blinked. That was Spike? Spike had been mentioned before, many times, by Willow, and as difficult as Sam found the idea of a vampire friendship, he had actually liked that “vegetarian” vampire named Lenore that he and Dean had saved from Gordon that time.

But what was the thing with Spike? She obviously was not human.

“A vampire and a…” Ruby paused, confused. “What are you, sweetie?”

The blue woman’s face stayed blank. “Not sugary at all, but a former demon goddess, sub-creature. I will now make a sticky paste.”

Sam frowned. That sounded a little nasty. He knew what she had meant, but obviously common English was not her first language.

Spike sighed loudly. “Make you into a sticky paste, Blue, make you. Key words… missing from the threat.”

“I do not see the difference, Spike,” the blue woman said in a disaffected tone.

“Lyri, it sounds like you plan to shit your trou when you say it like that.”

“Hmm,” she responded, appearing to consider this. “I can see how that does not appear threatening enough. I shall remedy it. Many thanks, fuck buddy.”

Spike sputtered.

Willow actually managed to sit up. Her hair and eyes were slowly losing their dark tint. She looked at Spike and mouthed the words fuck buddy. Sure, she hadn’t talked to him in a while, but the last time she had he was still a little hung up on Buffy. Yes, still.

Spike was still sputtering. “What… how… who… how…”

“That is what Connor called us. I do not understand since we have not copulated as of yet. He seemed certain, however. He is a strange being.”

Spike, despite being a vampire, actually looked a little embarrassed. “Can we not discuss this in front of strangers, Illyria?”

“Willow is not a stranger to you. I do not care about the sub-creature and the one holding Willow. They pose little threat.”

Sam didn’t know if he should be offended or not.


“Do I embarrass you, Spike?”

“What?” Spike backtracked a little. “No. No, of course not, luv. It’s just-“

“Does anyone remember that I’m still here?” Ruby snapped.

Sam’s eyes went wide when Illyria or Lyri stalked over to Ruby and felled her with one punch.

“I had not forgotten you. My vampire and I were having an important discussion about the status of our relationship. Do not interrupt.”

Sam pulled Willow close to him. Okay, maybe he was not offended because obviously the blue lady knew who did and did not pose a threat to her. Especially if she could knock Ruby out with one hit.

“We’ll discuss this later, luv. Promise,” Spike said to Illyria before looking at Willow. “If you’re feeling good enough to sit up, guess that means Captain Forehead and the Tweed Avenger took out their demon spellcaster. He was doing the bad to you and Amy. Wood didn’t look his happiest about that.”

“Angel's here? And Giles?”

Spike smirked. “Whole Scooby sodding gang and then some, Red. Bit of hell opens up, it’s a party invite for us all. You know that.”

“How did…”

“How did we get here so fast? This has been brewing since you went ‘from the fires of hell’ snatching. We’ve been ready. Giles has himself a girlfriend with a whole coven at her disposal. They just started plucking people out and putting them here. I was hoping Xander would be splinched, but no luck.”

“Xander’s here?”

Sam became a little nervous. He knew these names. Willow had spoken of these people. Xander was the closest thing Willow had to a brother. He just hoped Xander like him as much as Dean seemed to approve of Willow.

“What part of ‘whole Scooby sodding gang’ are you confused about? And…” Spike paused and sniffed the air. Then Spike glared at Sam with a snarl. “You better not be mucking her about or I’ll rip out your heart and eat it.”

Sam blinked. “What?”

“I can smell her all over you, boy.”

Sam blinked again. Willow had said her friends were a little protective. Not that he felt they needed to be. She took pretty good care of herself. Still, this was her family. He needed to not be pissing people off.

Willow sighed, noticing how Sam had tensed. “He’s just making idle threats. He wouldn’t actually do that, Sam, the heart-ripping. He knows if he hurts you, I’d hurt him back. Our little patchwork family just isn’t much for vague threats.”

Sam was not so sure. “He looks pretty serious, Willow.”

She tightened her hold on Sam. Willow noticed Spike looking at her hands and how close she and Sam were. She could practically see his thoughts, but that came with having known Spike for so long.

Willow narrowed her eyes at Spike. “Oh he knows I can make Dawn’s ‘wake up on fire’ threat look like cake. Spike’s mostly not a moron.”

Then he went ‘there’, but Spike usually did.

“Knew you weren’t just all about the girls. Was that something you just said so I wouldn’t make a move on you? You know I always wanted to turn you, Red. And ‘mostly not a moron’? Hey!”

Willow glared at him. Yes, she knew he had wanted to turn her. They’d had the conversation many times, but she’d seen it firsthand with her dopple, and it was a big ‘no thank you’ for Willow on that one.

“You are attracted to the witch,” Illyria announced. “I do not find myself repulsed at the thought of sharing her with you. Perhaps we could arrange such a union.”

Spike made a strangled sound.

“She’s not being shared,” Sam snapped.

“Well, I’m so glad everyone is up here having a reunion while we’re been down below kicking demon butt.”

Everyone turned to see Buffy standing there with her scythe in hand. There was a bleeding gash on her cheek.


Willow moved quickly and hugged the other woman. Sam studied the petite blonde. She didn’t look like much. He knew otherwise, and he also knew she was important to Willow. Very important. Sam watched in awe as Willow swiped a hand across Buffy’s cheek and healed the wound there.

“You Sam?” A tall and willowy brunette asked.

Sam was so busy watching Willow that he had not noticed the young woman walk up. “Uh… yeah?”

She held a hand out to him. “I’m Dawn Summers. If you get a chance I’d like to ask you some questions about hell.”

“Give it a rest, watchergirl,” Spike said in playful anger, then he snatched her up into a tight hug.

“Spike!” Dawn squealed, but she really looked like she didn’t mind.

“Are you attracted to this one also?” Illyria asked.

Dawn looked at her. “Oh ew.”

“Niblet, I’m hurt.”

Sam noticed Ruby was starting to stir.

“Will there be torture now?” Illyria asked, also looking at Ruby. “I relish the torture. It gives me good feelings on my insides.”

Sam looked at Willow in alarm.

“You’ll get used to her,” she whispered.

Somehow he doubted that.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Children of a Lesser Goddess" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Nov 10.

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